Monster Fauci Featured on Propaganda TV

According to outgoing NIH head Francis Collins — allied with Biden regime dark forces to destroy public health and freedom — truth-telling about all things flu covid, especially about kill shots, should be criminalized.

Falsely accusing truth-tellers of spreading “misinformation,” he wants them identified and “brought to justice (sic).”

Throughout the US/West since seasonal flu got a scary new name, tyranny has been gaining traction over the rule of law and public well-being.

It’s why all-out resistance against what no one should tolerate is crucial.

It’s bubbling up in European countries, Australia and parts of the US.

In Chicago and other US cities, walkout rallies were held against draconian anti-public health, anti-freedom, anti-mass-jabbing mandates — in favor of pro-freedom from state-sponsored oppression, according to the rule of law.

The longer ongoing horrors continue — with the worst of diabolical aims in mind — it’s likely that more rallies will follow in more US and other cities with larger numbers turning out against state-sponsored genocide and tyranny.

US/Western dark forces, monsters like Fauci, Pharma profiteers and the MSM co-conspirators are going all-out for the worst of all possible worlds in place of societies safe and fit to live in.

According to co-monster Collins, the above remarks and similar ones should be criminalized to silence truth-tellers in favor of the fabricated official narrative.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s bestselling book, titled “The Real Anthony Fauci” exposes the diabolical record of America’s Josef Mengele — a monster of the worst kind.

Yet on Sunday, he was given a platform again on propaganda TV to lie and mass deceive viewers.

All his public perversions of truth are with diabolical aims in mind.

He wants everyone targeted for elimination jabbed, rejabbed and forever-jabbed with enough kill shots to destroy their health and finish them off.

He wants all unwanted people —  domestically and abroad — eliminated by enough jabs to get the job done.

What he calls “a very powerful tool” is with the above aim in mind.

He wants the definition of fully-jabbed changed to keep pumping health-destroying toxins into the bodies of maximum numbers of unwitting people.

On Sunday, what he called “doing the best we can to keep the American public optimally protected” is polar opposite his Mengele-like wickedness with mass-extermination and abolition of freedom in mind. 

The same goes for his Big Lie claim about “following science (sic),” along with calling health-destroying kill shots “safe and effective (sic).”

Saying “infections” are rising in Europe and the US, he falsely blamed them on the unjabbed over laying blame where it belongs.

Jabbed individuals are significantly vulnerable to breakthrough infections and other serious diseases.

The jabbed account for the vast majority of outbreaks, serious cases, hospitalizations and deaths.

The more kill shots gotten, the more vulnerable individuals become to the worst of health outcomes.

That’s the diabolical aim of US/Western regimes and monsters Fauci, Walensky, Collins and their anti-public health, anti-freedom co-conspirators — bioweapon kill shots and all else flu/covid their modus operandi.

Jabbed individuals shed and spread toxins to others, including jab-free individuals with whom they come in close contact.

Fauci lied, falsely claiming it’s the other way around.

He has a death wish for maximum numbers of young children, wanting kill shot toxins pumped into their undeveloped bodies to destroy their health and finish them off straightaway or later on.

Separately on CBS News Face the Nation, Pharma-controlled FDA commissioner — Pfizer board member — Scott Gottlieb was given his own platform once again to lie and mass deceive viewers as he’s done many times before.

Taking full advantage, his recited remarks similar to Fauci’s rubbish — with maximum Pfizer profits in mind.

MSM propaganda TV focuses on brainwashing viewers to believe what destroys their health and freedom benefits them.

What’s drummed into the public mind by endless repetition gets most people to believe almost anything — no matter how untrue and harmful to their health, well-being and rights.


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