Millions of Refuseniks Among US Healthcare Professionals

According to US Census data, the Health Care and Social Assistance sector has the nation’s highest employment with 22 million professionals and other staff.

Comprising about 14% of employed Americans, the sector is one of the nation’s fastest growing because of an expanding need for services it provides.

On Nov. 18, Forbes magazine explained that nearly one-third of US healthcare professionals and other staff refuse to be jabbed for protection against flu/covid inoculations don’t provide.

On the front lines of treating the viral illness, they know who’s been jabbed one or more times or not from hospital and other health facility records.

They know that the vast majority of individuals ill from the virus were jabbed for protection not gotten.

They know the harm to patients they treat from toxic jabs, why they and millions of others shun them.

Forbes cited the Pharma-controlled CDC as its source.

Given how it only reports a tiny fraction of adverse events and deaths from flu/covid jabs, the true number of US healthcare sector refuseniks may be much higher than what the CDC claims.

Whatever the true number, it’s high enough to risk a large-scale shortage of vitally needed professionals to treat the nation’s sick from all ailments.

According to Forbes, numbers of jabbed staff vary by type of hospital.

It’s higher overall in ones treating children, lower in critical care facilities.

Location makes a difference. Metropolitan areas have a higher percent of jabbed staff than rural parts of the US.

From January through September, numbers of jabbed healthcare workers increased, especially between August and September.

The Biden regime’s mandate for healthcare staff to be fully-jabbed at facilities receiving Medicare and Medicaid funding by January 4 will be a moment of truth.

Will its dark forces fail to stop a mass-exodus of refuseniks that will contribute significantly to an existing shortage of professionals or will it step back from the brink?

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities have already been suspending or sacking refuseniks.

If numbers let go keep rising exponentially, the nation’s healthcare system and patients in need will sustain a major body blow.

According to Forbes, US healthcare facilities “are growing increasingly concerned (that the Biden regime’s mandate) will trigger (significant) staffing shortages.”

“(C)ontinued refusal of healthcare workers to get the jab has frustrated colleagues and officials, not least because most are already required to be (jabbed) against a litany of other diseases in order to work.”

Many US “states are contesting (regime) mandates…the issue (to) be decided in the courts.”

Public and private refuseniks are in all US segments of society. 

They include police, firefighters, border guards, Pentagon and National Guard forces, vets from all branches of service, professional athletes and entertainers, along with workers and other staff in firms and entities of all shapes and sizes.

According to Fox News, the Biden regime’s draconian jabbing mandate for the nation’s armed forces shouldn’t treat its members like “felons.”

Nor all others unjabbed to protect their health over destroying it.

Dominant regime hardliners ignore the health-protecting power of around 100 million Americans with natural immunity.

Along with following a healthy lifestyle, it’s most effective in protecting against viral infections.

While enforcement of Biden’s mandate for firms and other entities with 100 or more employees to require their workers and other staff to be fully jabbed is on hold, many companies ordered it anyway.

Ignored is that jabs and all else health related require voluntary consent under international law — that’s automatically constitutional law.

On Wednesday, majority Florida Republicans were on the right side of history and the rule of law by passing four bills that limit private businesses from mandating jabs and masks without allowing exemptions for medical, religious and/or natural immunity reasons.

Before signing the measures into law on Thursday, Gov. Ron DeSantis said “(n)o nurse, no firefighter, no police officer, no trucker, no anybody, should lose their job because of” jabs they wish to shun.

“Florida is leading (the nation).”

Laws he signed are “the strongest…enacted anywhere in the country in” support of voluntary and informed consent on all things health related.

They also prevents schools and local governments from circumventing state laws on this issue.

Florida is not alone. Other states support the right of individual sovereignty over their bodies.

Florida’s surgeon general Dr. Joseph Ladapo said what his federal and other state counterparts should stress:

Jabs haven’t “improve(d) any child’s health” — or anyone else’s who got them, just the opposite.

“Same thing for masks. There’s no evidence that (wearing one) helps improve the health of children” — or anyone else.

On all things flu/covid that are heavily promoted, polar opposite is true.

When mandates and guidelines are followed, health is harmed, not protected.

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