Waging Forever Wars on Multiple Fronts

Throughout nearly all its history — for the past 245 years — the US has been at war on invented enemies for invented reasons at home and/or abroad with scant moments of peace and stability.

Waged by hot and/or other means, they’re with economic, financial, trade, land-grabbing and global dominance aims in mind.

The business of hegemon USA is forever wars on humanity. 

Smashing nations is glorified on the phony pretext of pursuing peace and democracy-building — notions its ruling class abhors along with governance of, by and for everyone equitably not tolerated at home or abroad.

MSM propaganda cheerleads what’s unjustifiable.

Without 4th estate support, none of the above could go on without mass opposition similar to what helped end a decade of US-led aggression in southeast Asia nearly a half century ago.

Along with pushing things for possible confrontation with Russia for invented reasons, the same risk applies to China, Iran and other nations free from hegemonic US control.

Biden regime chief diplomat in name only, interventionist Blinken, is a hawkish Pompeo clone with a party label difference.

Besides going all-out to antagonize and further alienate Russia, he’s got China on his mind the same way.

In response to being asked how the Biden regime would react if China invaded Taiwan — despite no evidence suggesting hostilities by Beijing against anyone — Blinken warned of “terrible consequences.”

Does he have another war in the Asia/Pacific in mind against a nation able to match hegemon USA blow for blow in ways mattering most?

Must he be reminded that China considers Taiwan a breakaway province, an inalienable part of (its) territory to be reunited with the mainland?

Did he forget about the Joint Communique on the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations agreed to by Jimmy Carter and Deng Xiaoping that formally established bilateral relations, ending official US recognition of Taiwan, a one-China principle replacing it?

At least 180 world community countries recognize it.

Blinken’s provocative remark about Sino/Taiwanese relations is one of many examples of interfering in Beijing’s internal affairs never to be tolerated.

Last week, China’s Xinhua called US fantasy democracy cover for pursuit of global “supremacy” that includes countering China, Russia and other nations free from its control.

China’s official People’s Daily mocked US democracy in name only, saying:

It’s “a game of money politics.”

An elite minority runs things exclusively with its own interests in mind.

Its one-party state with two wings mocks electoral “fairness and justice.”

Its system is more “dysfunctional” than the other way around.

It’s infested with longstanding racism and classism.

Its wealth gap is unprecedented among developed countries.

Speech, media, academic and other freedoms exist in name only.

The self-styled “beacon of democracy,” indispensable state is the world’s leading human rights abuser.

It’s the most belligerent and contemptuous of the rule of law.

Since the 19th century, hegemon USA time and again “interfered in other countries’ internal affairs and waged wars under the guise of ‘democracy,’ creating regional turbulence and humanitarian disasters.”

It seeks to forcibly impose its will on others, weaponizing its fantasy democracy, using it as a tool against countries free from its control.

Over the years, US-style democracy “degenerated” to its current dismal state.

There’s nothing remotely democratic about governance of, by and for the privileged few at the expense of most others.

Hypocrisy, plutocracy and coup de-ocracy on a fast track toward full-blown tyranny — not democracy — define the American way.

Daily events should scare everyone more than ever with hardline extremists waging forever war on the vast majority of Americans and ordinary people abroad.

From inception, the US has been a warrior state, a land of privilege over the general welfare, but never like what’s going on now growing steadily worse.

So-called democracy in America never existed.

Based on the current trend, it’s heading toward gaining four-letter word status with tyranny becoming the law of the land.

It’s at a time of Biden regime-led Western war on humanity domestically and worldwide to transform world community nations into ruler/serf societies made unsafe and unfit to live in for the vast majority of people.

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