Suppressing Why Flu/Covid Outbreaks Are Surging

Despite no ambiguity why, US/Western, Israeli, likeminded ruling regimes and their MSM press agents suppress indisputable evidence about what’s going on and worsening.

Numbers of flu/covid cases are greatest in nations with the highest percent of the populations jabbed, double-jabbed and booster-jabbed.

Outbreaks, severe cases, hospitalizations, numbers admitted to ICUs and deaths increase proportionately to the rate of mass-jabbing.

Israel is one of the world’s most heavily jabbed and multi-jabbed nations.

It’s also has one of the world’s highest numbers of breakthrough infections that include serious cases.

Worse still, its former and current ruling regime have consistently suppressed information about the human toll. 

Last month, Israeli doctors, scientists, researchers and lawyers — calling themselves the Professional Ethics Front (PEF) — warned about what’s going on and worsening.

Before mass-jabbing began, Israelis were chosen to be virtual guinea pigs for Pfizer’s experimental, toxic, DNA-altering mRNA jabs that are crucial to shun.

With around 85% of eligible Israelis jabbed at least once, destruction of health has been devastating.

Weeks earlier, the establishment publication Science reported about “Israel’s struggles to contain” flu/covid, adding:

“Widespread boosters (haven’t) dent(ed) the case rate.”

They made an already bad situation worse.

“Israel, among the first countries to launch (mass-jabbing) and the first to roll out booster shots on a large scale, is offering a disturbing glimpse of what” other nations face by similar policies.

Israeli public health officials failed to explain why intensive mass-jabbing caused “one of the highest rates of reported infections per capita in the world.”

There’s no ambiguity why.

Yet Science quoted US epidemiologist David Dowdy’s bald-faced Big Lie, claiming:

“(T)he majority of transmission is still occurring from people who are un(jabbed) (sic).”

Clearly and indisputably, it’s the other way around.

Israeli hospitals are overwhelmed with increasing numbers jabbed patients.

Herzog Medical Center is Israel’s leading respiratory, geriatric, mental health, psychotrauma and rehab treatment/research hospital.

It provides respiratory care for children of all ages.

Days earlier, its medical director Kobi Haviv MD expressed concern about rising numbers of breakthrough infections.

They account for to 90% of hospital admissions, 95% of severe cases at Herzog, he said.

What’s true for its facility is happening in most Israeli hospitals nationwide.

Haviv explained that infected patients are shedding and spreading viral illnesses to “large number(s)” of others.

Unless fully-jabbed, recovered from a recent bout of flu/covid or cleared by meaningless PCR proof of not being infected, Israeli’s are denied access to most public places.

Rabin Medical Center-Beilinson Campus director Dr. Eitan Wertheim said “the rise in (number of) patients (this month) is very clear.”

Stressing the same thing, Haviv said Herzog has “60 (flu/covid) patients now.”

“We are likely to be at 80” in a matter of days.

Bennett regime claims about more jabs, masks and social distancing to curb outbreaks conceals the cause of what’s going on.

As more of the above increases, so do outbreaks and severe cases.

On Wednesday, Haaretz ignored reality.

Citing a so-called “health panel” advising the Bennett regime, it falsely blamed rising outbreaks on “waning” immunity from jabs not designed to provide any.

Next Tuesday, toxic mass-jabbing of Israeli children aged-5 – 11 is scheduled to begin.

It’s coming at a time of “an accelerating infection rate,” Haaretz reported — never explaining why, falsely citing fabricated reasons.

On Tuesday, Weizmann Institute’s Eran Segal falsely told the Bennett regime’s so-called “coronavirus cabinet” that waning immunity is why outbreaks are increasing (sic).

He urged more draconian measures than already instead of laying blame where it belongs.

Separately on Tuesday, a Hebrew University report falsely blamed increasing outbreaks on waning immunity and delays in administering boosters (sic).

On Wednesday, Dr. Sharon Alroy-Preis — Israel’s so-called top public health expert — called toxic booster-jabbing a “major success.”

Only in accelerating more outbreaks and severe cases, she failed to explain.

Along with falsely blaming increased outbreaks on waning immunity (sic), she compounded her Big Lie by laying blame on unjabbed Israelis, including children.

Defying science, she also falsely claimed that toxic mass-jabbing of children will protect them (sic).

As throughout the US/West, Israelis are carpet-bombed by a daily blitzkrieg of Big Lies and mass deception about all things flu/covid.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

Heavily jabbed Israel has one of the world’s largest numbers of outbreaks, serious cases, hospitalizations and deaths.

There’s no ambiguity why!

What Israeli media like Haaretz fail to report is what’s most important for everyone in the country to know.

A daily diet of fake news fed them convinced most Israelis to believe what’s destroying their health and shortening their lives is beneficial.

A Final Comment

With attribution to on Thanksgiving Day, the following is one of countless millions of similar  harm following kill shots.

One gravely harmed victim said weeks after being jabbed, his “life…changed” for the worst.

Toxins injected into his body are “taking bits and pieces every day, and now (he) can barely walk.”

Ringing in his ears “is absolutely crazy and it doesn’t stop.”

“They don’t want me to telling you guys this because they want to make sure that you guys get it,” he added.

Millions of others are suffering in similar ways following jabs, including from convulsions, paralysis, blindness, deafness, damage to the heart and other organs, along with contraction of serious diseases.

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