Russia Responds to Biden Regime War by Other Means

Biden regime war of words and hostile policies toward Russia risk turning raging Cold War hot.

In response to ordered expulsion of 55 Russian diplomats from the US —half in January, others in June — Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said the following: 

“(B)y January 31, 2022, employees of the US embassy in Moscow who have been on assignment for more than three years must leave Russia,” adding:

“(W)e consider” Biden regime expulsion of Russian diplomats to be a hostile act to be countered “accordingly.”

Moscow didn’t initiate what’s going on.

“We tried long and hard to reason with them and direct them to some constructive solution to the issue, but they made their choice,” Zakharova explained.

Days earlier, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov said Moscow would retaliate against the unacceptable Biden regime action.

In response to its Moscow embassy’s halt in processing non-diplomatic visas, Zakharova slammed what she called turn(ing) a technical procedure, a routine one…into a real hell” for politicized reasons.

Notably since the Obama/Biden regime, the US has been systematically “destroying the system of consular services in Russia.”

Biden regime war by other means on Russia is ongoing over multiple invented reasons.

In mid-November, interventionist Blinken falsely accused Russia, China and Iran of “engag(ing) in or tolerat(ing) systematic, ongoing, egregious violations of religious freedom” — a bald-faced Big Lie by a notorious serial liar. 

Debunking the unfounded accusation, Zakharova said it “does not correspond to reality and is not backed up by facts,” adding:

“This is another deliberate attack by the (Biden regime) against our country and a number of other states.” 

“(T)hose addressing this topic rely on unverified data from people who consume grants and have an anti-Russia attitude.” 

They “have no idea about life in Russia. They do not know our joys or sorrows.” 

“If they came to visit, they would probably have a few revelations.”

Addressing the same issue, Russia’s envoy at large Gennady Askaldovich said the following:

The US stick(s) labels on (invented enemies like) Russia.” 

“It is simply amazing how brazenly and unceremoniously the US has arrogated to itself the right to be an international supervisor in charge of world religious affairs which it regulates at its own discretion.” 

“(T)his is yet another unfriendly US action towards Russia, reflecting an intention to convince the world community of a large-scale infringement of the rights of believers in Russia, which is absolutely at odds with the reality.” 

“While preaching to others, the Americans forget that it is they who intentionally politicize” religious and other issues in pursuing their hegemonic aims.

“This new US attack on our country, one in a series of unfriendly actions, will not go without a response.” 

“We will expose the US desire to use the religious factor to achieve their foreign policy ambitions.” 

“Unlike the Americans, however, we are not in the habit of resorting to crude pressure.”

In response to exclusion of Russia and other US invented enemies from the fake Biden’s Dec. 9 and 10  summit with scores vassal state leaders to reaffirm who’s boss, Russia’s Foreign Ministry said the following:

“The organizers and enthusiasts behind this strange event claim to lead the world in advancing the cause of democracy and human rights.” 

“However, the track record and reputation of the US, UK, and EU member states in terms of respecting democratic rights and freedoms at home, as well as in the international arena, are, to put it mildly, far from ideal.”

“The evidence suggests that (hegemon USA) and its allies cannot and should not claim the status of a ‘beacon’ of democracy, since they themselves have chronic problems with freedom of speech, elections, corruption and human rights.”

“The editorial policy of MSM is controlled by partisan and corporate elites.” 

“Well-oiled mechanisms for censorship and the removal of unwanted accounts and content from digital platforms are used to suppress dissent, which represents a gross violation of the right to free expression promoted by the West.”

“Social media platforms controlled by US corporations are widely used for disinformation, propaganda and manipulation of public opinion.” 

“Mass electronic surveillance by intelligence agencies and the IT corporations that collaborate with them has become a reality of daily life in Western states.”

In the US/West, democracy is an anathema notion not tolerated at home or abroad.

The illegitimate Biden regime is Exhibit A — selected, unelected, empowered by brazen election theft.

The White House imposter impersonates the real JB — hidden from public view because he’s too cognitively detached from reality to serve in any capacity.

All of the above and much more reflect what fantasy US/Western democracies are all about — in name only, the real thing banned.

Commenting on US/Western/Kiev fake news about a Russian threat to Ukraine that doesn’t exist, Zakharova mocked US MSM for falsely accusing Moscow of “invading” Ukraine several times.

She also slammed the US-dominated West for rhetorically supporting resolution of Kiev’s war on Donbass while continuing to supply its US-installed regime with heavy weapons for war.

Hegemon USA and its imperial partners bear full responsibility for endless wars and escalation of global instability.

On Tuesday in Riga, Latvia, Interventionist Blinken again turned truth on its head by falsely accusing Russia of threatening Ukraine.

US-controlled NATO puppet Stoltenberg repeated Big Lies scripted by his master in Washington to recite, how he always operates, subservient to his higher power.

While US-led war on Russia is unlikely, with extremist Biden regime and congressional Dems in power, what’s unthinkable is possible.

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  1. Mr Lendman,
    This is a cold stoned Classic.

    Like a the Movie, “Das Boot”

    Tension increases with every degree of depth..

    As you consistent stated,
    “Perilous Times, sir..”

    This one is a Beauty Queen.

    Warmest Regards


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