Kill Shots Working as Planned

Jabbed — especially double and booster-jabbed — individuals in all age groups are dropping like flies.

What should be headline news throughout the West and worldwide is suppressed by MSM.

Nothing is safe and effective about Pfizer, Moderna, J & J, and other kill shots designed to destroy health with mass-extermination of unwanted people in mind worldwide.

The neocon-infested Atlantic Council opposes what just societies hold most dear.

Russia includes the group on its list of “undesirable” organizations, saying:

It’s well-known that its ideology and actions “pose a threat to the fundamentals of the constitutional system and the security of the Russian Federation.”

The same holds for the menace it poses to people yearning to breathe free everywhere.

Russian law forbids “undesirable organizations” from operating and disseminating materials in the country. 

The Atlantic Council (AC) is militantly hostile toward nations free from US control.

Abhorrent of peace, stability and the rule of law, it’s a virtual propaganda instrument for US forever wars by hot and/or other means on invented enemies.

Its board of directors and so-called “experts” include a rogue’s gallery of hawkish extremists, serving the interests of America’s military/industrial/security/media complex.

Last month, the AC gave Pfizer’s chairman and CEO, Albert Bourla, its highest Distinguished Business Leadership Award — ignoring the company’s pockmarked history.

Pfizer scientist Chris Croce told Project Veritas the following:

“I work for an evil corporation.”

“Our organization is run on (flu/covid) money.”

“(I)t comes down to profits in the end…I’m there to help people, not to make millions and millions of dollars…(T)hat’s the moral dilemma.”

Joseph Mercola explained that “Pfizer has a long history of criminal activity.” 

“The company has been sued in multiple venues over unethical drug testing, illegal marketing practices, bribery in multiple countries, environmental violations — including illegal dumping of PCBs and other toxic waste — labor and worker safety violations and more.” 

“It’s also been criticized for price gouging that threatens the lives of patients with chronic diseases such as epilepsy.”

It’s been fined billions of dollars for defrauding the public with toxic drugs.

Its flu/covid trials were rigged to conceal toxins designed to destroy health.

Its kill shots are responsible for irreparably harming tens of millions worldwide, for killing hundreds of thousands of victims.

Like other drug-peddling giants, Pfizer is a criminal organization masquerading as a pharmaceutical company.

There’s nothing remotely safe and effective about flu/covid kill shots.

Vernon Coleman MD minced no words, saying the following:

“Forcing individuals to have an experimental, toxic drug which has now almost certainly caused more deaths and injuries than any other prescription drug in history surely breaks laws in all civilized nations.” 

“Where are the lawyers when we need them?”

They’re around but given no public platforms by complicit in mass-murder MSM.

Where are responsible government officials throughout the West and elsewhere?

Why hasn’t devastating harm from kill shots been widely exposed, condemned and halted once and for all?

Why is truth and full disclosure on the most crucial issue of all time suppressed by MSM?

Why are health-destroying kill shots promoted instead?

Coleman also called PCRs “the most dangerous and useless test in medical history.”

On Tuesday, Health Impact News discussed a new German study ignored by MSM.

It found no flu/covid deaths among among healthy children.

Jabbed ones alone are dying from toxins injected into their undeveloped bodies — a high crime against humanity by any standard.

In November, Yahoo News UK reported that “thousands of double jabbed (individuals) over (age-)50 died…in the past 4 weeks” — from toxic jabs, not the viral illness.

Much the same is happening in the US, throughout the West and elsewhere.

Last month, The Epoch Times reported that the European Medicines Agency (EMA) is investigating “very rare” cases of capillary leak syndrome among jabbed individuals.

Hundreds of potentially deadly  myocarditis and pericarditis cases are showing up in the jabbed — notably among teen-aged US adolescents.

What was unheard of pre-2020 is now increasingly commonplace following one or more kill shots.

According to WaPo fake news last weekend, the most heavily jabbed “big counties in America are beating the worst of” flu/covid outbreaks (sic).

Based on science, not state-approved talking points, it’s the other way around.

Nations and areas therein most heavily jabbed have the highest number of flu/covid cases, serious ones, hospitalizations and deaths.

WaPo and other MSM claims otherwise are bald-faced Big Lies in cahoots with the Biden regime’s health and freedom-destroying plan.

Last Tuesday, another federal judge ruled against Biden regime-ordered mandatory jabs.

US District Judge Gregory Van Tatenhove struck down its mandate for federal contractors to be jabbed, saying:

“Can the (executive branch) use congressionally delegated authority to manage the federal procurement of goods and services to impose vaccines on the employees of federal contractors and subcontractors?” 

“In all likelihood, the answer to that question is no.”

Van Tatenhove granted Kentucky, Ohio and Tennessee AGs a temporary restraining order they sought.

Other temporary judicial restraining orders are in place for healthcare workers and employees of private businesses.

If they hold, it’ll be a major victory for US refuseniks unless congressional legislation signed into law by the fake Biden overrides judicial rulings.

Jabs harm and don’t protect.

They destroy health and kill sooner or later.

Shunning them is crucial.

If executive, congressional and judicial ruling authorities won’t protect us, widespread civil disobedience is the fallback option.

The alternative is loss of health, freedom and sooner-or-later life.

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