War of Words on Russia

Phony accusations by hegemon USA, European vassal states, and colonized Ukraine persist about nonexistent Russian preparations for cross-border war.

What’s going on reflects longstanding whipped-up hysteria about an invented enemy to divert attention from growing tyranny and economic hardships caused by their ruling regimes.

Despite no Russian forces mobilized along Ukraines’s border, no Russian threats against any countries, Biden regime assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian affairs Karen Donfried lied claiming otherwise.

Saying “all options are on the table” against Russia, does she have WW III in mind?

The US-dominated NATO war-making “alliance (is) considering its next moves,” she added.

On Friday, Biden regime national security advisor Sullivan spoke to Ukraine’s Andrut Yermak about nonexistent Russian military activities along Ukraine’s border.

They also addressed nonexistent “harsh rhetoric” by Moscow toward its US-installed and controlled regime.

Separately, US-installed puppet NATO head Stoltenberg mimicked his master’s voice in Washington like always when discussing invented enemies.

Warning of “consequences…if Russia uses force against Ukraine,”he knows that the Kremlin threatens no one.

He knows that US-dominated NATO threatens world peace, stability and humanity’s survival.

He’s silent about real threats while pushing Big Lies about invented ones.

He lied saying that “Russia amassed a large and unusual concentration of forces in the region (for) the second time this year (sic).”

He lied claiming that a (nonexistent) military buildup is unprovoked and unexplained (sic).”

He lied saying there’s “no certainty about the (nonbelligerent) intentions of Russia (sic).” 

He lied accusing Russia of “invad(ing) Ukraine before (sic).”

He consistently turns a blind eye to forever US-led wars by hot and/or other means on invented enemies.

Likely at the behest of his US master, Ukraine’s puppet president Zelensky dubiously claimed to have “information (about) a state coup (to) be carried out in our country on December 1.”

Claiming that he listened to a recorded conversation between Russian and Ukrainian coup-plotters, he added that $1 billion  is being raised to replace him.

He provided no evidence of the alleged plot because there is none, clearly no Russian coup planned against him or anyone else.

In cahoots with the Biden regime, phony accusations about Russia aim to divert attention from internal oppression and dismal economic conditions.

No threats to Ukraine exist by Russia or any other countries.

In response to his phony accusation, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov debunked it, saying:

“Russia has never been involved in any way in such a case.”

Separately, Ukraine’s foreign minister Dmitry Kuleba said “that in the case of…aggression from the Russian Federation against our state (a nonexistent threat), Ukraine will be protected by all available means (sic).”

Days earlier, he urged ruling German and French regimes to prepare for war with Russia, saying:

If Moscow “starts acting (sic), you simply won’t have time physically to coordinate, to go through all the bureaucratic procedures, to coordinate decisions (sic).”

“So please do the preparatory work now, because if the military scenario happens, there will simply be no time (sic).”

On the same day of his invented threat that doesn’t exist, Ukraine’s State Border Service said the following:

It has not “register(ed) any movement of equipment or military of our neighboring country near the border.” 

If any of the above exists, “it may be dozens or even hundreds of kilometers from the state border” — posing no threat.

In stark contrast on Thursday, Russia’s Defense Ministry and National Defense Command Center warned of increased US-led NATO military activity in Black Sea waters.

On Tuesday, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said US bombers rehearsed a nuclear strike on Russia days earlier from eastern and western directions.

Menacing warplanes came within 12.4 miles of Russia’s border, he said. 

Shoigu also expressed concern about heavy weapons pouring into Ukraine from US/Western countries with belligerent aims in mind.

Are Biden regime hardliners pushing for greater preemptive wars than already?

The risk of setting central Europe more ablaze than already is real.

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