Biden Regime War on Russia

Far and away more recklessly dangerous than its predecessors, the illegitimate Biden regime is waging war on multiple fronts.

At home and abroad, it’s going all-out to destroy public health by kill shots, along with freedom by draconian diktats only tyrants could love.

On the world stage, its Cold War with China risks turning hot over support for Taiwan and efforts to undermine Beijing politically, economically, technologically and militarily.

The same goes for its war on Iran by other means, including its refusal to comply with international law-mandated JCPOA provisions.

Topping the list of global threats at this time is escalated Biden regime war on Russia by other means that risks turning hot as its dominant hardliners push things for conflict.

On Monday, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov slammed its hostile actions saying:

Empowered “(i)ll-wishers (in the US) never stop trying to contain the development of our country, to influence our domestic and foreign policy by means of sanctions, blackmail and information warfare.”

The Biden regime “is spending considerable funds to destabilize the situation in Russia” and central Europe overall.

What’s going on is unjustifiably justified by the phony pretext of “helping to strengthen democratic institutions and civil society (sic).”

“Big money is allocated to finance projects promoting protests and separatist sentiment.” 

“Notably, it is done under the guise of environmental protection, anti-corruption efforts, ensuring gender equality and ethnic and cultural diversity.”

US anti-Russia “propaganda and disinformation is” intense — exceeding the worst of long ago Cold War rhetoric.

On Monday, Biden regime war department spokesman John Kirby repeated the Big Lie about Russian forces mobilized along Ukraine’s border.

He falsely accused Moscow of “addi(ng) to its forces (sic).”

“We’ve been watching with great concern these movements for a while now (sic).

Once again, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov set the record straight, debunking the above Big Lies with a warning.

Along with its subservient imperial partners, the Biden regime’s war of words may be cover for plans to escalate hot war along Russia’s border that could spill into its territory and become something much more serious.

Worrisome as well is Ukrainian legislation for deployment of foreign troops on its territory — meaning US-dominated NATO ones to be positioned along Russia’s border.

US geopolitical policies are unrelated to defense. They all about offense against invented enemies.

Its war on Russia by other means includes unjustifiable expulsion of its diplomats — 27 ordered out by January 30, 27 more by June 30.

Russian envoy to the US Anatoly Antonov minced no words, saying that “(o)ur diplomats are being kicked out” by the Biden regime, adding:

“We are facing a serious staff shortage.” 

“The spouses of a number of our fellow diplomats have had their accreditation taken away.” 

“The children are denied visas.” 

The Biden regime’s malicious policy “separat(es) families of Russian diplomats.” 

“The atmosphere (in the US) is poisoned with Russophobia, namely in the media, in Congress, in the” ruling regime.

With malice aforethought, dominant Biden regime hardliners are “limit(ing) the sovereign right of the Russian Federation to take staffing decisions with respect to its diplomatic missions at its own discretion.”

Moscow “stand(s) for an honest and respectful dialogue on all visa irritants.”

“The Russian side advocates a complete and reciprocal nullification of all (unacceptable) restrictions.” 

Interventionist Blinken and mouthpieces representing him are deliberately “delud(ing) the American and international public by distorting the facts.”

On Sunday, US-installed puppet NATO head Stoltenberg was at it again.

Mimicking his master’s voice, repeating the Big Lie about Russian forces along Ukraine’s border, he once again threatened Russia with “costs and consequences” over nothing.

Separately on Monday, US vassal state Germany’s envoy to Ukraine, Anka Feldhusen, said Nord Stream 2 operations will be delayed for another six months.

Hungry Berlin for supplies of Russian gas it badly needs, especially during cold weather months, isn’t hungry enough to place internal needs over hegemon USA’s war on Russia by other means that continues to edge toward turning hot.

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