Putin’s Virtual Meeting with Fake Biden Set for December 7

On the 80th anniversary of what Franklin Roosevelt called “a date which will live in infamy” a day after Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, what the US knew about in advance after cracking the Japanese code, but let it happen to give its militarists the global war they wanted, Putin will meet with the fake Biden online.

Given the significance of the date, why choose it instead of a few days earlier or later — especially for what’s certain to be another exercise in futility?

Th White House and Kremlin announced the date.

On any date as explained earlier, their meeting online or face-to-face is certain to accomplish nothing positive.

It’s a colossal waste of time because hegemon USA’s hostile policy is hard-wired and unbending no matter what’s said when officials of both countries meet or otherwise discuss key issues.

According to Tass, discussion will focus on Ukraine, fake news about nonexistent Russian military activity along its border, and a wide range of other topics.

On Friday, Kremlin aide Yuri Ushakov said a videoconference date was agreed on.

Announcing it came a day later.

Ushakov noted that discussion will focus on Afghanistan, Iran, the intra-Ukrainian crisis…Libya…strategic stability…a summit among “Security Council permanent members” Putin called for, and possibly Syria. 

Putin also wants assurances of no “further eastward expansion by NATO, (or) deployment of weapon systems that directly threatens (Russia) on the territory of bordering” states.

What’s vital for Russia’s security is polar opposite Washington’s agenda against nations free from its control.

Chances for stepping back from the brink of possible confrontation in some form are virtually nil.

Nor will anything be achieved to ease heightened tensions for which Biden regime hardliners — and complicit congressional Russophobes — bear full responsibility.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov confirmed that the online discussion will take place next Tuesday.

“Bilateral relations, of course Ukraine, and the realization of agreements reached in Geneva are the main (items) on the agenda,” he said.

On Friday, the fake Biden said his regime is preparing initiatives to deter Russia from invading Ukraine even he knows won’t happen.

Russian/US relations are more dismal than any previous time in modern memory — what hegemon USA bears full responsibility for.

Phony Blinken accusations of past and planned “Russian aggression” against Ukraine are proof positive that no chance exists to turn a page for improved relations, just the opposite.

Given Biden regime rage for militarism, war-making and other hostile actions at home and on the world stage, US bilateral relations with nations free from its control are highly likely to worsen, not improve.

Chances for unthinkable global war are greater than any previous time since WW II ended.

The same dismal state applies to Biden regime war on public health and what remains of homeland freedom with intent to obliterate both.

One thought on “Putin’s Virtual Meeting with Fake Biden Set for December 7

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  1. Actually
    The whole Nord Stream II

    Hangs over Putin
    Like the Sword of Damocles

    Putin wants it so badly
    He’s Puddy in their hands


    He’ll grovel.

    They know this.

    Putin Should just relax

    Publically state:

    USA won’t allow Germany to have a secure source of energy

    We. Will walk away ..
    We’ll take the financial hit..

    Sell the LNG to China.

    Germany and Europe
    can freeze..

    We tried.

    German people have a problem
    Replace your leaders.


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