Biden Regime’s More Scariant Than Variant Omicron Scam

The newly announced Biden regime’s scam is no mystery.

It continues the one ongoing since late last year.

It’s all about pushing eligible Americans to be fully jabbed with kill shots designed to destroy their health and finish them off near-or-longer-term.

The scam is short of mandating them for everyone or face stiff punishment.

Going this far may likely be rolled out later, perhaps in response to an even more scariant than variant delta or omicron to be invented and announced.

Left unexplained is that the more jabs gotten, the faster life will end from toxins designed for this purpose.

Maxi-jabbing maximum numbers of mind-manipulated Americans remains the Biden regime’s diabolical scam.

It co-opted, bribed and/or enlisted involvement of the AARP to escalate elimination of America’s elderly.

The organization is nonprofit in name only.

Operating more like a Fortune 500 company, it has around 5,000 staff members, supplemented by about 20,000 volunteers.

Its budget approaches $2 billion.

Prioritizing profits over principles and enrollees, a 2020 Juniper Research (JR) report slammed its “questionable business practices.”

It notoriously overcharges seniors for insurance to supplement Medicare by selling Medigap policies, its “cash cow.”

According to JR:

“As it rakes in billions of tax-free dollars in (cahoots with UnitedHealthGroup), AARP abandoned seniors and vulnerable patients who placed their trust in (an) organization” that betrayed them. 

“The unholy alliance between AARP and UnitedHealthGroup” rips off seniors for maximum profits.

AARP is a hugely “profitable non-profit.”

“A marketing behemoth,” its annual 2018 membership dues alone were about $300 million.

Its total 2018 income, as reported, was $1,648,795.

As UnitedHealthGroup’s revenue grew over the past decade, so did AARP’s from their alliance — jointly profiting hugely at the expense of over-charged consumers.

Aided by Obamacare’s enactment in 2010, “AARP received more than $5.3 billion tax free from UnitedHealthGroup from 2007 through 2017.”

Its revenue and profits grew annually throughout new millennium years.

“AARP received nearly $5 billion in ‘royalty’ income from UnitedHealth since 2010.”

Added revenue comes from other sources, including sales of AARP-branded products and by investing premiums paid by seniors.

In 2018, its CEO, Jo Ann Jenkins, earned $1,341,675 in salary, benefits, and other compensation.

“The sordid history of (its) dealings in Washington—the backroom deals its lucrative Medigap coverage received in Obamacare, the way (it) ‘forgot’ to lobby for pre-existing condition changes in Medigap as part of Obamacare, and the secretive way in which (it) lobbied to kill Medigap reform without informing lawmakers of its financial conflicts—demonstrate how its revenue sources have compromised the integrity of its policy positions,” JR explained.

Now it’s allied with the Biden regime’s plan to get more kill shots into the arms of maximum numbers of people with destroying their health and eliminating them in mind.

According to the co-conspirator NYT, “(t)he campaign will include paid advertising and free rides to (mass-jabbing) sites coordinated by AARP.” 

FEMA will launch so-called Family Mobile (Jabbing) Clinics.

All of the above will be federally-funded with taxpayer dollars.

It aims for accelerated mass-elimination of unwanted people.

If not accomplished soon enough, more draconian steps will surely follow unless popular revolution halts the diabolical scheme.

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