Lavrov/Blinken Meeting Much Ado About Nothing

Diplomatic outreach to hegemon USA is a profound waste of time — achieving nothing positive whenever undertaken.

Yet time and again, Russia repeats the same mistake, perhaps expecting a different result that never happens.

Even when something positive is achieved as in the 1980s, it’s virtually always temporary — unravelling to follow near-or-longer-term.

What clearer proof exists to show that hegemon USA can never trusted.

Betrayal repeats time and again.

So why did Sergey Lavrov embarrass himself by meeting with interventionist Blinken face-to-face in Stockholm at a pro-Western OSCE ministerial meeting?

Did he expect a different outcome than ever before?

Hegemon USA is a belligerent state at war by hot and/or other means on nations free from its control to try transforming them into vassal states.

Lavrov stressing that “the principle of indivisible security in the OSCE and the Russia-NATO Council, which says that no state must strengthen its security at the expense of other countries’ security” fell on deaf ears.

So did adding that “NATO’s further expansion to the East will clearly affect the vital interests of our security.”

Why does he and other Russian officials refer to US-dominated Western states as Moscow’s partners when they’re clearly mortal enemies?

On Thursday at the OSCE ministerial meeting, he said the following:

“The architecture of strategic stability is rapidly collapsing.”

US-dominated “NATO…refus(es) to constructively consider our proposals to de-escalate tensions and prevent dangerous incidents.”

“On the contrary, the military infrastructure of the alliance is being brought closer to the Russian borders.” 

“A nightmare scenario of a military confrontation is returning.”

“In a dialogue with the US and its allies, we will insist on the development of agreements that would exclude any further NATO advances to the east and the deployment of weapons systems that threaten us in close proximity to Russian territory.” 

“In the near future, we will submit appropriate proposals.”

“We look forward to their serious consideration in essence, without reservation, and we think that the OSCE can play a very useful role here.”

“We are interested in joining efforts to resolve the Ukrainian crisis.” 

Biden regime officials “said more than once that they want to help without destroying the Normandy format, by restoring a separate channel of dialogue that existed under” its predecessor. 

“We are ready for this.”

In stark contrast to Lavrov’s diplomatic outreach, interventionist Blinken’s spokesman Price said the following on Thursday:

His boss “addressed Russia’s aggression towards Ukraine (sic), including its military movements near Ukraine’s borders (sic). 

Fact check:

Aggression is how US-dominated NATO operates.

Russia prioritizes peace and compliance with the rule of law.

Price: Blinken “call(ed) for Russia to pull back its forces and return to a peacetime posture and to adhere to the Minsk agreements and a ceasefire in the Donbass (sic).”

Fact check:

No Russian forces are menacingly positioned along Ukraine’s border.

No Russian attack on any country is planned.

Russia and Donbass comply with Minsk I and II agreements.

Hegemon USA and colonized Ukraine breached them before their ink dried.

Russia prioritizes diplomatic resolution of all international disagreements, including wars it strongly opposes for any reason.

Hegemon USA consistently and repeatedly goes the other way — waging endless direct and proxy wars, by hot and/or other means, on invented enemies.

Blinken earlier and on Thursday threatened Russia.

Lavrov wasted time meeting with a figure who said the following behind his back:

Nonexistent “evidence” shows that “Russia made plans for significant aggressive moves against Ukraine (sic).”

“(P)lans include efforts to destabilize Ukraine from within (sic), as well as large-scale military operations (sic).”

“(W)e’ve seen this playbook before, in 2014 (sic), when Russia last invaded Ukraine (sic).”

Fact check:

No Russian Federation invasion of Ukraine or any other countries ever occurred.

Invading, otherwise attacking, and smashing one nonbelligerent nation after another is a longstanding US-dominated NATO specialty.

Blinken’s blitzkrieg of bald-faced Big Lies continued, adding that in recent weeks, Russian anti-Ukraine propaganda increased dramatically.

All of the above is US Russophobic rubbish.

Like other US warmongers, Blinken is a serial liar, a figure never to be trusted.

In remarks at the OSCE ministerial meeting, he continued his bald-faced Big Lies as follows, saying:

Russia “continues to violate the Helsinki Principles and repeatedly obstructs the work of this organization (sic).”  

“It’s responsible for the perils confronted every day by the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission in Ukraine (sic).”  

“The seizure by force of Crimea has brought relentless abuses against Crimean Tatars, ethnic Ukrainians, and others who peacefully oppose this occupation (sic).  

“(W)e are deeply concerned by evidence that Russia has made plans for further significant aggression against Ukraine…”

All of the above perversions of reality fooled no one.

They’re further proof that hegemon USA remains a mortal enemy of Russia with intent to worsen bilateral relations, clearly not improves them.

A Final Comment

In May 1945, WW II in Europe ended. Germany was divided and occupied.

It still operates as a virtual US colony.

On Wednesday, likely incoming German foreign minister Annalena Baerbock called for “toughness” on Russia as demanded by Biden regime hardliners.

On the same day, US-installed puppet Ukrainian president Zelensky called for forcibly seizing the Russian Republic of Crimea.

On Thursday, a press release by undemocratic Dem Rep. Steve Cohen, co-chair of the Helsinki Commission, together with GOP Rep. Joe Wilson, introduced a congressional resolution to formerly end US recognition of Vladimir Putin if he remains in office after May 7, 2024.

Do these extremists have WW III in mind?

Ahead of Russia’s September parliamentary elections, its Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said Moscow has “documented” evidence of Biden regime “acts of intervention in our internal processes — political processes, electoral processes.”

What Russia considers “categorically inadmissible” is how hegemon USA operates against friends and foes alike.

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