Farcical Putin/Fake Biden Video Discussion

Why did Vladimir Putin agree to engage with the White House imposter a second time on Tuesday — this time virtually?

Why with a figurehead know-nothing whose public remarks are scripted for him to recite or paraphrase?

Why after Russian relations with hegemon USA plunged to a record post-WW II low after their June face-to-face meeting in Geneva?

Why in light of escalating US-dominated NATO war on Russia by other means with virtually no prospect for positive change?

Why be embarrassed a second time?

Why when diplomatic outreach to the US is a colossal waste of time when undertaken?

Why when the only language hegemon USA understands is toughness?

At an unannounced time on Tuesday, Putin and the fake Biden will discuss key geopolitical issues.

They’ll especially focus on phony US/Western claims about Russian intentions to invade Ukraine that don’t exist.

Ahead of their virtual discussion, the Biden regime reportedly is weighing whether to impose draconian sanctions on officials close to Putin, Russia’s energy sector, and/or disconnecting Moscow from the SWIFT international payment system used by banks worldwide. 

According to an unnamed Biden regime official, the above steps were readied to be implemented if Russia invades or otherwise attacks Ukraine — knowing no such intentions exist.

In response to the reported threat, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the following:

“This is not news, but rather a continuation of the media hysteria that we have witnessed recently.”

Hyperventilating claims about Russian plans to invade Ukraine are “empty and groundless” — what the US-dominated West knows but pretends otherwise.

Separately, Peskov explained that the US/Western manufactured “crisis situation with Ukraine” will be the key topic discussed on Tuesday, adding:

“We heard that (the White House) has concrete proposals on Ukraine…”

“President Putin will listen with great attention to these proposals, and it will be possible to understand to which extent they can ease tensions.”

“There is only one way to defuse tensions – to understand how to ensure against the possible intentions of Kiev to solve the Donbass problem through force.” 

“(A)ggressive and hostile rhetoric from European capital(s) and  Washington” greatly heightened East/West tensions. 

“We see clearly deliberate leaks in Western media, which publicize (nonexistent) plans of Russia” to invade Ukraine.

“Indeed, the rhetoric from the American side and from European capitals in respect to us is quite aggressive.” 

“We see numerous fake news about Russia’s alleged plans of aggression against Ukraine.”

At the same time, “not a single word of warning (by the West) to Kiev” exists about its continued aggression against Donbass.

Putin will raise this issue on Tuesday, despite knowing it’ll fall on deaf ears.

Former US-installed puppet NATO head Anders Fogh Rasmussen falsely claimed that Russia has “completely concrete (plans to) invade(e) Ukraine” — that don’t exist.

According to his fantasy scenario — remarks scripted for him to recite — (nonexistent) early 2022 invasion will be followed by bombing Ukraine’s military forces before Russian forces advance toward Kiev.

In stark contrast to no Russia intentions for invading or otherwise attacking Ukraine or other nations, hegemon US-dominated NATO is at war on multiple fronts against invented enemies.

US-colonized Ukraine mobilized over 120,000 troops for possible invasion of Donbass.

On Monday, interventionist Blinken’s spokesman Price warned of what he called “high-impact economic measures” if Russia strikes Ukraine militarily — knowing such action isn’t intended against any nation.

In response to being asked about flagrant breaches to former US secretary of State James Baker’s “iron-clad” pledge to Mikhail Gorbachev about not expanding NATO “one inch eastward,” Price ducked the question with a non sequitur answer.

A follow-up question asked:

“So you contend that Mr. Baker made a mistake in making that promise, or the US doesn’t consider that a promise broken?

Price again ducked the question, notably by falsely claiming that “NATO is a defensive alliance (sic)” — fooling no one.

“Hold on,” a questioner persisted.

What about (preemptive) “NATO operations in Serbia, NATO operations in Libya…”

What about US-dominated NATO aggression in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Somalia and elsewhere?

What about the transformation of democratic Ukraine to Nazi-infested tyrannical rule by the Obama/Biden regime in 2014?

What about forever US war on Donbass by proxy Ukrainian foot soldiers? 

What about a perpetual state of US-led war on invented enemies throughout most post-WW II years?

What about multiple US wars by hot and other means against numerous nonbelligerent, nonthreatening nations now?

When Putin engages with the fake Biden virtually today, it’ll once again be an exercise in futility.

Nothing positive will be achieved like always before since Soviet Russia dissolved in December 1991.

Then why did he agree to the virtual discussion?

That’s for him to explain.

The same goes for being soft and not tough in dealings with hegemon USA in ways similar to how China and Iran operate — refusing to be cowed by a belligerent bully on the world stage.

One thought on “Farcical Putin/Fake Biden Video Discussion

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  1. Vladie doing the Rope A Dope
    Wants the Nord Stream Deal too badly..
    Gangsters push him around.

    But Perhaps Putin who’s a wliey coyote…
    Has the “strategic PATIENCE” of Job..

    Needs this Playhouse 90
    For his own domestic reasons.

    It appears, that Putin considers the Uki s as being eventual friends and cousins.

    I think that’s the paradigm on which he’s always viewed the Situation since Minsk One.

    I feel certain Comrade Tovarish Vladie is delusional.


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