Children Aged-5 and Older Harmed by Kill Shots

The health and lives of US children are gravely threatened by toxic kill shots unless parents protect them from what’s designed to cause irreversible harm.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and Children’s Hospital Association, adverse events are showing up in alarming numbers of children following jabs — both organizations calling them viral illness outbreaks.

In the week ending November 18, they reported nearly 142,000 new cases, a 25.1% increase from the previous week.

Hospitalizations increased up to 4% in 24 states and New York City.

On Tuesday, the pro-mass-jabbing NYT falsely attributed a reported 32% increase in children aged-5 and older falling ill to the virus.

Kill shots are responsible for the vast majority of outbreaks, serious cases, hospitalizations deaths — not seasonal flu-renamed covid.

With rare exceptions, virtually all children, adolescents and young adults fully recover in a few days from flu/covid if contract the viral illness.

Mass-jabbing with kill shots changed everything — leaving individuals in all age groups vulnerable to serious short-or-longer-term harm from toxins they contain.

Why it’s crucial for everyone to shun them. Going the other way virtually assures harm sooner or later.

One of my neighbors on the same floor of my residential building — an otherwise healthy man — died suddenly after one or more jabs.

Everyone jabbed is vulnerable to serious harm.

In response to rising numbers of ill children following one or more jabs, AAP vice chair of its infectious diseases committee, Sean O’Leary MD, falsely attributed illnesses to flu/covid outbreaks (sic).

Since jabbing kids began — an undeclared crime against humanity — increasing numbers became ill from myocarditis, autism, blood clots, and other diseases, along with flu/covid because jabs increase vulnerability to contracting it.

Nearly all children hospitalized were jabbed, including ones 5 – 11 years-old.

Calling the above “startling,” Pharma-connected FDA head Janet Woodcock failed to lay blame where it belongs.

As jabbing of young kids continues, so will the human toll to include increasing numbers of deaths from serious adverse events caused by kill shots.

Since Pfizer’s DNA-altering/health-destroying jabs were authorized for children aged 12 – 15 last May — followed by OKing them for 5-to-11-year-olds weeks earlier, hundreds of thousands in both age groups were jabbed one or more times.

Like other MSM, the Times defied science by falsely claiming that “data indicates that (jabs) are far safer than a bout of (flu/covid), even for children” — a bald-faced Big Lie.

Willfully bogus statements like the above should be criminalized, especially when publicly made.

Indisputable data long ago proved that when taken as directed, kill shots destroy health and lives.

Based on polling data as of late October, only around one-fourth of parents with children aged-5 – 11 said they’ll permit their kids to be jabbed right away.

Around 30% they’ll definitely shun them for young offspring.

Of major concern is potential short or longer-term harm.

Around two-thirds of parents with young children fear jabs may adversely affect their fertility.

Jabbing of all age groups slowed in the US, including among single and double-jabbed individuals opting for no more.

Nearly 4 in 10 US workers said they’ll quit if required to be jabbed as a condition for continued employment.

Around 6 in 10 workers said if faced with this mandate, they’ll ask for an exemption.

As more information about kill shot hazards surface, perhaps greater numbers in the US/West and elsewhere will resist them.

It’s the only sensible option, what’s crucial for everyone to know.

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