Barbarians at the Gate

They include hegemon USA, its NATO killing machine, and colonized EU regimes it controls — not Russia, Belarus or Donbass.

On Tuesday, Russia’s Deputy UN envoy Dmitry Polyansky called November “a difficult month for diplomacy” in trying to prevent greater war from erupting in central Europe than already.

It’s at a time when Moscow is being relentlessly assaulted by fake news accusations about events on the ground and its intentions.

Quoting US vassal state Poland’s foreign minister Kuleba is one example.

Turning truth on its head, he likely repeated scripted Biden regime lines for him to recite, saying:

“We see a surge in Russian disinformation, including false accusations of Ukraine plotting (an escalated) military attack in the Donbass (sic).” 

“Let me state it officially (sic).” 

“Ukraine does not plan (greater aggression against) Donbass” than what’s been ongoing since April 2014 (sic). 

“We are devoted to seeking political and diplomatic solutions to the conflict (sic).”

“Ukraine keeps working hard to revive the Normandy format with Germany and France as mediators (sic).” 

“We call on Russia to engage constructively in these peace efforts instead of undermining them (sic).”

Where to begin in debunking the above rubbish, a reinvention of reality on the ground, fooling no one, except perhaps himself.

Polyansky quoted freelance photojournalist Dean O’Brien’s reality check, based on firsthand observations.

In Donbass, he debunked Kiev’s “peaceful intentions” as follows, tweeting:

“Ukrainian forces, using mortars, opened fire on apartment buildings in the village of Nikolaevka, Lugansk People’s Republic.” 

“As a result, a residential apartment building was significantly damaged.” 

In Lugansk, he saw what happened and reported accurately on Kiev’s aggression.

It was in stark contrast to Ukrainian pseudo-journalist Yuri Butusov, Polyansky saying:

He “filmed himself shooting a 152 mm howitzer at the positions of the Donbass fighters.” 

“(T)his kind of weapon is prohibited by the Minsk agreements.” 

A dubious figure “who claims to be a journalist and who is openly posing for social media while firing a mortar at the positions of the Lugansk fighters and damaging residential buildings is the best illustration of how the situation is being perceived in Ukraine and what kind of thoughts are there.”

Russophobic remarks by US-controlled puppet Polish prime minister Morawiecki provide another reality check of US-dominated NATO’s war on Moscow by other means that risks turning hot.

“(C)onnect the dots (sic),” he roared.

“(W)ake up” to Russian attempts to destabilize the region (sic).

A blitzkrieg of phony US-orchestrated accusations reflects the Biden regime’s increasing war of words against nonbelligerent, nonthreatening Russia.

A “surge in warmongering” — including by colonized EU states heightens the risk of where things may be heading.

“Almost every Western politician (and senior bureaucrat) commented on an alleged Russian buildup on the border with Ukraine” that doesn’t exist, Polyansky explained. adding:

“Some cited very remote regions, far from the Ukrainian border, assuming that Russia had no right to maneuver and deploy its forces on its territory.” 

“At the same time, nobody paid attention to very provocative maneuvering that is taking place now in the Black Sea with American warships coming there.” 

“The Black Sea…is quite far from the US. It is not the Gulf of Mexico” or territorial waters offshore from its east or west coasts.

Instead of prioritizing resolution of Ukraine’s preemptive war on Donbass, the Biden regime and key NATO partners Britain, France and Germany support escalation.

So do warmongering/US-controlled fascist regimes in Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia

No threat by Russia or Donbass exists to Ukraine or any other nations.

“(R)eal shelling, real damage is (ongoing) daily by Ukrainian forces” against Donetsk and Lugansk in Donbass — as orchestrated and directed by the Pentagon and CIA.

In stark contrast to US/Western fake news, Polyansky and other Russian officials consistently set the record straight on what’s going on in central Europe and risks it represents.

A Final Comment

Pro-war, neoliberal, Russophobic Biden regime treasury secretary Yellen defied the rule of law by calling it “appropriate” to impose more economic sanctions on Moscow — based on fake news about mobilized forces along Ukraine’s border “to deter” what doesn’t exist.

Separately on Tuesday, NATO foreign ministers — and US-installed puppet alliance head Stoltenberg — discussed possible imposition of more illegal sanctions on Russia for the same fabricated reason.

Alleged Russian “aggressive actions against Ukraine” don’t exist.

What foreign ministers of NATO states and world community of nations overall know goes unmentioned.

Fake news about Russia is featured  instead on a virtual daily basis.

If dominant Biden regime hardliners have setting the world ablaze on their mind, they may get what they perhaps wish for.

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