More Fake News About Nonthreatening Russia to Ukraine

According to the WSJ last Friday, the Biden regime will meet with NATO foreign ministers on Nov. 30 “to focus on how the alliance should respond to (nonexistent) Russian military pressure on Ukraine,” adding:

“The meeting…comes amid debate within the alliance’s ranks about how to be firm about the (zero) possibility of Russian aggression, as claims about…mass(ing) troops near Ukraine” — were debunked as fake news.

No Russian threat exists to Ukraine or any other nations.

No Russian troops are mobilized near the border of other countries.

No Russia Federation aggression ever occurred.

Not a shred of evidence suggests it’s planned now.

In stark contrast, US-dominated NATO threatens Russia and Belarus.

Their aerial, naval and ground forces are positioned menacingly in increasing numbers close to their borders.

On Monday during a meeting at the Belarus Defense Ministry’s strategic control center, President Lukashenko said the following:

“We need to defend our country. I am not dramatizing the situation, but I am warning the military.”

“We must be able to produce an adequate response to” possible aggression by hegemon USA and/or its proxy regimes. 

“Here is a task for you…We must build a clear understanding of how we will act” if threatened.

“(W)e are not brandishing our weapons.”

Like Russia, Belarus is at peace with its neighbors, threatening no one.

Abhorring war, Lukashenko added:

“If someone wants to talk to us as with peaceful people, please, go ahead and do it…” 

“We are ready to talk. But if someone comes to us with a sword or a gun, we have something to fight back with.”

Slamming the buildup of NATO forces near the borders of Belarus, its Defense Minister Viktor Khrenin said:

“We see (it) along our western and southern border.” 

“Neighboring countries are actively boosting their defense capabilities, and this cannot but cause concern.”

“(T)herefore, we are forced to plan response measures.”

“(T)hey might be trying to push us to respond to provocations.” 

“All our troops are in their permanent duty stations, and on 1 December we will embark on active combat training.”

“We are not carrying out any additional measures to bring the Armed Forces to the highest degree of combat readiness.” 

“But our commander-in-chief set a clear task to make plans how we respond to any of their unfriendly actions, and, if necessary, to begin to act on these plans.”

Separately on Monday, Belarusian  House of Representatives Chairman Vladimir Andreichenko warned about ramped up Western “geopolitical confrontation, direct interference in the internal affairs of our states and (risk of) organizing (a) color revolution.”

“Attempts to undermine our sovereignty and independence through increased political pressure, sanctions policy, creating hotbeds of tension like the so-called migrant crisis on the border of Belarus with the EU do not stop.” 

US-dominated NATO is “ready to unleash (another) conflict and drag the whole of Europe into it.”

According to Al Jazeera fake news, “movement of Russia’s 41st army units raised fears that a military offensive might be on the way (sic).”

Days earlier, the Russophobic UK-owned and controlled BBC falsely accused Moscow of “stoking tensions” with Ukraine with a possible “cross-border offensive (in) the cards (sic).”

The beeb goes out of its way to match the most transparent US fake news about Russia.

Over the weekend, a Newsweek propaganda report repeated the Big Lie claim about “Russia’s (nonexistent) buildup next to Ukraine (sic),” adding:

The imposter in the White House reiterated “unwavering (US) support for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.”

According to UK-based Chatham House Russophobe John Lough:

The Biden regime “appears to be waking up to the fact that Ukraine is unfinished business for Russia (sic), and that it sees an opportunity to redefine the balance of power in Europe by insisting on Ukraine being part of its sphere of influence (sic).”

Fake news tweets by Russophobe — former US envoy to the country — Michael McFaul falsely claimed that the Biden regime is bracing for an “imminent (Russian) invasion” of Ukraine that doesn’t exist.

US international affairs analyst Mark Sleboda noted that fake news Western fear-mongering about a Russian threat was rolled out numerous times before in recent years, adding:

No threat of an “imminent Russian invasion of Ukraine” exists, nor against any other country.

The US/Western “intent of this malign and frankly insane Dr Strangelove-esque sabre-rattling is to cow Russia into submission to US global military primacy and hegemony and to force the Kremlin to back down and give in to US demands in such geopolitical hotspots as Ukraine and Syria.”

What’s going on “will of course only lead to the exact opposite reaction by the Russian state (and an) ever more resolute defiance and alliance with China.”

Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) director Sergey Naryshkin believes that fake news about an invasion of Ukraine is a distraction to shift attention away from increased aggression by Kiev against Donbass, as well as dismal political and economic conditions in the country, adding:

“The goal of any (increased) Kiev regime military provocation in Donbass would be to spur lagging Western political, military, and economic support and to try once again to get the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline — which would deprive Kiev of billions of dollars of subsidization by Russia every year in gas transit fees — killed by the new German government.” 

“Call it a tantrum and desperate cry for Western attention by a spoiled Kiev client state.”

The risk of escalated Kiev aggression against Donbass — possibly to include invasion — is at a time when US-installed puppet Zelensky’s approval rating is a dismal 24%.

Reviled by most Ukrainians for following US/Western diktats that grievously harm them, he’d be overwhelmingly voted out of office if an election was imminent.

As for phony claims about a threatened Russian invasion of Ukraine, the world community of nations knows it’s fake news.

On Sunday, repeating what he said before, Kremlin spokesman stressed that “Russia has never hatched, is not hatching and will never hatch any plans to attack anyone.” 

“Russia is a peaceful country, which is interested in good relations with its neighbors.”

Left unsaid is that hegemon USA-dominated NATO threatens everyone everywhere.

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