Want Your Holiday Weekend Ruined? Read What’s Below and Weep

What’s happening in Austria, Germany, Australia and elsewhere may be heading for neighborhoods near you and your own.

In Austria, lockdown in parts of the country permits leaving home only for work, health-related issues, and food shopping — unless or until fully-jabbed with toxins designed to destroy health.

Effective February 1, all Austrians are required to be fully-jabbed.

Refuseniks risk stiff fines and up to four weeks imprisonment — for the “crime” of protecting their health from deadly toxins.

Because mass-jabbing caused outbreaks to surge in Germany, the outgoing Merkel regime may mandate toxic jabs.

Chancellor-designate Olaf Scholz agrees with the draconian policy, saying:

Germany “should make (jabs) compulsory for certain groups.” 

Incoming finance minister Christian Lindner called for Germans to avoid unnecessary contacts during cold weather months “to preserve…our health in this pandemic” — of the jabbed alone, he failed to explain.

Outgoing health minister Jens Spahn said by end of winter, Germans will either be jabbed, “recovered or dead.”

Angela Merkel urged heads of Germany’s 16 federal states to decide on more draconian measures than already by December 1.

Spahn wants unfully-jabbed Germans denied access to public places.

Are mandated jabs and forever-boosters for all Germans the next shoe to drop, including stiff punishment for refuseniks?

Singapore authorities said unjabbed citizens will largely lose public healthcare benefits.

Henceforth, they’re on their own to cover most costs.

According to a report by The Covid World, Australia established draconian quarantine camps for the unjabbed in parts of the country.

Unjabbed Australians, apparently visitors as well, are involuntarily quarantined for two weeks, involuntarily jabbed, tested regularly, monitored as well by cameras and armed guards, then charged $2,500 for the ordeal.

One arrival from Singapore reported the following:

Declining to say if he was jabbed, “they threatened me and told me to come with them and called for backup.”

“I was questioned, told to follow them, and I boarded a bus with others…”

“(W)e had to sit rows apart, and we were brought here. Windows were blacked out.”

“I don’t know how long I can post here but I came to let you know it is worse than you know.”

“There was a girl here who fought a guard, and we haven’t seen her for six days since then.”

A quarantined elderly man said he and other involuntary detainees were confined to rooms, allowed only to do laundry every 3 days.

Armed guards were “everywhere,” he said. If did anything they disapproved of, detainees were yelled at.

The fate of individuals unable to pay the $2,500 cost is unclear.

Written instructions explained draconian restrictions while being involuntarily incarcerated.

Police state Australia imposed virtual martial law in most of the country.

In some areas, notably where aboriginal people reside, mass-jabbing police are ferreting out the unjabbed to involuntarily inject health-destroying toxins into their bodies.

Will similar policies to what’s explained above be imposed throughout much of the US/West and elsewhere ahead?

Will stuff featured in chilling Hollywood horror films become the new reality ahead in parts or all of increasing numbers of countries?

Will you accept what’s intolerable or rise up to smack it down?

Will you go all-out to defend rights everyone deserves — no matter the risk — because going along means lost health, freedom and virtually all else people everywhere hold most dear?

A Final Comment

Australian military forces are reportedly transferring residents of Northern Territories involuntarily to one or more quarantine camps.

According to the territory’s chief minister, Michael Gunner:

“Residents of Binjari and Rockhole no longer have the five reasons to leave their homes.”

He referred to buying food and other essentials, exercising, work, education, and getting toxins jabbed into their bodies, Gunner adding:

“They can only leave for medical treatment, in an emergency, or as required by law.”

“It’s highly likely that more residents will be transferred to Howard Springs…”

Northern Territories are home to aboriginal people.

They’re being singled out for especially harsh mistreatment.

Claiming a “threat to lives” — that’s invented, not real — justifies “strong measures, is a flagrant human right abuse as defined under international law.

Australia is a despotic police state — unsafe and unfit to live in for its ordinary people.

Will similar draconian policies to ones it imposed spread to the West and elsewhere in the coming weeks and months?

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