The NYT Has a Death Wish for Unwanted People Worldwide

Times support for kill shots and all else flu/covid related leaves no ambiguity about where it stands.

The diabolical made-in-the-USA scheme aims for unparalleled mass-elimination of what Henry Kissinger once called “useless eaters.”

Its dual diabolical aim is replacing free and open societies with ruler/serf ones.

Instead of forthrightly exposing and condemning the above, the Times — and other MSM — wholeheartedly support the most diabolical scheme ever hatched against humanity.

It’s the most flagrant ever breach of what the rule of law is all about.

Supporting it editorially or any other way shares guilt.

The Times and other MSM proved indisputably that they’re criminal organizations, masquerading as something else — fooling no one paying attention.

Besides the above, they provide press agent services for US-dominated wars by hot and/or other means against invented enemies.

They support wealth, power and privilege at the expense of the general welfare.

They’re hostile to virtually everything most people hold dear.

Backing wrong over right cuts to the heart of their diabolical interests.

Supporting state-sponsored destruction of health and freedom stands out above all else.

Times fake news about the more scariant than variant omicron is one of countless examples of how it long ago abandoned journalism as it should be.

State-approved propaganda is exclusively featured instead on major issues.

Omicron is a scam. It’s virtually no different from other flu/covid strains.

Not according to Times fake news. Falsely claiming it poses a “very high” risk turns science on its head — a Times specialty on all things flu/covid, notably about kill shots designed to destroy health.

Claiming “little is known about omicron” is malarkey.

What’s known about other flu/covid strains applies largely to the newly named one.

The Times quoted the know-nothing fake Biden, dubiously saying:

“We’re throwing everything we have at this virus, tracking it from every angle (sic).”

The coup d’etat regime, its anti-public health handmaidens, Pharma profiteers and MSM co-conspirators like the Times are using the fake threat to push for greater toxic mass-jabbing and draconian harshness.

Pro-Western, pro-health-destroying kill shot advocate, WHO head Tedros Ghebreyesus, convened a three-day session to heighten fear-mongering mass deception more than already.

Indeed, a “devastating pandemic” is raging and worsening — of the jabbed, not others free from their health-destroying toxins.

Travel bans imposed by the Biden regime and other draconian ones have nothing to do with protecting public health.

They’re all about pushing the envelope further along toward elimination of remaining freedoms.

Omicron and other flu/covid scariants are much ado about nothing.

Instead of truth and full-disclosure, the Times and other MSM continue their all-out war to convince people that policies designed to destroy health and freedom are beneficial.

Last weekend, fraudster Fauci’s arrogance and mass deception was on display like many times before.

Falsely calling himself “science,”  he trashed the notion at least since the 1980s.

Fox Nation host Lara Logan correctly compared him to Nazi Germany’s angel of death (and human misery) Josef Mengele.

GOP Senators Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Tom Cotton accused him of lying to Congress — how he always operates on propaganda TV.

On Sunday, Paul tweeted:

“The absolute hubris of someone claiming THEY represent science.” 

“It’s astounding and alarming that a public health bureaucrat would even think to claim such a thing, especially one who has worked so hard to ignore the science of natural immunity” — in favor of kill shots.

Senator Ted Cruz slammed him, saying:

“Fauci is an unelected technocrat who has distorted science and facts in order to exercise authoritarian control over millions of Americans.” 

“(H)is smug ‘I REPRESENT science (bravado) is praised” by likeminded fraudsters.

The “science” he claims to represent caused countless millions of casualties, including hundreds of thousands of deaths in the US/West alone in less than a year.

No punishment is severe enough to impose on him and others involved in pushing mass-extermination and elimination of what remains of free and open societies.

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