MSM War on Russia

Hostile to peace, stability, nations free from US control, governance for everyone equitably and journalism as it should be, US/Western MSM give propaganda a bad name.

Demonizing invented US enemies is featured in their geopolitical reports.

Ahead of Putin’s scheduled video discussion with the White House imposter on Tuesday, MSM focused on falsely blaming Russia for what US-dominated NATO bears full responsibility.

According to NYT disinformation, the fake Biden “is expected to encourage diplomatic deescalation over the conflict in Ukraine when he speaks to Vladimir Putin (by) video on Tuesday (sic).”

Ignored by the Times and other MSM is that conflict in central Europe was made in the USA.

Following the Obama/Biden regime’s transformation of democratic Ukraine to tyrannical rule in early 2014, a state of permanent US war Donbass continues.

Proxy Ukrainian foot soldiers are involved in pursuing Washington’s hegemonic aims with no prospect for shifting from war to peace.

Despite no evidence of planned Russian invasion of or other hostile actions against Ukraine, the fake Biden “will warn Putin” of stiffer-than-ever (illegal) US sanctions if the above occurs, said the Times, absurdly adding:

The result of Tuesday’s meeting “may set the course for Ukraine’s ability to remain a fully independent nation (sic).”

No threat to Ukraine’s sovereignty exists.

Its US-installed coup d’etat regime with no legitimacy poses an overwhelming threat to the vast majority of Ukrainians, as well as to peace and stability in central Europe.

What the Times should have stressed, it suppressed — how it notoriously operates on all major issues.

No Russian threat to Ukraine exists, none to other countries.

Defying reality, the Times falsely claimed that nothing will “dissuade (Putin) from his fundamental goal of destabilizing (the Zelensky regime’s) pro-Western government in Ukraine (sic).”

Not a shred of evidence supports the above Big Lie.

Indisputable evidence exposes and debunks it.

No mobilized Russian forces exist along Ukraine’s border.

No “satellite images” show what isn’t there.

No Russian “campaign of disinformation, cyberattacks and military intimidation to unseat the country’s leadership” exists.

The above rubbish is typical of how Times fake news operates, the real thing on major issues banned in its editions.

A Big Lie by an unnamed Biden regime official was cited.

Saying Putin “has not decided whether to conduct a full-scale invasion” ignored that the Russian Federation never invaded or otherwise attacked another nation throughout its 30-year history.

Not a shred of evidence suggests a change of policy against Ukraine ahead.

Since usurping power by brazen election rigging, the illegitimate Biden regime continues inherited hot wars.

It’s escalating them by other means against China, Russia, Iran, Venezuela, Nicaragua and other invented enemies.

It’s pushing things toward possible global war in multiple theaters — including in central Europe, East Asia and the Middle East.

It’s pouring heavy weapons into Ukraine with greater war on Donbass in mind.

On Monday, interventionist Blinken (through his spokesman Price) once again expressed “unwavering” US support for colonized Ukraine “in the face of (nonexistent) Russian aggression (sic).”

According to AP News, the Biden regime said it’ll “bolster” NATO’s eastern flank member states militarily for defense against a (nonexistent) Russian threat.

Reuters quoted an unnamed Biden regime official, saying:

“We do not know whether Putin has made a decision about further (sic) military escalation in Ukraine (sic), but we do know he’s putting in place the capacity to engage in such escalation should he decide to do so (sic).”

No evidence of the above was cited because there is none.

Aggression is how US-dominated NATO operates on multiple fronts against invented enemies — a permanent state of war with no end of it in prospect.

Russia prioritizes peace, stability, cooperative relations with other countries and compliance with the rule of law.

“We are seeing a lot of fake news about allegedly planned ‘aggression’ of Russia against Ukraine being peddled,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov explained, adding:

“We are seeing (US-dominated) NATO exhibiting an extremely hostile stance.”

All of the above is with poisoning things ahead of Putin/fake Biden video talks.

According to chair of Russia’s upper house Federation Council’s Foreign Affairs Committee Konstantin Kosachev:

The Biden regime aims “to create a self-sustaining impression of the inevitability of conflict” between Russia and Ukraine.

It’s only possible if initiated by the Zelensky regime on orders from its higher higher power in Washington.

Longstanding US cold war on Russia persists at its highest level since the illegitimate Biden regime usurped power.

While hot war between nations able to turn each others cities to smoldering rubble, what’s unthinkable is possible because lunatics run the Washington asylum.

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