Omicron Fear-Mongering Mass Deception on Sunday Talk Shows

The mother of all state-sponsored/MSM-proliferated health and freedom-destroying scams has endless mutations.

When fear-mongering mass deception ebbs about one in the spotlight — like more scariant than variant delta — another one is rolled out to artificially regenerate public hysteria.

Like delta, omicron is a US/Western scam.

According to science, no evidence suggests that one or more flu/covid variants are more scary than others — just the opposite.

Virtually all alike, differences among them are too minor to matter.

Hyped claims otherwise aim to brainwash maximum numbers of people to destroy their health and freedom unwittingly.

Reality is worlds apart from the fabricated official narrative.

US/Western dark forces won’t quit pushing things in pursuit of their diabolical aims unless slow-awakening/fed up millions rise up against them.

Opiate of the masses television is a platform for mass distraction and mind-manipulating viewers with managed news misinformation and disinformation rubbish.

An every day thing, it’s always on Sunday.

More monster than anything medical Fauci was front and center again twice over on Sunday.

Fear-mongering mass deception his game, he fed viewers a double dose of rubbish intended to irreparably harm them.

As expected, he lied and mass deceived viewers about the more scariant than variant omicron.

Citing no evidence, he dubiously suggested that it’s more dangerously transmissible (sic).

Couching his remarks in medical mumbo jumbo for greater deception, “(w)e really need to be prepared,” he roared — over nothing, he failed to explain.

Pushing health-destroying jabs and boosters, he falsely said they’ll protect against omicron to “some degree (sic).” 

Providing no protection against any scariant, make no mistake about what’s coming.

Planned long in advance, Pharma will no doubt roll out a new kill shot for the omnicron scariant with  maximum profits and greater health destruction in mind.

And if omicron fear-mongering effectiveness wanes, rolling out another new scariant is virtually certain — for forever-jabbing and maximum destruction of health and freedom.

Punctuating his remarks, Fauci duplicitously warned that “we’re headed into a bleak or bleaker winter” — unless enough brainwashed people self-inflict harm from toxic jabs designed for this purpose, adding:

“(I)f ever there was a reason for the people who are (jabbed) to get boosted and for those who are un(jabbed) to get (theirs), it’s now (sic).”

“We know exactly what we can do and what we should be doing (sic).”

“(E)verything is on the table,” he said, referring to likely harsher draconian policies to be rolled out ahead.

What’s crucial is shunning health-destroying jabs, rebelling against freedom-destroying mandates and restrictions, denouncing monster Fauci and co-conspirators like him, along with demanding that he and others involved in what’s going on be held accountable for their highest of all high crimes against humanity.

A Final Comment

Along with a double toxic dose monster Fauci on Sunday, co-monster/outgoing NIH head Francis Collins showed up for greater mass deception on the more scariant than variant omicron.

Defying science like Fauci and Walensky et al, he falsely warned that omicron is “spreading quite rapidly (sic), so the inference would be there that it’s particularly contagious (sic).”

It never ceases to amaze that no matter how often the public is mass deceived, betrayed and harmed by dark forces running things and their MSM press agents, it’s easy to repeat the above effectively.

Everything officially claimed about all things flu/covid — especially kill shots — is with the worst of diabolical aims in mind.

Disaster looms unless mass-rebellion halts what’s going on by driving a stake through its heart to kill it once and for all.

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