Another Flu/Covid Scariant Scare

Not a dime’s worth of difference distinguishes one flu/covid strain from others.

They’re virtually all the same.

Former Pfizer chief scientist for allergy an infectious diseases Dr. Michael Yeadon stressed the publicly concealed reality, earlier saying:

“All (flu/covid) variants are so similar to the original, there’s no chance what-so-ever that your body will see them as anything new.”

Yet “politicians (their public health handmaidens and MSM press agents) keep telling us about variants, and how we need to close borders and stop them moving around the world.” 

Left unexplained is that “(v)ariants are so similar to the original (strain).”

“It is impossible (that) we would need new” experimental drugs for mass-jabbing.

“And yet we are being (falsely) told they’re necessary.” 

“I am quite furious because” we’re being “deceived” by official sources and MSM press agents.

The difference between one flu/covid strain to another is “no more than .003%.”

In other words, there’s virtually no difference at all.

Huffing and puffing and fabricating otherwise is part of state-sponsored, MSM-proliferated Big Lies and mass deception.

On Thanksgiving Day, Bloomberg News claimed that a scary new flu/covid strain was identified in South Africa.

Code-named B.1.1529 isn’t scary enough so expect it to be renamed in short order.

Calling the so-called new strain “a cause for serious concern, stoking fears the country may face a potentially severe fourth wave that could spread internationally” is part of MSM-proliferated fake news to scare refuseniks to join their irreversibly harmed counterparts and push them to self-inflict greater harm than already.

Virtually everything reported about all things flu/covid since last year — especially about health-destroying kill shots — is state-approved fake news with harming maximum numbers of brainwashed people in mind to destroy their health unwittingly.

Bioinformatics professor Tulio de Oliveira was quoted claiming that the so-called new strain — no more than .003% different from others — is “clearly very different (sic).”

South Africa’s National Institute for Communicable Diseases head of respiratory diseases, Anne von Gottberg, said around 100 cases were detected, a small number as well in bordering Botswana — hardly cause for concern.

Flu/covid outbreaks in many African countries are minimal because mass-jabbing rates are low.

When occur, public health authorities prioritize use of ivermectin and other known safe and effective protocols.

Things are worlds apart different on much of the continent compared to surging outbreaks in heavily jabbed US/Western countries and Israel.

Flu/covid is a minimal problem of minor concern.

Toxic health-destroying jabs are causing the vast majority of outbreaks, serious cases, hospitalizations and deaths.

What Bloomberg and other MSM suppress is crucial for everyone to know.

Outbreaks in South Africa are far lower in numbers than in the US/West because most of the population is unjabbed.

According to Bloomberg, its health authorities halted new deliveries of kill shots because of weak demand.

Millions of Africans are much wiser than their brainwashed US/Western counterparts — and in better health for shunning toxic jabs.

Millions of kill shots already delivered to African countries will likely be trashed because the vast majority of people on the continent want no part of them.

Officially, about 6 – 7% of their people have been jabbed. The real percentage is likely lower.

Separately, a fake news NYT Thanksgiving Day propaganda piece defied reality by falsely claiming that US households with young children are “experiencing a long-awaited sense of relief (sic)” since kill shots for young kids were approved.

Ignored by the Times is what polls show.

Around three-fourths of parents are wisely holding off getting their kids jabbed over safety concerns.

Many households shun them altogether.

Like all its fake news about jabs, the Times once again defied science, falsely claiming:

“The central goal of (jabbing kids is) for their own health (sic) and, more broadly, to ease the strain on school and day care systems that are in a perpetual cycle of shutdowns, testing and reopenings as children become infected (sic),” adding: 

“For some families with several generations under one roof, or worrying about a family member with a severe illness, (jabbing) young children is a crucial barricade of protection for the most vulnerable adults (sic).” 

The above rubbish is part of endless propaganda by the Times and other MSM propaganda.

It’s all about providing press agent services for the Biden regime’s campaign to destroy public health and freedom.

Nothing MSM report about the most crucial issue of all time can be believed.

Everything about all things flu/covid, especially kill shots, is with the worst of diabolical aims in mind.

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