Escalating Fake News About a Nonexistent Russian Threat to Invade Ukraine

A meteorologically impossible Chicago snowfall blizzard in July is more likely than a Russian invasion any country.

Yet a steady MSM-proliferated drumbeat of fake news pretends that a nonexistent threat that is real — despite no evidence suggesting it because there is none.

Russophobes in Washington, their subservient foreign partners, and MSM press agents invent reasons to demonize a nation that threatens no one.

In Russia-bashing mode, the NYT hyped the nonexistent threat of “aggressive (Russian) action against Ukraine (sic).”

It quoted a transparent interventionist Blinken Big Lie, falsely claiming that Moscow might fabricate a Kiev provocation to justify invasion (sic), adding:

“The only threat is that of renewed (sic) Russian aggression towards Ukraine (sic).”

None occurred earlier. No evidence suggests a policy change.

Indisputable evidence shows all-out efforts for peace and stability by Moscow — including by resolving differences when exist by diplomatic means. 

Blinken and the NYT lied like countless times before, hyping a nonexistent Russian threat.

At the same time, US war on humanity at home and abroad on multiple fronts is consistently ignored — an overwhelming threat, not a fake one about Russia.

WaPo editors went beyond NYT fake news with the following hyperventilating:

“For the sake of global stability (sic), (hegemon USA) must deter a (nonexistent) Russian invasion of Ukraine (sic).”

A nowhere-in-sight or planned “Russian attack could destabilize all of Europe and potentially draw in Ukraine’s neighbors (sic).”

Not a shred of evidence suggests that Kremlin officials consider Ukraine “to be Russian territory.”

Nor does anything going on in central Europe “embolden” China to attack Taiwan.

What WoPo editors called “full-scale aggression on Ukraine (that) Vladimir Putin prepared his armed forces to carry out” is Russophobic rubbish.

Suppressing reality like always when bashing nations free from US hegemonic control, more bald-faced Big Lies followed, including the following whopper, saying:

“(T)here are signs — no one sees except Russophobes — that Putin (intends) restoring Russia to its former glory and reversing the Soviet breakup” by setting central Europe ablaze (sic).

WaPo editors urged Biden regime hardliners to confront — nonbelligerent, nonthreatening Russia — “with political, economic and military” toughness.

Do they have WWIII in mind?

WSJ editors mimicked their WaPo counterparts.

Calling for the Biden regime to “deter Russia in Ukraine,” they invented a fantasy scenario, saying:

Putin “may be planning a coup in Kiev” — at the same time accusing him of “efforts to destabilize Ukraine from within, as well as (carry out) large scale military operations (sic).”

None of the above reflects reality.

All of it and more like it is Russophobic rubbish fooling no one.

No buildup of “90,000 (or more Russian) troops to the edge of Ukraine” exists, no “occupation” of the Russian Republic of Crimea, no “broad winter invasion” coming.

While Biden regime hardliners push things toward possible all-out war in central Europe, Journal editors blame Russia for their threatened aggression.

Saying “(t)he moment is more dangerous than most Americans realize” ignores the growing threat to world peace by greater US aggression than already going on in multiple theaters.

Like its MSM counterparts, CNN never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity to set the record straight.

Joining the fake news Russian threat to Ukraine bandwagon, it falsely accused Putin of “position(ing) more forces” along Ukraine’s border with possible “invasion” in mind (sic).

Citing an unnamed Western Russophobe, CNN falsely claimed that Moscow is “set(ting) the stage to…conduct a fairly large-scale operation into Ukraine…to coerce Kiev away from” US-dominated NATO.

According to a Politico saber-rattling/Russophobic op-ed:

“In the Russia-Ukraine conflict (that’s invented, not real), standing up to Putin is (the) only credible option (sic).”

Russophobes and their press agent media substitute fantasy scenarios for reality, consistently suppressing the latter.

Hegemon USA and subservient vassal states bear full responsibility for creating global hot spots, escalating things, and pushing the envelope for more aggression than already.

Russia is in the forefront of championing peace, stability and compliance with the rule of law.

They’re notions both right wings of the US war party and belligerent partners long ago abandoned — in favor of endless wars on invented enemies.

No real ones threatened hegemon USA and warmaking partners since WW II ended.

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  1. Actually..

    The US Ruling Class
    The real Dead Enders

    Actually have a Death Wish..!
    Because they have so much Criminality..

    If discovered they’d be Mudd

    Hence, SubConsciously
    They operate like nihilisti
    Walking Dead Men.


    They called them in the Nazi
    Concentration camps

    Ruling Class deformed
    Degenerated just like the silverware.

    Another Brilliant Piece.


    From word #1..!


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