Haaretz Editors Promoting a Second Jewish Holocaust

On all things related to the flu/covid mother of all scams, Haaretz mimics its US/Western MSM counterparts.

Instead of alerting Israelis to the health and freedom-destroying aim of their ruling authorities and urging resistance, Haaretz editors support what’s causing unparalleled numbers of adverse events and deaths in the country.

Israel is one of the world’s most heavily jabbed, rejabbed and booster-jabbed countries.

It also has record-high numbers of serious illnesses, hospitalizations, and deaths — not from flu/covid, from kill shots. 

As more jabs are administered, greater numbers of Israelis are irreparably harmed and dying.

Ignoring reality instead of exposing and countering it, Haaretz editors said the following on Sunday:

“It’s time (for unjabbed Israelis) to get” theirs and for others not rejabbed or booster-jabbed to get them.

After earlier fear-mongering about the more scariant than variant delta, Haaretz editors are repeating its fake news about omicron.

Instead of explaining that all flu/covid strains are virtually alike, none more scary than others, none scary at all, Haaretz is in full fear-mongering mode.

Like US/Western MSM, it’s complicit with the Bennett regime’s diabolical public health and freedom-destroying plot.

It’s promoting a second Jewish holocaust in Israel.

There’s nothing “sinister” about delta, omicron or other flu/covid strains.

Nothing remotely justifies imposition of draconian restrictions to travel, free movement overall, assembly and access to public places.

What’s ordered in the US/West, Israel and elsewhere has nothing to do with protecting public health — everything to do with destroying it and what little remains of greatly eroded freedoms.

Defying indisputable science, Haaretz editors falsely called kill shots “the safest way to prevent severe illness and death (sic).”

Reality they concealed is the other way around.

Compounding their fake news, they falsely added:

“(B)ooster(s) helped reduce the number of those falling severely ill, the overload in hospitals, and the infection rate (sic).”

Polar opposite is reality. As more kill shots are administered, greater numbers of serious illnesses and deaths follow.

What Haaretz and US/Western MSM should explain, they conceal in support of destroying public health and freedom.

Saying “early on Israel was considered an international success story in combating” flu/covid is a bald-faced Big Lie, adding:

“(I)n the past two months the rate of (mass-jabbing) has come to a halt.”

Falsely blaming it on “anti(kill shot) fake news (sic) and…flaccid (Bennett regime) effort(s)” to push harder on refuseniks to get theirs, Haaretz showed that on this most crucial of all issues, it’s on the side of the devil.

It lied claiming that kill shots designed to destroy health “will protect (Israelis) and allow us to move on (sic).”

It lied claiming that they’ve been “tested on hundreds of millions of human beings and (are) recommended…by the world’s leading physicians” as safe and effective (sic).

It breached medical ethics and the rule of law by saying that “(e)ach of us has a duty to get” jabbed (sic).

It lied claiming that kill shots “inhibit infection (sic).”

It lied saying that they “reduce severe illness.”

Its sources for the above fake news? Who else but self-styled “health experts” on Pharma’s payroll.

Citing the pro-Western, pro-toxic mass-jabbing WHO, Haaretz also supports masks that don’t protect and risk respiratory harm, along with “maintaining quarantine” when ordered.

All of the above policies and restrictions are with destroying public health and freedom in mind.

None of it is the other way around.

On all things flu/covid, Haaretz matches the worst of fake news by its US/Western MSM counterparts.

If mass rebellion doesn’t erupt against what going on, the Bennett regime’s slow-motion holocaust may exterminate untold numbers of unwanted Israelis — supported by Haaretz and other MSM in the country. 

3 thoughts on “Haaretz Editors Promoting a Second Jewish Holocaust

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  1. Sadly, I always thought the Zionists would kill more Jews than the German Nazis.

    I always felt it would be in Wars and the blowback from Heinous Zio Crimes.

    This a Tragedy of such historical and Worldwide implications..

    It literally boggles the mind.


  2. Dear Mr. Lendman..

    Here’s my problem.

    Only one article appears in your email.

    This one.. that’s all.

    However..I presume.

    (Since I’m a.fuxin genius)

    That there are more..
    As per usual.

    No see, Senor..,!

    Lendmanless in LaLa Land.


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