Recklessly Ruthless and Dangerous

Last November’s stolen election enabled usurpation of power by the most recklessly ruthless and dangerous gangster elements in US history.

Illegitimately controlling the White House and Congress, undemocratic Dems are waging unparalleled war on humanity at home and abroad with the worst of diabolical aims in mind.

Their rogue agenda includes mass-extermination of unwanted millions and billions globally, along with extinguishing what remains of fundamental freedoms.

Geopolitically, they risk hot wars on multiple fronts against China, Russia, Iran and other nations free from their hegemonic control.

Unless challenged and stopped, they’ll exterminate much of humanity and enslave survivors. 

Nominally led by an imposter in the White House, the figure he represents is too cognitively detached from reality to function in any capacity.

Dem dark forces are led by House and Senate gangster elements, interventionist Blinken, Pentagon warlords, and rubber-stamp courts — supported by MSM co-conspirators.

At home, seasonal flu was renamed covid as part of a mind-manipulating fear-mongering campaign.

The diabolical plan created a fantasy pandemic that convinced most people to self-inflict harm by going along with draconian lockdowns, masks that don’t protect, social distancing that destroys normal interactions, fake PCR tests and kill shots designed to destroy health straightaway or later on.

There’s nothing remotely benign about the Biden regime’s draconian agenda.

Abroad, central Europe along Russia’s border is in the eye of the storm.

Are Biden regime hardliners over-the-top enough to risk war to end all future ones by attacking Russia directly and/or letting proxies do their dirty work?

Is that where things are heading by accident or design?

On Tuesday, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu sounded the alarm, saying:

“We are witnessing a considerable increase in the US strategic bombers’ activity near the Russian borders.” 

“Over the past month, they conducted about 30 flights to the borders of the Russian Federation, or 2.5 times more compared to the same period of last year.” 

“This month, in the course of the US Strategic Command’s Global Thunder exercise, 10 strategic bombers practiced employing nuclear weapons against Russia simultaneously from western and eastern directions.”

“The minimal distance from our state border (is) 20 km.”

Because of heightened tensions in central Europe near Russia’s border — generated by Biden regime hardliners and imperial partners — Russian General Staff head Valery Gerasimov discussed security issues with his US counterpart Mark Milley by phone on Tuesday, a statement saying:

They “discussed several security-related issues of concern.” 

“The phone call…continu(ed) communication between both leaders to ensure risk reduction and operational de-confliction.” 

“In accordance with past practice, both agreed to keep the specific details of their conversation private.”

Clearly, fake news by the Biden regime and US-colonized Ukraine about a nonexistent Russian military buildup along the latter’s border with threatened invasion in mind was discussed.

The same goes for US-NATO-created tensions along Belarus’ border with Poland.

On Tuesday, interventionist Blinken’s spokesman Price lied like always when commenting on invented US enemies.

Falsely accusing Russia of “unusual Russian military activity near Ukraine’s borders (sic),” he lied claiming Moscow is “continuing its (nonexistent) aggression against Ukraine (sic).”

His head-fake call for “an immediate restoration of ceasefire in Donbass” ignored Biden regime use of Ukrainian proxies to continue forever war on its sovereign territory — possibly with invasion in mind.

The Biden regime and key NATO partners continue supplying Ukraine with heavy weapons for war-making, not defense.

Kiev’s only foreign enemies are invented, not real.

Reportedly, the Biden regime intends supplying Ukraine’s military with Javelin anti-armor weapons, advanced air defense missiles for offense and Mi-17 assault helicopters.

All of the above and more is with aggression on Donbass in mind to continue perpetual aggression on Russia’s border that risks greater central European war than already.

On Tuesday, US-installed NATO head Stolenberg was at it again.

Reciting Biden regime lines scripted for me, he falsely accused Russia of mobilizing large numbers of forces along Ukraine’s border.

Ignored is that no one spotted them.

What isn’t there can’t be seen.

As directed by his higher power in Washington, Stoltenberg consistently lies and mass deceives about all things Russia.

If otherwise, he’d be replaced in favor of a more reliable servant of US imperial interests.

Separately on Tuesday, Russia’s  Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev commented on deplorable conditions in Ukraine under despotic rule, saying:

The US-dominated “West crippled the country’s economy, took away people’s civil rights, and sent some strata of the population into poverty.”

“At any moment, there’s potential in Ukraine for an outburst of tensions so strong that millions of Ukrainians (may) flee to seek refuge in other places.’’

“Having sown chaos and destruction in the Middle East and North Africa, (hegemon USA and its NATO partners are responsible for a likely upcoming exodus) en masse” cross-border.

“The (festering) situation at the Belarusian-Polish border is a result of (US-led) outside pressure on Minsk.”

“They didn’t succeed in destroying the country’s leadership and sinking the country into chaos and protest rallies.”

“So they are now trying to inundate the country with migrants and undermine (its) social security and health care systems.”

Separately on Tuesday, Belarusian official Vasily Panasyuk slammed US vassal state Poland, saying:

US/NATO-generated crisis conditions along Belarus’ border with Poland “vividly demonstrate(s)” the hostility of their ruling regimes toward “democra(cy) and international rights,” adding:

“That is a manifestation of cynicism and anti-humanism in relation to civilians, with a heavy deployment of armed forces against unarmed migrants.” 

“It is simply incomprehensible when water cannons and aggressive liquids were put in use.”

“(W)e are already talking about an elementary violation of the state border” that risks escalating into something much more serious.

In stark contrast to Poland and the US-dominated West, Belarus alone has been providing refugees with food, shelter and medical care.

On Monday, NYT fake news falsely blamed Belarus for US/NATO/Polish-created crisis conditions along Belarus’ border.

Ignoring the reality of what’s gone on for years, the Times and other MSM failed to explain longstanding refugee crisis conditions because of US/NATO wars since the Clinton crime family’s rape and destruction of the former Yugoslavia in the 1990s.

Russia, Belarus, and other invented US enemies prioritize peace, stability and cooperative relations with other countries.

Hegemon USA-dominated NATO has other aims in mind — prioritizing forever wars, smashing nations to own them, immiserating survivors and blaming their high crimes on others like Russia and Belarus.

Do US/NATO ruling regimes have WW III in mind?

Their hostile actions pushing things in this direction.

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