Postmortems on Putin/Fake Biden Video Discussion

A same-day article addressed what was discussed, along with the dismal state of US-dominated NATO relations with nonbelligerent, nonthreatening Russia.

Expected MSM reactions continued longstanding 4th estate war on Russia and Vladimir Putin personally.

The Russophobic NYT falsely accused Moscow “of mobilizing tens of thousands of troops…along Ukraine’s border (sic),” adding:

Biden regime “officials say (it) could be the prelude to an all-out invasion (sic)” — despite no alleged mobilization and no evidence of possible hostilities by Russia against Ukraine or any other countries.

According to Times fake news:

“Ukraine’s fate still hangs in the balance (sic).”

The crisis along its border with Russia was made-in-the-USA, other NATO capitals and Kiev — clearly not in Moscow.

The Times: “Putin is standing firm (sic).”

He wants peace and stability, not the other way around.

For hegemon USA and controlled vassal states, the above is off the table in favor of forever wars by hot and/or other means that risk potential East/West confrontation.

The Times: Russia’s Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline “to Germany faces new risk (sic).”

Claiming it’s an “unacceptable political and economic boon for Moscow” is all about Times hostility toward Russia.

It also reflects the broadsheet’s support for more expensive, less readily available US LNG in lieu of plentiful Russian natural gas.

Saying as well that the pipeline gives Putin “added leverage over Europe’s energy supplies” ignores that Russia is a good neighbor, a nonbelligerent one, a reliable energy supplier — notably when its plentiful natural gas is badly needed.

According to the Times, the fake Biden briefed allied European regimes after talks with Putin — ones “crucial to deterring the Russian leader (sic),” adding:

“Putin has sought for years to drive wedges between America and its allies in the hope of weakening resistance to his actions and undermining NATO and the trans-Atlantic alliance (sic).”

The above is typical Times rubbish that’s featured in daily editions.

Truth and full disclosure on major domestic and geopolitical issues are banned in favor of state-approved propaganda Big Lies and mass deception.

No menacing Russian “military presence” exists along the border of Ukraine or any other countries.

No “invasion” is planned.

No hoards of Russian forces are positioned to “pour across Ukraine’s border.”

Like other MSM, the Times consistently invents its own fabricated reality with brainwashing readers in mind.

The broadsheet quoted Carnegie Moscow Center Russophobe Maxim Samorukov’s own reinvention of reality, falsely claiming the following:

Putin “aim(s) (to) pursuad(e) the West that Russia is prepared to start a full-scale war over Ukraine unless something is done about the existing and completely unacceptable state of affairs (sic).”

Reality is worlds apart from the above rubbish.

No Russian aggression, or threat thereof, existed against any nation since dissolution of the Soviet Union at yearend 1991.

Over the same 30-year period, US-dominated NATO raped, destroyed and dismembered the former Yugoslavia.

The Bush/Cheney regime and CIA staged the 9/11 mother of all false flags to that time.

Planned in advance aggression followed against Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Somalia, along with war by other means against numerous governments free from US control.

Hegemon USA-dominated NATO bears full responsibility for unparalleled high crimes of war and against humanity that killed or otherwise harmed tens of millions of victims in harm’s way in the last 30 years alone, countless tens of millions more earlier.

The Biden regime is waging all-out war on ordinary Americans and their counterparts abroad with unparalleled genocide combined with the transformation of free and open societies into ruler/serf ones in mind.

Instead of exposing and condemning all of the above, the Times and other MSM support it.

Compared to history’s most reviled despotic regimes, hegemon USA exceeds the worst of their high crimes.

On all things journalism as it should be, the Times and other MSM abandoned its principles in favor of press agent support for imperial lawlessness.

Mind-manipulating mass deception is their stock and trade — truth and full disclosure nowhere in sight.

Never before in world history were more people threatened with serious harm and elimination than what’s going on now by US-controlled Western regimes.

Included is the risk of humanity-destroying global war by going too far against Russia and/or other invented enemies.

More than ever, today is the most perilous time in world history.

The Times and other MSM pretend not to notice.

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  1. Germany chooses poorly for the 3rd Time in 100 yrs

    Three Strikes You’re Out.
    This one will finish offnthe Volkshundle.. Forever.


    “the obedience of the Corpse”

    Hegel or Goethe
    Not sure

    Actually could Nietzsche


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