Hegemon USA v. Russia

Biden regime conflicts on multiple fronts, by hot and/or other means, at home and abroad, on invented enemies, haven’t satisfied its lust for forever wars, so watch out.

Begun last April, resumed JCPOA talks in Vienna are going nowhere as expected.

According to Iran’s Nour News, US-dominated Western regimes “slowed” renewed talks to a crawl “for no reason and paralyzed the way forward.”

It’s more evidence of US/Western bad faith instead of the other way around.

The landmark nuclear deal is virtually dead. Only its obituary remains to be written.

In the Asia/Pacific, China’s Xinhua accused the Biden regime-led US of pursuing an “us” v. “them” agenda, adding:

It’s “trying to suppress those it deems as adversaries in the name of defending democracy” — a notion it abhors, what was banned in the US from inception.

It plays the “Taiwan card” in waging war on China by other means.

Like its predecessors, it builds and maintains alliances in pursuit of its megalomaniacal aims — smashing other nations to own them its favored strategy.

At this time, the border between Russia and US-colonized/fascist police state Ukraine is the world’s top hot spot.

Like earlier in June, Putin’s “tentatively approved…teleconference meeting” with the fake Biden will be another colossal waste of time — accomplishing nothing.

Why does Russia’s leader think that what failed before may turn out differently this time?

Why will he embarrass himself again — knowing the futility of diplomatic outreach to hegemon USA whose aim is transforming Russia into a vassal state?

Yet on Friday, Kremlin aide Yuri Ushakov said the following:

“We are working on a possible contact between Putin and (the fake) Biden in the videoconference format.” 

“This contact is to take place within days.” 

“We have a concrete date and time for this videoconference.” 

“But it is better to wait until all its parameters are agreed with the US side and then we will be able to announce it officially.” 

“This videoconference meeting is being prepared quite actively.”

“They will be talking about bilateral affairs, pressing international issues, including Afghanistan, Iran, the intra-Ukrainian crisis, and Libya.” 

“Syria may be touched upon, if the conversation goes that way.”

They’ll also “dialogue on strategic stability” and Russia’s call for “hold(ing) a summit (with) Security Council…permanent members.”

Hegemon USA’s aim to enlarge NATO will also “be on the table.”

Moscow want assurances of no “further eastward expansion by NATO, (nor) deployment of weapon systems that directly threatens us on the territory of bordering” states.

“Given the current tense situation, there is an urgent need for us to be provided with appropriate guarantees, as (things) cannot go on like this.”

What’s essential for Russia’s security is polar opposite hegemon USA’s regional and global aims.

“(W)e are close to agreeing on the timeframe convenient for both sides,” Ushakov added.

On Friday, interventionist Blinken once again turned reality on its head, saying:

The Biden regime “desire(s) greater predictability and stability in the relationship” with Russia (sic) — while going all-out the other way.

Adding that the fake Biden will “stand up resolutely against any reckless or aggressive actions that (Putin-led) Russia may pursue” ignored that none are ongoing, none earlier, and no evidence of a policy change ahead.

Blinken’s phony accusation of earlier and threatened Russian “aggression” against Ukraine reflects hegemon USA’s mindset on the nonbelligerent, nonthreatening country and other invented enemies that don’t exist.

He lied saying that US-dominated NATO’s killing machine isn’t an alliance for war-making (sic). 

He lied accusing Russia of “aggression” against Georgia in 2008 and Ukraine in 2014 (sic).

He lied claiming that “(t)he only threat of aggression that currently exists is renewed Russian aggression against Ukraine (sic).”

He lied saying that (nonexistent) actions (by) “Moscow precipitated NATO shoring up its own defenses”near its border (sic).

Almost without exception, virtually all hegemon USA claims about enemies it invented are perversions of reality to shift attention from its forever war on humanity at home and abroad.

On Friday, Russia’s US envoy Anatoly Antonov’s diplomatic outreach to the Biden regime fell on deaf ears as expected, saying:

“Our proposal is very simple and easy to understand.”

“All that we suggest is to reset to zero the sanctions imposed on us.” 

“We will be prepared to do the same in relation to the restrictions that we imposed in retaliation for…unfriendly (US) actions.”

“All is very simple. Let the diplomats do their job to the good of and in the interests of their countries.”

Antonov ignored what he knows.

Except during WW II against a common foe, and during Russia’s lost decade under pro-Western Boris Yeltsin to the detriment of most Russians, hegemon USA waged unrelenting war on the country by other means to try transforming it into a vassal state.

That’s where things stand now with a caveat.

Dominant Biden regime hardliners exceed the ruthlessness of the predecessors.

Seeking control over planet earth, its resources and populations by endless hot and cold wars risks eliminating us all.

Abhorring peace, stability, cooperative relations with other nations and compliance with the rule of law are nonstarters for its hardliners.

Diplomatic outreach to them by nations free from their control assures failure before initiated.

Upcoming Putin talks with the White House impersonator are DOA before begun.

What’s clear to virtually everyone paying attention is ignored by Moscow.

3 thoughts on “Hegemon USA v. Russia

Add yours

  1. Will the ether ever wear off?

    I mean the fog ,
    The Swamp Gas,
    that deludels Pres Putin.

    Stalin woul use revolutionary Movements as poker chips to gain concessions from the Imperialists.

    Putin doesn’t do that..

    Not directly.

    But the recalcitrance to really take on the elephant in the room.

    Gives the Gangsters plenty of room to operate.

    We’re it Plutarch..
    He’d compare the,
    ” Atlanticism” of Putin
    To Hannibal standing before Rome… afraid to attack.

    Fabulous Article.

    BTW..Zios only think they want a war with Iran..

    Iran is gonna tear em a new asshole.

    You’ll see.



  2. “Hegemon USA” for a substitute. For the Dollar Empire. There is no Constitutional government. It was done in by the Vast Treasonous Conspiracy. THEY(The Hegemony Enslaving You) are firmly in charge and openly killing us with their death-by injection program.

    Central banks are the central problem.


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