Doctors on the Right Side of History and Medical Ethics

Medical ethics demands exposure of the most diabolical ever state-sponsored war on public health and freedom with intent to obliterate both worldwide.

A separate article discussed South African physician and biological scientist Shanka Chetty MD.

Using known safe and effective protocols — and avoiding kill shots — he restored the health of around 7,000 flu/covid patients.

None required hospitalization. None died.

With rare exceptions, the above can be avoided by use of ivermectin, HCQ and other jab-free protocols.

They cure flu/covid in a few days when administered within about 10 days of infection.

Chetty slammed health-destroying kill shots designed for this purpose, his detailed remarks quoted in a same day article.

Microbiologist, pharmacologist, toxicologist Michael Palmer MD is cut from the same cloth as Chetty, as well as likeminded physicians and scientists.

Mincing no words, Palmer said the following:

mRNA jabs “have two components.” 

“One is the messenger RNA (mRNA) which contains the blueprint for…the spike protein that occurs normally on the surface of the virus particles, and the idea is to sneak this messenger RNA into our own body cells in order to have them make the actual protein to which the immune system responds.” 

“The second component is the lipid nanoparticles (LNPs).”

“These lipids, fat-like molecules, encase the messenger RNA and they serve two purposes.” 

“One is to protect the messenger RNA while it is in transport and secondly to help it enter the body cells.”

LNPs are “cationic…electrically positively charged lipid…known to be quite toxic.”

When entering cells of the body, they “disrupt the mitochondrial respiration, the cell respiration, (a process needed) for producing energy.”

When disrupted, oxygen from respiration is not properly “reduced to water.” 

Instead, it’s reduced to “reactive oxygen species (that) react with anything,” including “our DNA (in a way) that “damage(s)” it.

It acts in similar fashion to radiation used in treating cancer.

Human bodies are limited in how much they can take and survive.

The same goes for mRNA jabs.

As discussed in previous articles, the diabolical US/Western scheme intends forever-jabbing once or twice annually — on the phony pretext of waning immunity not gotten from any jabs.

The more kill shots gotten, the greater the harm to health. 

Individuals not finished off by single, double and booster-jabs will surely succumb to enough more of the same.

That’s the whole idea, Palmer explaining:

“With radiation there is a…total lifetime dose limit that you can survive.” 

“What that means is the total lifetime dose of these messenger RNA (jabs) that you can tolerate before you die is limited.” 

“We don’t know the exact amount because (there’s) simply not enough experimental data.”

“That’s one of the great scandals of these” jabs. 

They’ve been “no proper toxicity studies carried out.”

“But we can be certain that in principle, we can be quite certain that the total dose of these (jabs) that you can tolerate before you die is limited.”

“So this is really a technology designed to poison people.”

“There’s really no two ways about it. That is my considered opinion as a medical doctor.”

“There is just no way that any competent medical scientist…could not see that these (jabs) – in particular mRNA (ones falsely) touted as ‘safe’ – will cause grave harm, and with a sufficient number of cumulative doses certain death.”

What the diabolical made-in-the-USA plot is all about doesn’t get any clearer than what Palmer explained.

Jabs were designed with mass-extermination in mind.

All things flu/covid — including health-destroying jabs — were also designed to obliterate what remains of free and open societies, replacing them with master/serf states — unsafe and unfit to live in for survivors of the onslaught. 

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