Daily Dose of Omicron Fake News

Expect no end of the charade because the power of endless repetition gets most people to believe almost anything — no matter how clearly false.

More scariant than variant omicron is a state-sponsored scam with greater diabolical aims in mind than already.

According to the NYT’s dubious health columnist Apoorva Mandavilli, an exposed liar who specializes in fake news on all things flu/covid:

“Omicron (is) spreading twice as quickly as delta in South Africa (sic).”

Virtually identical to all seasonal flu strains, now called covid, Mandavilli left what’s most important to explain unaddressed.

The same applies to all her flu/covid reports, sticking strictly to the fabricated official narrative.

Notably, she never explained that flu/covid jabs weren’t designed to protect — proved indisputably by the human toll wherever kill shots are administered.

Saying it’s “unclear whether, or to what degree, omicron may evade protection conferred by (jabs)” ignored that they weren’t designed with this in mind — just the opposite.

All rolled out scariants are virtually identical to each other, differences among them too minor to matter.

Instead of explaining what’s most important to relate, Mandavilli and likeminded kill shot proponents conceal it in support of continuing unparalleled harm to countless millions from toxic mass-jabbing.

Their writings in part read like Biden regime and Pharma press releases with the worst of diabolical aims in mind.

On Saturday, WaPo carpet-bombed readers with fake news on more scariant than variant omicron.

Citing a likely Pharma-funded “study,” it dubiously claimed that omicron may be “more infectious” than other flu/covid scariants, adding:

The strain “could have occurred in a host simultaneously infected by SARS-CoV-2” virus that doesn’t exist.

Yet WaPo, like other MSM, called the fantasy virus “responsible” for causing flu/covid (sic).

Alleged omicron outbreaks in South Africa haven’t “been followed by a comparable surge in hospitalizations,” WaPo noted.

The variant isn’t as scariant as WaPo, other MSM, and US/Western dark forces want people to believe.

On Friday, the fake Biden called for toxic mass-jabbing worldwide “to shut down” one of many names given to garden variety seasonal flu that pre-2020 got scant notice and no scary hyperventilating until its name change.

According to WSJ fear-mongering mass deception, omicron “carries higher risks than other virus strains (sic).”

Like other MSM, the Journal ignored that all flu/covid strains are virtually alike, none more scariant than others.

Outbreaks of flu/covid — especially when most prevalent from October to May — are far short of alarming.

It’s in stark contrast to widespread illnesses from heart disease, cancer, stokes, diabetes and other major life-threatening diseases.

Claiming omicron “pose(s) a greater risk of” illness from flu/covid “a second time” after contracting the virus and fully recovering defied science.

The pro-Western, pro-toxic mass-jabbing WHO falsely suggested that omicron may be more dangerous than other flu/covid strains — ignoring that none more scariant than others.

The public is being conned to believe that a cycle of rejabbing with newly developed kill shots may be necessary for protection not gotten from any inoculations — just the opposite.

On CNN Friday, fraudster Walensky hyperventilated about a fake threat to public health from omicron and other flu/covid strains.

Ignored by virtually all MSM reports is that kill shots are the real threat.

For the vast majority of people, contracting the viral illness is minor by comparison.

Along with co-fraudster Fauci, Walensky relentlessly pushes mass-jabbing designed to destroy health, not protect as falsely claimed.

Virtually everything they promote is with destruction of health and freedom in mind — nothing to benefit ordinary people anywhere.

Enemies of public health and well-being, ignore their toxic/anti-science advice.

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