Rogue State Germany

Besides partnering with hegemon USA’s wars on invented enemies, Germany is allied with its greater war on humanity.

Unwanted Germans are on the Merkel regime’s target list for extermination, an agenda exceeding the worst of Nazi death camps.

Outgoing chancellor Merkel want more draconian policies imposed than already.

Flu/covid outbreaks are surging — because of mass-jabbing left unexplained.

As more of the same continues, greater numbers of outbreaks, serious cases, hospitalizations and deaths will follow.

As in the US, other European countries, apartheid Israel, Australia and elsewhere, mass-jabbing with kill shots is with the above aims in mind.

Merkel’s regime wants things escalated.

On Monday, her anti-health minister Jens Spahn said the following:

“Probably by the end of this winter… pretty much everyone in Germany will be (jabbed), cured or dead.”

Stopping short of making them compulsory, will that be the next shoe to drop in Germany — as currently in neighboring Austria — followed by mandating the same in the US/West overall and elsewhere?

Some German hardliners — including ones close to Merkel — called for mandatory mass-jabbing of all Germans, with accelerated mass-extermination in mind.

On Friday, Hungarian PM Viktor Orban suggested it.

Falsely calling refuseniks a threat, he said they’ll “either get (jabbed) or die.”

Did he and Spahn mean in death camps for this purpose?

Will challenging draconian brave new world mass-extermination and freedom-destroying policies be criminalized?

Referring to toxic Moderna and Pfizer kill shots, what Spahn duplicitously called the “Rolls Royce” and “Mercedes” jabs respectively are designed with destroying health and mass-extermination in mind.

Like its Western counterparts, the Merkel regime is racing to mass-infect maximum numbers of unwitting Germans — wanting millions of unwanted ones eliminated.

What it called a “fourth wave” of outbreaks is largely among the jabbed.

Much the same is happening in Britain, France, Italy, Ireland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and elsewhere in Europe.

Advocacy of greater jabbing on the phony pretext of curbing outbreaks is all about wanting them accelerated.

Russia’s use of jabs over known safe and effective protocols to treat and cure flu/covid increased outbreaks in the country.

According to the Merkel regime’s hardline tourism minister Thomas Bareiß, mandatory kill shots should have been official policy earlier.

Bavaria’s prime minister Markus Soder urged much the same in saying that “we will not be able to avoid compulsory” kill shots — to accelerate finishing off unwanted Germans, he left unexplained.

Austrian despot Schallenberg said dissent against mandated jabs for all citizens will not be tolerated.

Fully-jabbed status for all Austrians by February 1 is official regime policy.

The trend is clear. Tyranny is replacing free and open societies throughout the West and elsewhere.

Their ruling regimes prioritize mass-extermination of unwanted people, along with abolition of fundamental freedoms.

The only solution is popular revolution against what no one should tolerate anywhere.

The alternative is losing health, rights, and for vast numbers worldwide, their lives.


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