The Great Made-in-the-USA Russian Threat to Ukraine Hoax

The pro-war, anti-peace NYT never met a country free from hegemon USA’s control it didn’t want raped and destroyed.

For weeks, it’s been falsely warning about little time left to prevent the Russian bear from attacking Ukraine militarily — citing no evidence because there is none.

The same goes for falsely claiming that Putin seeks “to take control…of Ukraine (sic),” and/or wants it “destabilize(d) enough to usher in (a) pro-Moscow government (sic).”

No Russian troops are massed anywhere with intent to invade or otherwise attack another country.

The Times notoriously features inflammatory fiction over facts about sovereign independent countries like Russia.

Unlike hegemon USA, NATO it controls and apartheid Israel, Russia scrupulously respects the sovereignty of other nations and fully complies with its international obligations, according to the rule of law that the US-dominated NATO and Jewish state long ago abandoned.

AP News quoted US-installed puppet NATO head Stoltenberg’s reinvention of reality about a nonexistent Russian military buildup with intent to attack Ukraine.

Calling what doesn’t exist “unprovoked and rais(ing) tensions,” he lied accusing Russia of “invad(ing) Ukraine before (sic).”

He can be relied on to recite lines scripted by his US master.

According to CNN fake news, Russia is plotting a coup against Ukraine’s US-installed puppet president.

The Biden regime and war-making partners are pouring heavy weapons into Ukraine — for escalated aggression on Donbass, not because of a Russian threat.

The phony claim and similar ones don’t rise to the level of bad fiction.

According to fake news by the Russophobic Business Insider:

“Russia is on the verge of invading Ukraine (sic).” 

“Tens of thousands of Russian troops have amassed along Ukraine’s border, raising alarm across the West (sic).” 

“Ukraine’s (US-installed puppet) president claimed to have uncovered a coup plot involving Russians (sic).”

On Friday, the fake Biden expressed fake concern over nothing.

“The world is on edge, with leaders in Washington and beyond contemplating what Russian President Vladimir Putin will do next (sic),” Business Insider falsely roared.

Interventionist Blinken’s Big Lie was quoted, saying:

“We know (Russia’s) playbook of trying to cite some illusory provocation from Ukraine or any other country and then using that as an excuse to do what Russia is planning to do all along (sic).”

Former Obama/Biden regime envoy to NATO, Ivo Daalter, turned reality on its head, falsely claiming:

“There is a major risk of Russian military activity in Ukraine in the next few months (sic). 

“All the signs point to a major build up of military capability (sic).”

The so-called “risk” of Russia attacking any other country is zero.

What’s clear to the world community of nations, including US-dominated Western ones, is ignored in favor of Russia bashing fake news.

Trump regime national security council Russia advisor Fiona Hill stuck to the fabricated official narrative, falsely claiming that Putin is “deadly serious” about military action against Ukraine (sic), adding:

He views the West as “weak (sic) and sees an opportunity” to exploit (sic).”

The Atlantic Council (AC) is a neocon infested think tank involved in weaponizing hysteria over Russia and other nations free from US control.

Its board of directors and advisors includes a rogue’s gallery of hawkish extremists in favor of smashing one independent nation after another.

On Saturday, it falsely claimed that “Putin’s (nonexistent) Ukraine obsession could spark a major European war (sic).”

As usual, it got things backwards.

Hegemon USA’s “obsession” with smashing nations free from its control risks turning central Europe ablaze and starting WW III by attempting to transform Russia into a vassal state.

AC lied claiming that Putin “will go to almost any lengths to re-establish control over Ukraine (sic).”

It lied accusing him of taking “more than 14,000 lives (in recent years) and plung(ing) the world into a new Cold War (sic).”

It lies saying he’s “threatening to launch a major invasion that could spark the most devastating European conflict since World War II (sic).”

It lied claiming that “Kremlin forces…seiz(ed) towns and cities across the region in spring 2014.(sic).”

It lied accusing Moscow of “us(ing) military force in Crimea and eastern Ukraine (sic).”

It lied saying Putin seeks “to destabilize Ukraine from within via a range of disinformation campaigns and pro-Russian political projects.”

It lied claiming that he “attempted to pressure (puppet) Zelensky into implementing a Russian interpretation of the Minsk Agreements which would undermine Ukrainian sovereignty (sic).”

The above rubbish and more of the same that followed is typical US/Western rubbish about Russia.

AC’s thirst for war and more of it won’t likely be satisfied with anything less that WW III.

The same goes for much of the US/Western 4th estate.

On all things Russia, China, Iran and other nations free from hegemon USA’s control, they lust for endless preemptive wars.

Pacifism, peace, stability, cooperative relations with other countries and compliance with the rule of law are considered sissy and unpatriotic to be deplored.

Cruise missile/bombs away “diplomacy” is favored instead.

So is state terrorism as official US policy.

Enemies like Russia are invented because no real ones exist.

War profiteers benefit all the way to their offshore tax havens.

The US is addicted to war. Ongoing throughout most of its history, they continue with no end of them in prospect.

What began by expanding the nation from sea to shinning sea — exterminating most Native Americans along the way — continued from the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli to today’s forever wars by hot and/or other means.

The shame of the nation is its rage to rape, destroy, control, plunder and exploit to benefit privileged interests at the expense of all others at home and abroad.

All of the above bears testimony to a nation that prioritizes might over right — that’s contemptuous of ordinary people everywhere, wanting them enslaved and exploited, not served.

It’s been this way from inception. 

Today with the power of super-weapons, planet earth can be destroyed if their destructive force is unleashed in enough numbers.

If hegemon USA launches WW III, “(o)nly pigmies in remote jungles, apes and ants might be left to carry on the cultural traditions of mankind,” historian Arnold Toynbee once warned.

Make no mistake. If wars don’t end, sooner or later they’ll end us.

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