Russian Foreign Ministry on Ukraine

Russian Foreign Ministry on Ukraine

by Stephen Lendman

Commenting on Biden regime/Kiev-generated tensions along Russia’s border with Ukraine, Russian Foreign Ministry’s spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (MZ below) explained the following:

As ordered by its higher power in Washington, Kiev’s US-installed puppet Zelensky regime “refus(es)” to end aggression on Donbass begun in April 2014.

On November 29, he OK’d the deployment of US-dominated NATO forces in Ukraine on the phony pretext of defensive military exercises — with forever cross-border offense in mind.

His action breached the letter and spirit of Minsk I and II conflict resolution agreements that prohibit the presence of foreign troops in Ukraine.

Zelensky’s approval of what’s banned was a de facto withdrawal from Minsk, a flagrant breach of international law — like much more of the same by his regime and his predecessor’s.

The document he formally signed was a declaration of forever war on Donbass along Russia’s border.

MZ stressed the following:

“Kiev’s efforts to subvert the Minsk agreements are most vividly on display (along) the contact line (with) Donbass.”

Hostile Ukrainian forces deployed for war-making number around 125,000.

“According to the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission (SMM), (multiple) ceasefire violations” occur daily. 

“Heavy weapons banned by the Minsk agreements are being used increasingly.” 

“Civilians, (their residences and infrastructure in harm’s way) are hardest hit by (daily) shelling.”  

“Where is the international human rights movement?” 

“Where are the champions of humanitarian law?” 

“What about articles in the leading Western media?

What’s gone on for over 7.5 years gravely affects a “population…that has been suffering under the iniquity of the Kiev regime for many years.”

Things are “on the verge of disaster.” 

“The (US-installed) Kiev (puppet) regime is tightening its military power around this population and does not deem it necessary to conceal” its contempt for conflict resolution. 

Forever Kiev aggression on Donbass is orchestrated, directed, fueled and fully supported by hegemon USA and its subservient NATO vassal states — by supplying heavy weapons and munitions for a permanent state of war along Russia’s border.

The Biden, Boris Johnson and other NATO regimes signaled their readiness to send troops to Ukraine for greater aggression than already.

“Against this backdrop, the hysterical campaign in the media, unleashed by Kiev and its foreign patrons about Russia’s alleged preparations for an offensive is simply a sidetracking maneuver, a fake excuse for the further militarization of Ukrainian territory,” MZ explained.

Aggression by Kiev is responsible for daily civilian injuries, deaths and perpetual misery with no end of it in prospect.

“People in Donbass bury their neighbors and family members in their courtyards, because the cemeteries were mined.”

“More graves of peaceful civilians are being uncovered in the Lugansk and Donetsk regions (of Donbass).”

“(B)odies are not found in minefields between conflict areas, which are designed to prevent enemy vehicles or military personnel from waging an offensive.” 

“These mines were planted to kill those who came to the cemeteries to bury their dear ones.”

The Donbass Tragedy online resource published “documentary evidence of crimes” by Ukrainian forces against civilians.

“This is a photo chronicle and witness testimony of peaceful civilians whose lives have been destroyed by” US orchestrated and directed aggression.

As ordered and directed by Biden regime hardliners, Kiev and complicit OSCE representatives falsely accused Moscow of discriminating against Ukrainian nationals in Russia.

Calling the fabricated accusations “the height of cynicism and hypocrisy,” MZ added:

While Donbass residents suffer from endless Kiev aggression, Ukraine and its Russophobic partners invented fake accusations against Moscow.

“Although only one percent of people in Russia say that Ukrainian is their native language, all necessary conditions have been created in Russia for the preservation of this ethnic minority’s identity.”

“There are about 100 Ukrainian public associations in Russia, including national cultural autonomies and religious organizations.”

They operate freely unobstructed by anyone — polar opposite how the coup d’etat Ukrainian regime treats Russian nationals in the country.

Yearning for more war than already, Biden regime hardliners transformed central Europe along Russia’s border with Ukraine into the world’s top hot spot.

Do they have humanity-destroying global war in mind?

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