MSM Fake News War on Russia

In cahoots with intelligence community operatives, MSM press agents for wealth, power, and privilege are waging unrelenting editorial war on invented US/Western enemies.

At this time, Russia-bashing tops their geopolitical agenda, fake news their weapon of choice, truth and full disclosure nowhere in sight, journalism as it should be long ago banned.

According to NYT rubbish on Sunday, Russia is plotting “invasion” of Ukraine “as soon as early next year (sic),” adding:

According to “unclassified US intelligence” fake news, a “100 battalion tactical groups, as well as heavy armor, artillery and other equipment (are) position(ed)” to be involved (sic).”

US intelligence community fake news “depicts a Russian military machine springing into action and positioning itself for an attack against which experts say Ukraine’s military would stand little chance.”

“About half of (nonexistent) Russian forces (deployed for) invasion are already near Ukraine’s border (sic).”

“Moscow is moving swiftly to build up a large force of contract military reservists (sic), according to a Biden (regime) official who spoke on the condition of anonymity.”

The illegitimate US coup d’etat regime declared an “ironclad commitment” to support its coup d’etat-installed Ukrainian vassal state.

The so-called US intelligence community document on the above is fictionalized rubbish, not factual truths.

No Russian forces are mobilized along Ukraine’s border, none with intent to invade, none threatening anyone.

Fabricated claims otherwise reflect some of the worst of how fake news propaganda operates.

Time and again, hegemon USA and its vassal state partners reinvent reality in pursuit of their war on humanity, including against nonbelligerent, nonthreatening independent countries like Russia.

Last week, interventionist Blinken turned truth on its head, falsely claiming “evidence (that doesn’t exist) of significant aggressive moves (by Russia) against Ukraine (sic).”

Countless times before, Big Lies and mass deception by Blinken and other Biden regime officials were exposed as fake news propaganda against invented US enemies like Russia.

Along with featuring fake news about nonexistent Russian plans to invade Ukraine, WaPo editors called for hegemon USA to “deter” what isn’t planned by “political, economic and military strength (sic).”

According to WSJ fake news, a (fake) US intelligence community document it “hasn’t seen” falsely claims a Russian plan to invade Ukraine in the coming weeks with overwhelming force (sic).”

It quoted joint chiefs head Mark Milley echoing “a lot of concern” over nothing, adding:

“There’s significant national security interests of the US and NATO (vassal) states at stake here if there was an overt act of aggressive action militarily by the Russians into” Ukraine — knowing that the alleged threat is fake.

The Journal said that the Biden regime “is conducting a review of (its) options to respond to Russia, (including) more military support” — for greater aggression on Donbass than already, he left unexplained. 

Phony claims about a planned Russian invasion of Ukraine are featured by most all US/Western MSM.

No matter that no credible evidence suggests it, just invented Russia-bashing to maintain a steady drumbeat of US/Western war on the country by other means that risks becoming hot if things go too far.

A Final Comment

The Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) of Donbass head Denis Pushilin said the following last week:

“We will act depending on the situation.” 

“Beyond any doubt, we count on our own forces, but considering that Ukraine is increasingly engaging external forces — and we clearly see this process — I do not rule out” asking Moscow for military assistance if needed.

DPR and LPR (Lugansk People’s Republic) of Donbass forces are on high alert against escalated Ukrainian aggression if occurs.

Pushilin expressed great concern about the risk that what’s ongoing may escalate to full-blown cross-border conflict.

According to US war secretary Lloyd Austin on Saturday, the Biden regime is considering new ways to support vassal state Ukraine militarily.

Saying “we remain focused on…helping Ukraine defend its sovereign territory” is code language for justifying unjustifiable aggression with likely greater war in the works ahead. 

Events in central Europe ominously resemble early ones that preceded two global wars.

Do Biden regime hardliners seek a third one?

Will they risk destruction of planet earth by their megalomaniacal aim to own it?

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