The Biden Regime Wants the JCPOA to Stay Moribund

There never was any doubt.

Before usurping power last year, Biden regime hardliners had no intention of returning to JCPOA compliance.

Their intention all along was wanting it dead and staying this way.

That’s where things stand with no prospect of going another way.

On Tuesday, the Biden regime added an exclamation point to its war on Iran by other means and assuring that the JCPOA stays dead.

Its Treasury department imposed new illegal sanctions on the Special Units of Iran’s Law Enforcement Forces and Counter-Terror Special Forces, as well as on targeted officials affiliated with them over invented human rights abuses.

In response, Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh slammed the affront with diabolical aims in mind, tweeting:

“Even amid #ViennaTalks, US cannot stop imposing (illegal) sanctions against Iran.”

The Biden regime “fails to understand that ‘maximum failure’ & a diplomatic breakthrough are mutually exclusive.” 

“Doubling down on sanctions won’t create leverage—and is anything but seriousness & goodwill.”

The latest US hostile action against Iran came ahead of further JCPOA talks going nowhere that are set to resume on Thursday.

According to Press TV, new illegal Biden regime sanctions targeted “eight Iranian individuals and four organizations that (it) claimed without providing any evidence to be involved in the repression of protesters and political activists.”

Determined to assure that the JCPOA stays dead, interventionist Blinken defied reality as follows, saying:

The Biden regime “is committed to promoting democracy (it abhors and tolerates nowhere) and accountability for those who abuse human rights around the world (sic). 

Its hardliners will “utilize (their) full range of” peace and stability-disrupting tactics in pursuit of their hegemonic aims.

When talks in Vienna resume on 

Thursday, they’ll continue the exercise in futility begun last April with no prospect of reviving the landmark nuclear agreement.

Dominant Biden regime hardliners want the moribund agreement staying this way.

As long as Iran remains free from US control, no prospect exists for improved bilateral relations.

Wherever hegemon USA goes, colonized European vassal states are sure to follow.

Draft proposals presented by Iran last week — based on JCPOA provisions — were rejected by E3 countries Britain, France and Germany, on orders from their higher power in Washington.

Falsely dismissing them over invented maximalist demands by Iran that don’t exist showed complicity by E3 vassal states with the Biden regime’s refusal to return the US to JCPOA compliance as mandated by Security Council Res. 2231.

Accusing Iran of backtracking on earlier agreed on compromises was another bald-faced Big Lie.

Tehran’s position is clear. 

Supported by international law, it wants the US, Britain, France and Germany to comply with JCPOA provisions as mandated by SC Res. 2231.

Their refusal is a deal-killer.

That’s where things stand with virtually no chance of bringing the US and E3 into compliance with their international law obligations.

According to NYT fake news:

“Iran is proposing unacceptable changes to the existing draft agreement (sic), even as it is proceeding apace with its nuclear program (sic).”

“Unless Tehran shifts its stance quickly…Britain, France and Germany warned…there is little possibility of a successful negotiation.”

Fact: Iran’s draft proposals changed nothing in the Security Council-affirmed JCPOA.

Fact: Its proposals comply fully with its provisions.

Fact: The US and E3 alone flagrantly breached them.

Fact: They’ve shown no willingness to comply with what they abandoned in defiance of international law.

Fact: Iran’s legitimate nuclear program has no military component.

Fact: It complies fully with its NPT obligations.

Fact: No evidence refutes the above reality.

Fact: Apartheid Israel alone in the Middle is armed and dangerous with nuclear, chemical, biological and other banned terror weapons.

Fact: The JCPOA is dead, with no prospect for reviving it.

It’s because two US regimes and complicit E3 vassal states killed it — not Iran, Russia or China.


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