Rupture of Russia/US Relations Likely?

Chances for improved Russia/US relations ahead are nil. Things most likely will worsen ahead, not improve. Hegemon USA targets all nations free from its control for regime change. Hot and/or cold wars are its favored strategies. Both right wings of the US war party shun diplomacy as it should be. Mass deception and betrayal on... Continue Reading →

Pushing the Omicron Scam on New Year’s Eve

Even on Christmas, New Year’s Eve and first day of the new year, MSM fake news never takes a holiday. Gushing daily throughout every year, it’s full-throttle as one year segues to a new one. All flu/covid strains are virtually identical. Rolling out delta and omicron has been all about fear-mongering mind-manipulation to mass deceive... Continue Reading →

MSM on Putin/Fake Biden Phone Conversation

MSM press agents for wealth, power, privilege and diabolical US aims never miss an opportunity to bash its invented enemies. According to NYT fake news, Putin and the fake Biden spoke Thursday  against the backdrop of nonexistent Russian forces massed near Ukraine’s border ahead of nonexistent planned invasion (sic). The Times quoted a White House... Continue Reading →

Putin and Fake Biden to Speak Thursday Evening

According to a Wednesday White House statement: Vladimir Putin will “discuss a range of topics (with the fake Biden), including upcoming diplomatic engagements with Russia” next month in Geneva. Both right wings of the US war party shun diplomacy. Hegemon USA doesn’t negotiate. It demands. Vladimir Putin and other key Russian officials decided that enough... Continue Reading →

Twitter Suspends Account of mRNA Technology Inventor Robert Malone MD

Along with Facebook, Instagram and complicit social media, as well as gatekeeper Google, Twitter operates in cahoots with US dark forces in implementing online censorship. What’s going on aims to silence truth-telling on what’s vital for everyone to know. It’s about preventing truth-tellers from exposing and countering the fabricated official narrative. What’s unconstitutional and in... Continue Reading →

Moving the Goal Posts Toward Forever-Jabbing

There never was any doubt. Forever-jabbing once, twice or more often annually was planned long before seasonal flu was renamed covid two years ago. Since that time, the made-in-the-USA, MSM supported, scheme has been accompanied by a daily drumbeat of fear-mongering mass deception to scare maximum numbers of people worldwide to self-inflict harm from kill... Continue Reading →

Ignore Fraudster Fauci to Protect Health

Fauci is an anti-public health bioweapon in human form. Virtually everything he pushes aims to harm public health and benefit Pharma profiteers. Since the 1980s he’s served Pharma’s interests and his own in Washington — at the expense of public health and well-being. Now he’s their main man as Biden regime chief advisor on destroying... Continue Reading →

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