Fake News Russian Threat to Ukraine

The world community of nations knows that Russia threatens no one.

Claims otherwise by Biden regime hardliners are part of longstanding US policy to invent enemies that don’t exist as a phony pretext for pouring trillions of dollars down a black hole for militarism and forever-war on humanity.

Inventing enemies like Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, and other nations free from US control is part of the subterfuge.

The scourge of imperial contempt for humanity operates this way.

Hegemon USA stands out as Exhibit A for waging endless wars throughout most of its history since breaking free from Britain in 1776.

At his latest propaganda briefing, interventionist Blinken’s spokesman Price falsely hyped an invented Russian threat to Ukraine that doesn’t exist.

What he falsely called “unusual (Russian) military activity” along Ukraine’s border is nowhere near it, unusual or threatening anyone.

In stark contrast, Pentagon forces are menacingly deployed near the borders of Russia, China, Iran and other nations on the US target list for regime change with potentially hostile intentions in mind.

Aggression is a hegemon USA speciality together with its imperial partners.

What Price falsely called “continu(ed) (Russian) aggression” against Ukraine is part of US/Western fake news rhetoric since the Obama/Biden replaced democratic rule in the country with Nazi-infested fascist tyranny.

Its US-installed ruling regimes are used to advance its regional imperial interests, its troops proxy cannon fodder in pursing them.

With likely escalated aggression on Donbass in mind, the US and other NATO regimes are pouring heavy weapons into Ukraine.

A virtual summit by Putin with the 

White House imposter will be a colossal waste of time, accomplishing nothing positive like last time they met in Geneva.

The pro-war, anti-peace and stability NYT asked how far will the Biden regime go will to to defend Ukraine against Russia (sic).

The right question not asked should have been how far will hegemon USA push things toward risking war with nonbelligerent, nonthreatening Russia?

The same question applies to China, Iran and other nations free from imperial control.

The Times and other MSM know that no “Russian aggression” exists against any nation.

Yet they repeatedly feature fake news over the real thing.

Saying the imposter in the White House is focused on “dissuading Putin” omitted explaining that nothing exists to dissuade him about.

No “Russian aggression” exists, no “provocations,” no threats to Ukraine or other countries, no menacing “buildup” along the border or other countries.

Fabricated claims otherwise are fake news, the real thing suppressed.

All of the above reflect how US-dominated NATO and apartheid Israel operate — not a word by the Times and other MSM explaining it.

Earlier this week, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov slammed MSM fake news about Russia.

“(I)ncreasing tensions, (it’s) an attempt…to present the Russian Federation as a certain party that threatens the settlement process,” a notion he called “absurd.”

At the same time, Russia is justifiably concerned about a regional buildup of US-dominated NATO forces, along with their ruling regimes pouring heavy weapons into Ukraine.

More heavily arming the US-installed regime has nothing to do with defense.

It’s all about offense if greater aggression on Donbass is planned.

On Thursday, Ukraine’s Joint Forces Operation involved in preemptive war on Donbass said the following:

“(D)rills of tank units were held in the area of the Joint Forces Operation in the Donetsk region.”

“We are accomplishing firing exercises and each crew member is practicing fire from a tank and a machine-gun.”

Ukrainian warplanes simulated preemptive strikes on ground targets.

Thousands of troops and heavy weapons positioned near Belarus’ border simulated war on another front.

If Biden regime hardliners have more aggression in mind than already, central Europe along Russia’s border may be their favored target, using Ukrainian forces as proxy foot soldiers to make central Europe boil over more than already.

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