Nothing Is Off the Table

On Thursday, Biden regime press secretary Psaki said “nothing is off the table.”

Referring to perhaps more draconian flu/covid policies than already ahead, her remark also applies to increasingly aggressive Biden regime policies toward Russia and other nations free from US control.

At war on humanity on multiple fronts, dominant Biden regime hardliners risk confrontation with Russia and other independent nations, while systematically going all-out to exterminate unwanted people worldwide.

MSM-proliferated fake news fear-mongering about a Russian invasion of Ukraine ignores that the invented threat does not exist.

Warmongering Dems are pushing things toward a clash of civilizations point of no return.

Despite no Russian threat to Ukraine or other countries, interventionist Blinken said the White House impersonator will likely speak to Vladimir Putin “in the near future…to head off what Western officials fear could be a Russian invasion of Ukraine,” NYT fake news reported.

While dialogue and other forms of communication are better than confrontation, diplomatic engagement by Russia and other independent nations with hegemon USA is a colossal waste of time when undertaken, achieving nothing positive.

On Wednesday, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the following:

“Russia cannot undertake any measures on de-escalation.” 

“We saw reports that over 120,000 (Kiev) servicemen have been concentrated near the conflict zone” with Donbass.

“It is precisely this that causes our apprehensions that sentiment favoring the resolution by force may prevail in Kiev.” 

“This is very dangerous opportunism.”

Peskov failed to explain that all of the above is orchestrated and directed by Biden regime hardliners — itching for more war than already, deploring peace and stability, wanting none of the latter in dealings with nations free from US control.

On Thursday, Sergey Lavrov said the following:

Russia wants peace, not war — polar opposite how US-dominated NATO operates.

“No one should strengthen their security at the expense of others.” 

“NATO’s further eastward expansion will obviously affect our fundamental security interests.”

Moscow will take appropriate self-defense steps.

Commenting on Ukraine’s military buildup along the border of Donbass, Lavrov warned about “trains with troops and military hardware (sent by Kiev) to the line of contact” with escalated aggression in mind.

Hegemon USA and its subservient partners “striv(e) to replace international law with a ‘rules-based international order’ in lieu of the former.

What’s going on is a diabolical scheme to “shamelessly (and illegally) interfer(e) in the internal affairs of sovereign states.”

“In a broader sense, a black-and-white model of bipolar confrontation is being built upon a new political and ideological foundation” with forever wars on invented enemies in mind. 

“Everybody will lose from new dividing lines in Europe and Eurasia.”

US-dominated Western regimes “purposefully demolish(ed) the UN-centric system of international law” in pursuit of their diabolical aims.

The fake Biden’s upcoming so-called summit for democracy “ranks among the most odious and ill-conceived projects that have been hatched under the brand of this ‘world order.’ ” 

Choosing who’s invited or left out alone exposed the charade of what democracy as it should is all about — a notion hegemon USA tolerates nowhere, never domestically in its own history from inception, a fantasy version only.

In stark contrast, Russia isn’t “imposing anything on anyone,” Lavrov stressed, adding: 

“Nor are we teaching anything to others.” 

“We are always ready to expand equitable interstate dialogue with everyone on the solid foundation of international law and principles of the UN Charter.” 

“At the same time, we drastically suppress any attempts to speak with us in a preaching and arrogant manner, let alone blackmail us and interfere in our domestic affairs.” 

“We always respond in a tough and resolute manner.” 

“Our conversation with any partner can only be mutually respectful and should be aimed exclusively at finding a balance of interests.”

It’s high time for Russia to back the above rhetoric with actions in dealing with hegemon USA and its vassal state partners.  

It’s at a time when US-dominated NATO mobilized increasing numbers of troops, heavy weapons and equipment along Russia’s border.

Last month, Putin expressed concern about “large-scale (US/Western military) exercises…near (Russia’s) borders, including unplanned ones…in the Black Sea”near its territorial waters.

Russia’s Foreign and Defense Ministries expressed concern about over 50 US-led NATO aerial reconnaissance aircraft and drones operating near its borders weekly.

At a time of more greatly heightened East/West tensions than ever before during the post-WW II period, a virtual or face-to-face Putin summit with the fake Biden won’t ease things.

Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov understands what he failed to explain.

Saying “contact is badly needed,” won’t accomplished anything to resolve what he called “multiplying problems,” adding:

“There is no progression on bilateral affairs, which are more and more spiraling into a phase of acute crisis.” 

The only language dominant US hardliners — from both right wings of its war party — understand is toughness.

Ryabkov correctly said “there is no mutual understanding on how we can deescalate the situation in Europe.”

Dialogue between Putin and the fake Biden won’t change a thing.

Unless and until Russia shows toughness in dealing with hegemon USA — short of war, of course — things will continue worsening, not improving, heightening the risk of confrontation initiated by US-dominated NATO.

2 thoughts on “Nothing Is Off the Table

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  1. I’m telling ya
    Call me a hothead

    But absolutely nothing is ever gonna change..

    Until the Russkies punch the Bully right in the nose.

    End of Story.

    Tell em Groucho sent you.


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