Biden Regime Press Agents

MSM share guilt for supporting the highest of US high crimes at home and abroad.

How they’ve always operated rose to an unprecedented level after undemocratic Dems usurped control of the White House and Congress last November — with full Times support.

Among MSM ranks, the NYT stands out as worst of what prostitution of the press is all about.

What the late Alex Cockburn said about presstitute Judith Miller applies to Times correspondents, columnists and editors across the board, stressing:

“With Miller, we sink to the level of straight press handout.”

“Lay all (her Times) stories end to end…and you get a desolate picture of a reporter with an agenda” that’s hostile to truth and full disclosure.

“(G)arbage, garbage” is featured in all Times columns on major issues, truth-telling nowhere in sight.

Among MSM members, the Times is in the vanguard of proliferating state-approved managed news misinformation and disinformation — brainwashing the public its underlying agenda. is a fierce Times critic.

In late September, it headlined:

“NYT Runs Interference for Billionaires Who Don’t Want Their Wealth Taxed” — while pretending otherwise.

Earlier, it headlined:

“New York State Hands Billions Back to Wealthy Investors—and NYT Doesn’t See a Story”

On November 24, it slammed the Times legal battle with Project Veritas (PV).

Led by James O’Keefe, the Times reviles its no-hold’s barred journalistic investigations and exposes of corruption, fraud and other criminality in high public and private places — what the self-styled newspaper of record conceals.   

The NY State Supreme Court and NY State Appellate Division of the Supreme Court slapped down the Times.

They ruled that the broadsheet cannot “publish private and privileged communications of Project Veritas’ attorneys representing Project Veritas in Veritas’ defamation case against The Times,” PV explained.

Times executive editor, Dean Baquet, smeared egg on his own face, falsely calling the above prohibition “unconstitutional (sic).”

He said nothing about illegal FBI raids on PV journalists — real constitutional breaches left unexplained by the Times.

On Tuesday, PV presented evidence that refuted the bogus Times claim.

PV is suing the Times for defamation in response to “libelously labell(ing) a September 2020 video, exposing ballot harvesting in Minnesota as ‘deceptive.’ ” 

Separately, O’Keefe said the following:

“The New York Times decided to release our attorney-client memos.” 

“(W)e are very proud of what is in those memos.”

They include a strategy to avoid breaking federal law.” 

Slamming Times hypocrisy, its double standards, its contempt for the truth, the whole truth and nothing less, O’Keefe asked Baquet:

“(W)here was your citation to the Pentagon Papers and the First Amendment when the FBI raided my home, and took my phones and my reporter notes?” 

“Or were you busy publishing our attorney-client memos?”

Even WaPo, Politico and the ACLU — too often on the wrong side of key issues — slammed attempted violations of PV’s press freedoms by the Times.

It finds new ways of waging war on what journalism should be all about — what it long ago abandoned in deference to wealth and power interests over governance of, by and for everyone equitably, according to the rule of law.

They’re notions it abhors, and it shows in rubbish over truth-telling in daily editions.

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