Academia Enlisted to Produce Fake News on All Things Flu/Covid

Souls, medical ethics and academic integrity are for sale at the right price.

It’s notably the case in support of the flu/covid mother of all scams, especially toxic kill shots designed to destroy health on the phony pretext of protecting it.

Ashish Kumar Jha MD, MPH is dean of Brown University’s School of Public Heath and professor of health services policy and practice.

On the wrong side of history, science, public health, truth and full disclosure, as well as the rule of law, his NYT op-ed on the latest more scariant than variant omicron hoax showed where he stands on all things flu/covid.

Defying all of the above standards, he falsely called the delta scariant “immensely consequential (sic).”

Saying omicron “bears very close watching” ignored that it’s no more scariant than other flu/covid strains.

The same goes urging world leaders to “respond quickly and aggressively” over garden variety flu with a newly named strain that’s virtually no different from others.

Saying the “global community must take each variant seriously” ignored the above reality.

“How worrisome is omicron,” he asked, posing three questions the answers to which are at least largely known.

1. It’s highly likely that the omicron scariant is no more transmissible or otherwise dangerous than other flu/covid strains.

2. For children of all ages, adolescents, young adults and most others, they’re 95 to 99.9% assured of full recovery if contract flu/covid.

3. For individuals with normal immune defenses, they’re effective in protecting against all viral strains because they’ll all virtually alike, differences among them too insignificant to matter.

The same logic applies transmissibility — Jha suggesting otherwise is based on peudo-science, not the real thing.

Saying omicron took off quickly in South Africa, may be a super-spreader and more contagious than other flu/covid strains is unsupported by science.

What’s true about the delta hoax applies to the more scariant than variant omicron.

Jha falsely claimed that “adequate data” doesn’t exist to “assess whether (omicron) causes more severe disease.”

Its minor threat to the vast majority of people is virtually the same as for other flu/covid strains.

Promoting kills shots in defiance of science and protection of public health, Jha believes that they’ll work for omicron in similar fashion as for other strains.

At the same time, he urged the Biden regime to work with Pharma to create “omicron-specific” kill shots.

Is he promoting greater mass-jabbing than already?

Does he support more accelerated mass-extermination than what’s ongoig?

Is he unaware of countless millions already harmed in the US/West alone, including hundreds of thousands of deaths?

Did he turn a blind eye to state-sponsored, MSM supported genocide on an unparalleled scale?

Expressing support for the Biden regime’s travel ban from 8 African countries ignored that it has nothing to do with protecting public health — everything to do with destroying freedom along with other draconian mandates and restrictions imposed.

Calling for the Biden regime to push for greater mass-jabbing in Africa is all about support for mass-extermination in part of the world with low viral outbreaks and use of known safe and effective protocols to treat and cure them when occur — toxic jab-free.

Jha apparently opposes what works in favor of what causes irreversible harm when taken as directed.

2 thoughts on “Academia Enlisted to Produce Fake News on All Things Flu/Covid

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  1. This article is excellent.

    But “Barbarians at the Gates” was a masterpiece.

    Besides the journalistic quality
    Which was excellent..

    It was such an important document ..

    So many key facts the public never see.

    You are the only person / venue that has the schnizzle..!

    So important

    “If America Only Knew!”

    Warmest Regards


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