Russian Foreign Ministry on Afghanistan, NATO and Britain

In response to Biden regime support for terrorist attacks in Afghanistan by ISIS and likeminded jihadists — to continue forever war on the country and its people — Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (MZ below) said the following:

“We are concerned about the continued terrorist activity in Afghanistan. We strongly condemn the(m).”

Taliban authorities are committed to combatting the US-orchestrated and directed scourge.

Russia also expressed concern about dire socioeconomic conditions in the country as a result of US/NATO aggression and occupation.

The need for large-scale humanitarian aid is urgent.

Last week, Russia’s “Special Presidential Envoy for Afghanistan Zamir Kabulov held consultations with US” official Thomas West — accomplishing nothing.

Moscow supports the restoration of peace, stability and normality in the war-torn country.

Hegemon USA prioritizes a permanent state of war, instability, immiseration and starvation of unwanted Afghans — part of its global mass-extermination agenda.

Commenting on US-installed puppet NATO head Jens Stoltenberg’s Russophobic remarks, MZ said the following:

He maintains a steady drumbeat of Russophobic “propaganda.”

Serving US-dominated Western interests, he defied reality by falsely accusing Russia of “aggressive” behavior — the phony accusation he made time and again before.

In stark contrast to hegemon USA-dominated NATO’s forever war on humanity, Russia is the preeminent promoter of peace and stability on the world stage.

In response to Stoltenberg’s rhetorical aggression, MZ explained that it’s one of his “bad habit(s),” adding:

“As usual, he did not provide any evidence” because there is none. 

“He just used stock phrases and cliches to advocate stepping up NATO activities in northern latitudes, drawing Finland and Sweden into the process of militarizing the Arctic and turning it into a space for geopolitical competition rather an area of cooperation.”

US-dominated NATO and imperial partners — not Russia — bear full responsibility for heightening tensions that risk confrontation in central Europe.

Indisputable facts prove it, said MZ.

US/Western regimes “destroyed key elements of European security (the INF Treaty and the Treaty on Open Skies).” 

“They downgraded dialogue mechanisms with Russia.” 

The “Russia-NATO Council ceased to function as a platform for consultations and a mechanism for developing joint decisions and managing cooperation projects” because of their recklessly extrajudicial actions. 

The Council now operates as an unacceptable platform for “political lectures in monologue.” 

“No response is expected. Unacceptable conditions for the work of Russian diplomats were consistently and deliberately fostered.”

Hegemon US-controlled NATO will do anything except what’s right, according to the rule of law.

Cooperative relations are shunned in favor of saber rattling that risks confrontation.

Deploying combat forces, “intermediate and shorter-range missiles in Europe” — close to Russia’s borders — risks unthinkable war by accident or design.

NATO has nothing to do with defense.

It’s all about offense by threatening and preemptively attacking invented enemies.

Providing Ukraine and Georgia with heavy weapons is part of its permanent war agenda.

MZ: The US-controlled alliance “has nothing to do with the genuine interests of strengthening security in Europe and the Euro-Atlantic region.”

“It’s a colossus with feet of clay.”

Commenting on Russophobic statements by the Boris Johnson regime’s foreign secretary Elizabeth Truss, MZ exposed and debunked her Big Lies.

She lied saying Britain “believes in freedom and democracy” — notions it tolerates nowhere, especially not domestically.

She lied blaming Russia and Belarus for refugee crisis conditions in central Europe — caused by US/UK-NATO aggression.

She lied claiming that both countries “undermine regional security (sic).

She lied saying that Britain “stand(s) on the frontier of freedom (sic).”

She lied claiming that hostile-to-peace forces sent by the Johnson regime to Poland near the Belarusian border aim to “ease pressure (sic).”

She lied saying that illegal sanctions imposed by Britain on Belarus was the right thing to do (sic).

She lied calling Russia and Belarus “malign actors.”

She lied accusing both countries of “abhorrent acts and human rights violations” — longstanding US, UK, NATO, Israeli specialties.

She lied calling the legitimate 2020 Belarusian election “fraudulent.”

She lied accusing its ruling authorities of beating, jailing and killing opposition members, journalists and activists.

Her hit piece was infested with beginning-to-end bald-faced Big Lies — fooling no one, except perhaps mind-manipulated readers of her rubbish.

Commenting on her perversions of reality, MZ said the following:

“She tried to pin the migration crisis on the Belarus-Poland border on Russia and urged European countries to oppose the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project in a united front.”

“It would have been better if she had explained in this article how people are suffering from (neoliberal harshness and) cold in” the UK.

Her unacceptable remarks provided “more proof of London’s unfriendly line towards Russia and a desire to consolidate its position as the leader of the faction that wishes our country ill.” 

“This is not a revelation, or even anything new.” 

“This is just a repetition of the past. What for? What is the goal?”

“And it came off so awkwardly.”

She willfully and maliciously ignored Britain’s alliance with and involvement in US wars of aggression.

She was silent about US/UK et al raping and destroying of one country after another — nothing about millions of internally and externally displaced refugees from endless wars.

Instead of going all out for a world safe and fit to live in for everyone equitably, diabolical US, UK, NATO, Israeli axis of evil aims are worlds apart different.

They’re all about supporting privileged interests at the expense of ruthlessly exploiting others by brute force and other hostile actions.

MZ explained that regimes in London and Kiev agreed to a military alliance — with naked aggression in mind together with hegemon USA.

“It is beyond doubt” that what’s going on heightened instability in central Europe near Russia’s borders.

US-led Western regimes are “pushing Kiev to pursue revanchist plans, thereby creating real security risks in the region.”

In response, Russia “must certainly consider all these circumstances and take adequate measures” — because US/Western war drums are beating louder and more menacingly.

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