Provocative Militarization of Border with Belarus

Biden regime dirty hands are all over regional provocations against Russia and Belarus.

Ukraine’s Nazi-infested coup d’etat regime is run by its gangster element.

It’s used as US proxies in pursuit of its anti-Russia imperial aims.

Why Vladimir Putin is amenable to another going-nowhere meeting with the White House imposter is for him to explain.

Russia’s diplomatic outreach to the US-dominated West consistently fails.

Another meeting with the fake Biden won’t change a thing.

As long as Russia is free from US control, Cold War will rage that could turn hot if dominant US hardliners push things too far, an ominous risk.

Inching in this direction, Ukraine’s US-orchestrated and directed forever war on Donbass could spark far more serious trouble if Biden regime hardliners have invading Donbass in mind.

Commenting on what’s going on, Sergey Lavrov said the following:

“(A) very heated and dangerous stream of consciousness (is) coming out of the Ukrainian leadership, especially its military.”

“Whenever bellicose rhetoric of that kind is being stoked, it betrays plans to carry out a provocation” to escalate conflict.

Remarks by Kiev’s military chief and commander of aggression against Donbass “outlin(ed) their aggressive plans.” 

“They threaten to use Javelins, and have already used Bayraktar” assault drones that Minsk agreements banned.  

They’ll continue more of the same, they said, in breach of Minsk that’s binding international law.

Their modus operandi is anything goes, the rule of law be damned — fully backed by the US-dominated West.

Donetsk and Lugansk (comprising Donbass) fully comply with their international law obligations.

Straightaway after usurping power following the Obama/Biden coup, Ukraine trampled on them. 

Instead of holding Kiev accountable for crimes of war and against humanity too grievous to ignore, hegemon USA, Britain, France and Germany encourage more of the same.

They support it by supplying heavy weapons, training and direction.

When Putin met with the fake Biden in Geneva last June, his promise to support and uphold Minsk I and II was smoke and mirrors deception.

The same goes for other Biden regime officials and key NATO partners.

Chances for a new way coming out of a 2nd Putin summit with the White House imposter are virtually nil on all key issues.

Earlier in November, US-colonized Poland moved thousands of troops, heavy weapons and equipment to its border with Belarus.

Britain, Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia deployed military forces along the Belarusian border.

In response to foreign threats, head of Belarus’ armed forces General Viktor Gulevich said the following:

“The military personnel training process for 2021-2022 has been substantially revised, taking into account the complicated military and political situation, the migrant crisis created by Western countries.” 

“We are forced to respond to an increase in military activity along the external contour of the state border of Belarus.” 

“Since 2020 we’ve been registering a constant increase in the intensiveness of flights of reconnaissance and combat aviation of NATO member states along the state border.” 

“For example, the daily number of recon flights was only 2-3 a month ago.” 

“The figure has nearly doubled since then and makes up 3-5 flights. Unmanned aerial vehicles are actively used for recon flights.”

He sees US/dominated NATO “anaconda coils” tightening around Belarus.

“(L)ast week, our intelligence bodies uncovered 12 field camps designed to accommodate military personnel and hardware” near our border. 

“Today we have information about the deployment of 14 such camps.”

“They can house dozens of thousands of military personnel.” 

“It is also concerning that in addition to the deployment of troops in Poland…Lithuania and Latvia are increasing their contingents, too.” 

“Taking into account Ukraine’s aggressive behavior towards Belarus, a belt of unfriendly countries is essentially being established around our country” — controlled by hegemon USA and key NATO partners.

“Provisions of the 2011 Vienna Document on Confidence and Security-Building Measures (were) disregarded.” 

“We’ve invited the Polish side to arrange a bilateral meeting of arms control specialists, to invite our representatives to watch the military activity just the way the bilateral regional agreements demand.” 

Its ruling regime “has yet to accept our proposals, which could have removed the tensions.” 

“(A)nother unfriendly step on the part of European countries was made the other day.” 

“Upon NATO’s initiative, another channel of dialogue was cut off and practical cooperation between NATO and Belarus was suspended.”

“The barefaced militarization of public opinion in neighboring countries is the most concerning thing in the ongoing processes.” 

Are Biden regime hardliners, their key NATO partners and Ukraine pushing for war on Belarus, along with escalating it against Donbass?

Do they want Russia drawn in to falsely blame Putin for their own aggression?

Are they willing to set central Europe ablaze and risk global war in pursuit of their megalomaniacal aims?

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