Failure in Vienna

Since resumed on November 29, Biden regime/E3 orchestrated failure defined JCPOA talks in Vienna since begun last April.

No matter how much longer they continue, nothing significant will change.

Notably it’s because Biden regime hardliners and E3 vassal counterparts (UK, France and Germany) have no intention of complying with provisions of the landmark agreement, no intention of lifting illegally imposed sanctions.

On Sunday, Iran’s Foreign Ministry stressed why multiple rounds of Vienna talks failed with no signs of turning things around, tweeting:

“It is crystal clear that (Biden regime) reluctance to fully drop sanctions is the main challenge for the progress of negotiations.”

“We believe that anytime the US (regime) abandons (its) maximum pressure campaign, and Europeans demonstrate necessary political determination, the way will be opened for the swift attainment of an agreement” not achievable at this time.

The US and E3 “are not willing in the first place to give such concessions which are clearly asserted by the #JCPOA, and secondly they are not willing to ‘re-negotiate’ matters that were propounded in last draft.”

On all things Iran, dominant Biden regime hardliners mimic extrajudicial “maximum pressure” they inherited from their predecessor regime — in cahoots with apartheid Israel.

Failure to lift illegally imposed sanctions is an insurmountable obstacle to progress in talks going nowhere since begun eight months ago with virtually no prospect for positive change.

Following a week of resumed talks, Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister/chief JCPOA negotiator Ali Baqeri Kani said the following:

“It was emphasized that the proposals of the Islamic Republic of Iran on the removal of illegal and oppressive sanctions and the nuclear issue are on the table.”

“Since the opposite side needed to consult with their capitals to provide a documented and reasonable response to these proposals, it suggested that the talks be suspended for a few days.”

Subservient to diabolical Biden regime interests, an E3 statement reinvented reality as follows, saying:

“Major changes demanded” by Iran are incompatible with the JCPOA (sic). 

It’s “unclear how these new gaps (sic) can be closed in a realistic timeframe on the basis of Iranian drafts (sic).”

Unjustifiably expressing “disappoint(ment)” and concern (sic), the E3 continued to defy reality, adding:

“Iran is backtracking on almost all of the difficult compromises reached in months of tough negotiations and is demanding substantial changes to the text (sic).”

Iran demands compliance with Security Council Res. 2231.

Its provisions are binding international and US constitutional law under its Supremacy Clause.

After talks concluded last Friday, Iranian Foreign Minister Hussein Amir Abdolahian told EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell that the US-dominated E3 failed “to offer a real initiative to (lift illegally imposed) sanctions on Iran.”

Western obstructionism bears full responsibility for failed JCPOA talks.

Last week, Iran presented two draft proposals that fully comply with JCPOA provisions.

Citing an unnamed Iranian source, Press TV said E3 representatives in Vienna “have mistaken the negotiating table for a platform to dictate their (unacceptable/illegal positions and demands,” adding:

They “have not come to the diplomatic maturity that the survival and endurance of the JCPOA depend on the commitment of all parties to their obligations, and some parties’ refusal to implement their commitments indicates that they are not serious in the negotiations.”

A third Iranian draft proposal — not presented so far — depends on the Western response to what was proposed so far when return to Vienna after a short pause in talks for consultations back home.

On Friday, a statement by Iran’s Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) said the following:

Subservient to Biden regime interests, E3 countries refuse to take Iran’s “groundbreaking” proposals seriously.

“The first document sums up the Islamic Republic’s point of view concerning the removal of sanctions, while the second is about Iran’s nuclear actions, Ali Baqeri Kani explained, adding:

“In the third document to be presented to the other parties, Iran will state its views and proposals with regard to the verification period of removing sanctions.”

Defying reality and the rule of law last Friday, Biden regime press secretary Psaki falsely claimed that “the new Iranian administration did not come to Vienna with constructive proposals (sic)”— a bald-faced Big Lie like most everything dominant US hardliners claim about Iran and other nations free from their control.

Last week, Bagheri Kani stressed that the “ball is in the court of the (Biden regime to) remove (illegally imposed) sanctions.”

He added that Tehran will not negotiate on what relates to its missile or other defensive capabilities.

“Our benchmark is to secure and guarantee our national security, and it is crystal clear that no one is going to negotiate over their national security,” he made clear.

Since agreed on in 2015 and implemented in 2016, the US and E3 failed to comply with their JCPOA obligations — before and after Trump illegally abandoned the landmark agreement in May 2018.

The ball is in their court to observe what’s mandated by international law.

After the Biden regime usurped power by election-rigging last November, it was clear that their dominant hardliners had no intention of taking this step.

That’s where things stand now over a year later.

A state of undeclared US/

Western war on Iran by other means persists with no end of it in prospect.

The landmark JCPOA nuclear deal is dead no matter how much longer talks continue in Vienna or anywhere else.

Only its obituary remains to be written.

A Final Comment

Iran’s Ali Bagheri Kani said the following:

His country “will not backtrack on its (legitimate) demands, which it has put forth in a bid to reactivate the 2015 nuclear deal and get (illegally imposed) sanctions removed.”

Drafts proposed in Vienna are “documented and logical” according to international law.

“These proposals are the basis for the negotiations…”

“(T)he opposite side should give a documented response to the Iranian team’s proposals.”

“(W)e will wait to see the outcome of the next round of talks, which will be held within the next few days.”

“Iran’s proposals…cannot be rejected. They are based on” what’s mandated by JCPOA provisions.

What cannot be rejected under international law was, in fact, spurned by the US-dominated West before JCPOA talks began last April.

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  1. The Last two paragraphs summarize the whole
    Shim Sham game.

    BTW.. you can’t shame the USA
    Cannot embarrass them..

    So rotten to the Core
    They don’t even care anymore
    Nobody cares.

    Troubled world
    Just got worse.

    I need to write Kani
    My cousin Ali Kani

    Tell him all hid Cousins
    the Khans, Kahn’s and Kanis are behind him.

    And there is 10’s of Millions of us.

    When those Khans kick on, baby.



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