The Big Lie: A NYT Specialty

The Big Lie: A NYT Specialty

by Stephen Lendman

Time and again, the self-styled newspaper of record in its own mind substitutes fiction for facts is its fake news reports — based on state-approved talking points.

Asking why “Russia is massing troops on Ukraine’s border” ignored their absence where Times propaganda claims they’re poised.

Only the Times and other Russophobes see what doesn’t exist.

Accusing Vladimir Putin of “Ukraine brinkmanship” compounded the Big Lie.

So did falsely claiming that “tactical reasons” lie behind a “threaten(ed) (Russian) invasion” of Ukraine that doesn’t exist.

On all things Russia, other nations free from US control, and issues of most importance overall, the Times consistently invents its own fabricated reality.

Not a shred of evidence suggests that Russia — or other nations on the US target list for regime change — threaten to invade or otherwise attack neighboring states.

In stark contrast, hegemon USA — especially with undemocratic Dems in charge — is at war by hot and/or other means against invented enemies and the vast majority of Americans at home.

The Times and other MSM pretend not to notice — directly or indirectly supporting the highest of US high crimes of war and against humanity.

Russia respects the sovereign rights of all nations as required by international law.

It’s in stark contrast to hegemon USA’s so-called “rules-

based order” — meaning its rules overriding all others.

It’s in flagrant breach of the UN Charter, international and its own constitutional law.

The Times and other MSM pretend not to notice, turning a blind eye to what’s clear to all international observers.

No Putin “singular fixation” exists against any “former Soviet republic or other nation(s) as the Times falsely claimed.

Instead of explaining that the Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 coup replaced democracy in Ukraine with Nazi-infested fascist tyranny, reinvented Times history was explained as follows, saying:

“Ukrainians…ousted a Russian-friendly president in 2014 (sic).”

They, falsely implying ordinary Ukrainians, “are increasingly in favor of binding their country to (US-dominated) Western institutions (sic).” 

Since US-installed fascist tyranny usurped power in Ukraine, ordinary people lost all rights under ruthless rule, especially about a million ones with Russian roots now mistreated as fifth column threats which they are not.

No poised Russian invasion of Ukraine looms, as the Times falsely reported — no Putin “cold calculous of coercion,” a longstanding US/Western/Israeli specialty.

Falsely blaming Russia for US-orchestrated and directed aggression by Ukraine on Donbass for over 7.5 years, the Times turned reality on its head by claiming that preemptive war — by Russia not planned or imagined — aims to reverse “a historical injustice (sic).”

Once again the Times falsely accused Russia of annexing Crimea (sic) — knowing nothing of the sort happened.

It lied claiming that Putin aims to undermine Ukraine’s ties to the US-dominated West.

Ignored is how hegemon USA uses Ukraine as a dagger targeting Russia’s heartland with the worst of diabolical aims in mind.

Ignored as well is overwhelming Ukrainian disapproval of US-installed puppet president Zelensky, a widely despised figure.

Results of polling by the Kiev International Institute of Sociology (KIIS) shows his approval at 24.7%.

Popularity of his misnamed Servant of the People party is much lower at 15.5%.

Given his subservience to the US-dominated West, his endless aggression on Donbass, and governance for privileged interests over the general welfare, it’s unclear why any ordinary Ukrainians support him.

A Final Comment

According to Sputnik News, Russophobic Biden regime propaganda manipulated EU countries to believe that Russian forces may soon invade Ukraine — despite no credible evidence suggesting it.

Separately, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova debunked a fake news report by the German tabloid Bild about alleged Russian plans to invade Ukraine — that don’t exist, saying:

An alleged invasion map published by Bild was assembled from disconnected pieces of Nazi Germany’s invasion of Lvov, Ukraine, adding:

“History tends to repeat itself. And Germany can’t stop reaffirming this truth via its own (bad) example.”

Bild’s fake map also came from Washington Post fake news, allegedly showing concentrated Russian forces near Ukraine’s border not there, Zakharova explaining:

“The Germans creatively reworked American pictures and, with Germany’s inherent love for marching to Kiev, fantasized” about nonexistent Russian plans to invade Ukraine.

“Germany is already accustomed to journalistic lies, but this ‘German trolling’ could cost (Bild) dearly, given the recently revealed fact of anti-Semitism in the ranks of German journalists.”

Heavily hyped claims about Russian designs on Ukraine by US-led Western sources and their MSM press agents give fake news they’re notorious for a more loathsome bad name than already.

2 thoughts on “The Big Lie: A NYT Specialty

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  1. ” So totally full of shit, they are!”
    Said Yoda.

    Putin has the Patience of Job.

    He’s cool in the Saddle.

    Putin still believes strongly the Ukis will come AROUND.

    I presume by getting rid of Zelensky
    ( The Bob Hope of Kharkov)

    And the Nazi Oligarchy

    And everyone do the Macarena.

    Good Luck, Tovarish Comrade Vladie.

    Keep your powder dry.. amigo


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