All Things MSM Reported About Flu/Covid Is Fake News Rubbish

The onslaught continues daily with no letup.

More scariant than variant omicron is the latest chapter of state-approved, MSM-proliferated mass deception.

Lots more lurks in the wings to be rolled out as deemed necessary to continue brainwashing maximum numbers of people to self-inflict harm.

NYT fake news keeps hyping a nonexistent pandemic except for the jabbed.

Omicron mass deception provided new energy to the mother of all state-sponsored/MSM supported scams.

More tempest in a teapot than public health threat omicron showed up “in at least 16 US states by Saturday,” the Times reported.

More afterthought than headline news, the self-styled newspaper of record noted that no known cases caused “serious illness, hospitalization or death.”

Much ado about nothing applies to most everything hyperventilated about garden variety seasonal flu/now deceptively called covid.

In a thinly veiled attempt to mind-manipulate more people to be jabbed, rejabbed, and booster-jabbed — ahead of pushing forever-jabbing once or twice annually ahead for maximum harm on maximum numbers of people — the Times dubiously claimed that demand for kill shots is growing, citing omicron fear-mongering.

No one wanting their health protected should go near them.

With escalated destruction of health and freedom in mind, the Biden regime is establishing what the Times called “family-(mass-jabbing) clinics, one-stop shops for” kill shots and more of the same.

According to WaPo fake news, omicron is “possibly more infectious,” according to a dubious — likely Pharma-funded — study that “has not been peer-reviewed.”

Based on science, not politicized propaganda, the variant, if actually exists, is no more scariant than other flu/covid strains.

According to likely Pharma-linked virologist Lawrence Young, omicron is “the most heavily mutated version of the virus we have seen (sic).”

In contrast to his fear-mongering remark, evolutionary biologist Jesse Bloom explained that large numbers of mutations don’t indicate greater danger.

They can also “work against each other” to weaken or eliminate their potential harm to health.

The pro-toxic mass-jabbing WHO surprisingly said:

“There is currently no information to suggest that symptoms associated with omicron are different from those from other variants.”

They’re all virtually alike, none more scariant than others, none a cause of great concern.

For the vast majority of people, all flu/covid strains are a relatively minor health issue.

If contract the virus, full recovery is nearly certain for individuals under age-70, almost as certain for most others.

State-sponsored/MSM hyperventilating otherwise is with diabolical health and freedom-destroying aims in mind.

On Saturday, CNBC embarrassed itself by saying that around 20 people in a dozen US states tested positive for omicron.

In a population approaching 335 million, a handful of illnesses from virtually any cause amounts to almost none at all.

A CNN fake news report hyperventilated about what it called a “seven-day moving average of 121,437 (new daily flu/covid cases) as of Saturday (sic).”

Left unexplained is that jabs fuel outbreaks instead of protecting against them.

The more jabs administered, the more outbreaks to follow.

Halting mass-jabbing madness is the only way to prevent likely larger numbers of cases throughout cold weather months ahead.

Official federal policy — including in undemocratic Dem-run states, cities and local communities — prioritizes the other way around to cause maximum harm to maximum numbers of people.

Jabbed individuals — especially multi-jabbed ones — account for the vast majority of outbreaks, serious cases, hospitalizations and deaths.

MSM claims otherwise — based on state-approved talking points — reflect the fabricated official narrative to conceal what’s vital for everyone to know.

According to a fake news National Pentagon News (NPR) report — turning reality on its head — “(p)ro-Trump counties now have far higher (flu/covid) death rates (sic).”

NPR — and PBS — consistently feature much the same fake news rubbish on all important domestic and geopolitical issues as other MSM.

On all things flu/covid, they’re virtual press agents for destruction of public health and freedom — supporting what demands exposure and condemnation. 

The mother of all scams continues daily without missing a beat — fueled by daily doses of MSM fake news, the real thing banned in featured reports.

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