Russian Foreign Ministry on US Sanctions, Ukraine and Other Issues

Targeting nations free from its control, illegally imposed US sanctions are weapons of war by other means.

Commenting on Biden regime sanctions on Russia’s Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline to Germany, Moscow’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (MZ below) said the following:

The completed pipeline that’s ready to become operational as soon as certified by German regulators “is vital for stable energy supplies to Europe and for the competitiveness of Germany and the EU in general.”

Along with defiance of the rule of law domestically and geopolitically, hypocrisy defines US foreign policy, especially since undemocratic Dems usurped power last November.

Its dominant hardliners “hypocritically erect(ed) a barrier in the way of Russian energy exports to the European market,” MZ explained. 

“(A)t the same time,” they called for Russia “and other producers to pump more gas to reduce prices.”

While waging war on Russia in multiple ways that risks turning things hot, it’s harming Germany and other EU countries by obstructing delivery of gas to the continent as cold weather increases demand.

Moscow’s position is unchanged, MZ stressed, adding:

“(U)nilateral anti-Russia sanctions are unlawful and harm the interests of the US more than ours.” 

“In the case of Nord Stream 2, they affect the interests of direct US allies: the EU and Germany, both collectively and individually.”

Separately on US-controlled, Nazi-infested, Ukraine, MZ slammed Kiev regime “hotheads” for promoting endless aggression against Donbass.

With encouragement, direction and weapons supplied by hegemon USA and war-making partners, things are “escalating” toward greater war to include possible invasion.

Citing OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine reports, MZ said Zelensky regime “violations increased by 95% over the past week.” 

“At the same time, 75% of civilian casualties and the vast majority of the destruction of civilian infrastructure occur in certain areas of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions.”

Things are further destabilized by US/NATO fake news claims about Russian forces mobilized along Ukraine’s border in preparation for invasion.

None are there. No invasion is imminent or planned. What’s falsely claimed fooled no one.

It’s all about “whip(ping) up anti-Russian hysteria…to divert attention from (dismal) socioeconomic and political (conditions) in the country” by inventing fake foreign threats that don’t exist. 

Ukraine is a US-controlled fascist police state.

It’s run by an illegitimate coup d’etat regime at war on unwanted segments of its society and cross-border against democratic Donbass.

Supported and encouraged by US-dominated NATO, their dark forces back a permanent state of war along Russia’s borders — mindless of the risk that things could go too far and turn central Europe ablaze.

Britain, France, Germany and other European states operate as virtual US colonies on all things related to preemptive war-making and policies toward Russia.

On Saturday, Russia’s envoy to the US Anatoly Antonov called the Biden regime dangerously misguided to believe that Russia won’t respond when threatened.

US-dominated “NATO states are taking over the Black Sea and Ukrainian territory,” he said, adding:

“There are assumptions, which are voiced here, that certain daredevils or a group of combatants may turn up in Ukraine, who will try to test the strength of Russian defenses, expecting that we will not respond fearing the NATO potential.” 

“I would like to say and emphasize unequivocally that it is a very dangerous delusion.”

In response to heavy weapons pouring into Ukraine from the US and other NATO countries, he stressed the following:

“Militarily speaking, weapons funneled to Ukraine (from the US and Europe) are expanding more and more.”

They include Stinger (man-portable air-defense systems), Javelin (anti-tank weapons), assault helicopters and drones.

They’re for preemptive war-making, not defense as falsely claimed.

The Biden and partnered regimes are playing with fire.

“(L)ies and slander” directed at Russia “suggest that” hotheads in Washington and European capitals are pushing for more war than already.

“The atmosphere (in the US) is poisoned with Russophobia” — notably in the White House, Congress and by MSM press agents.

Commenting on Chavismo’s overwhelming triumph in Venezuela last Sunday, MZ extended Moscow’s “congratulations to the friendly Venezuelan people on this significant event,” adding:

Hundreds of “international observers from 55 countries around the world, as well as from the European Union, the UN Secretariat, and the Carter Center (USA), were present during the voting, as were experts from Russia.” 

“According to them, the voting took place in a calm atmosphere, without serious violations and was organized in strict accordance with the law and in compliance with public health standards.”

Bolivarian social democracy triumphed.

Hegemon USA sustained another body blow.

A previous article explained that on December 9 and 10, the fake Biden will “host…leaders from  government, civil society, and the private sector to” reaffirm who’s boss.

It has nothing to do with “democracy,” as falsely claimed — what dominant US/Western hardliners consider an abhorrent notion to be tolerated nowhere, especially not in their countries.

In stark contrast to scores of US vassal states invited to attend, Russia, China and other countries free from its hegemonic grip are excluded.

Even NATO member Turkey was snubbed.

In response to an invitation for Taiwan to attend, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said the following:

“China firmly opposes the invitation by the US to Taiwan authorities.”

“There is one China in the world.” 

“The government of the People’s Republic of China is the sole legal government representing the whole of China.” 

“Taiwan is an inalienable part of China’s territory, and the one-China principle is a widely recognized norm governing international relations.” 

“Taiwan has no other status in international law than being part of China.” 

“As to the ‘Summit for Democracy (sic),’ we have repeatedly stated our position.” 

“Democracy is a common value of all humanity, not the patent of a few countries.” 

“What the US has done shows exactly that it is only using (its so-called summit) as a cover and tool to advance its geo-strategic goals, suppress other countries, divide the world, and serve its selfish agenda of maintaining hegemony.” 

It has nothing to do with promoting democracy as it should be — notably hosted by an illegitimate regime that usurped power.

Commenting on Russia’s exclusion — a nation with real democracy, not US/Western fantasy versions — MZ said the following:

“This event is aimed at fueling confrontation and aggravating alienation.” 

The Biden regime “is making one more step in implementing its course of transforming the ideology of international relations in the spirit of the notorious ‘rules-based order’ ” that’s polar opposite the rule of law as it should be.

The dubious summit will be a “gathering yet another ‘special interest club’ to oppose the countries that maintain strategic independence from the collective West and have their own sovereign vision of a just international order, primarily Russia and China.” 

“In this fight they plan to rely on interfering in the domestic affairs of independent sovereign states under such pretexts as preventing corruption, protecting human rights and ensuring democratic standards, as well as other high-flown slogans and concepts that seem wonderful at first sight.” 

“In practice, they mean something quite different.” 

Hegemon USA “arrogate(s) to itself the right to determine which country deserves to be called a democracy and which does not.” 

“This is cynical and pathetic given” the reality of fantasy democracies in the US/West. 

The real thing is banned by their ruling regimes.

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