More Illegal Biden Regime Sanctions on Nord Stream 2

Both right wings of the US war party use illegal sanctions as weapons of war by other means against invented enemies.

Though virtually never achieving strategic aims, they’re imposed anyway, including to harm ordinary people in targeted countries.

Their use is part of how the scourge of US imperialism operates, a hostile menace to people yearning to breathe free at home and abroad.

On Monday, interventionist Blinken announced the following:

The (illegitimate) Biden regime (extrajudicially) sanctioned two Russian vessels and one entity, Transadria Ltd.

The unacceptable action “is in line with” hegemon USA’s war on Russia by other means because of its freedom from Washington’s control.

The Biden regime opposes Nord Stream 2 because, when operational, it’ll supply Germany and other European markets with far lower-cost natural gas than exorbitantly-priced US LNG.

To date, hegemon USA imposed illegal sanctions on “8 persons and identified 17 of their vessels as blocked property (sic).”

It’s “work(ing) with Germany and other (regime) partners” on the phony pretext of “reduc(ing) the risks posed by the pipeline to Ukraine and frontline NATO and EU countries (sic) and to push back against (nonexistent) harmful Russian activities, including in the energy sphere (sic).”

The above rubbish reflects one of many ways that hegemon USA wages war on humanity for invented reasons.

In response to its latest lawless action, Russia’s envoy to Washington Anatoly Antonov said the following:

“The (Biden regime), Republicans and (undemocratic Dems) have been trying to complicate the Russian-European energy cooperation for several years.” 

“At first, Washington wanted to disrupt the completion of” Nord Stream 2. 

“Failed: the gas-main has been laid and is ready for the launch.” 

“Now they are trying to delay the commissioning of the facility, while simultaneously calling on Russia to increase energy supplies to Europe in order to minimize the consequences of the fuel crisis.”

“Dialogue through sanctions is unacceptable and violates international law.” 

“We regard all attempts to impede Russian oil and gas exports to Europe as unfair competition, undermining the free market principles.” 

“We also categorically reject accusations against us regarding the Russian energy policy.” 

“Such statements show (US contempt) for its own allies who are ready to build a longterm mutually beneficial cooperation with our country.”

“We have proven in practice that we are reliable partners in the energy (and all other) sphere(s).”

When Nord Stream 2 becomes operational, Russia will be able to double its supply of vitally needed natural gas to Germany and other European markets.

Unlawful Biden regime sanctions are polar opposite what Blinken duplicitously called protecting Europe’s “energy security (sic).”

Nord Stream 2 is ready to become operational as soon as the Merkel regime’s regulator certifies it.

In mid-November, certification was unacceptably delayed on the phony pretext of noncompliance with German law.

Nord Stream 2 AG intends to establish a German subsidiary to resolve this issue. 

According to Germany’s Federal Network Agency, the project will remain stalled until Russian assets and human resources have been transferred to the subsidiary.

The process will likely prevent Nord Stream 2 from becoming operational months longer.

It’s at a time when Germany and other European countries need what Russia can best supply as cold weather increases demand.

A Final Comment

In early November, head of the US-installed Kiev regime’s Naftogaz, Yuriy Vitrenko, falsely claimed that Nord Stream 2’s route — from Russia’s Siberian gas fields through the Baltic Sea to Germany — increases “the chances of a full-scale war between Russia and Ukraine with all its consequences (sic),” adding:

Bypassing Ukraine leaves it more vulnerable to Russian “invasion” — an absurd accusation fooling no one.

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