Dreaming War, Abhorring Peace, the American Way

For hegemon USA, war-making against invented enemies has been a national obsession since its ruling authorities exterminated the vast majority of Native Americans by stealing their land, resources and lives from sea to shinning sea.

Biden regime extremists are recklessly pushing things for unthinkable global war on multiple fronts — including domestically by maximum extermination of unwanted people.

On the world stage, things today are ominously similar to what preceded two global wars.

In her book, titled “The Guns of August,” Barbara Tuchman explained events leading to WW I and its early weeks. 

Once started, things spun out of control with disastrous consequences. 

Before it ended, over 20 million died. As many or more were wounded.

Countless numbers were disabled, and a generation of young men was erased.

Historian Howard Zinn exposed the false image of America as a defender of “helpless countries.”

Reinvented history taught US students to highest levels fills their minds with mush about America the beautiful.

Zinn set the record straight in his books, other writings, public addresses, and what he taught students in classrooms, including the following:

The US opposed Haiti’s 19th century “revolution for independence from France.”

In the mid-19th century, it stole half of Mexico to expand the nation by conquest.

It forcefully seized Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Guam, colonized Cuba and subjugated Filipinos.

By gunboat diplomacy, it “opened” Japan to trade.

Its earlier Open Door Policy in China was exploitation by another name.

It occupied parts of the country “for over 30 years.”

Its Monroe Doctrine “closed (the Americas) to everyone but the” US.

It “engineered a revolution against Colombia…and created the ‘independent’ state of Panama to build and control the Canal.”

US troops invaded and occupied Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Cuba, Panama, Honduras and Guatemala.

In the mid-1920s, “finances of half of 20 Latin American states were  directed to some extent by the US.”

Before WW I ended in November 1918, thousands of US troops invaded Vladivostok, Russia, staying there until early 1920.

Thousands more invaded and occupied the Russian port of Archangel for around a year.

According to the Woodrow Wilson regime, aggression against Russia aimed to counter its Bolshevik revolution, what freed the country from US/Western-supported tyrannical czarist rule.

Instead of keeping the US out of Europe’s war as promised, Wilson went the other way as planned all along.

Franklin Roosevelt replicated his deception by manipulating Japan to attack Pearl Harbor for war he intended involvement in all along.

Zinn explained that through most of the 1930s, the US largely ignored Hitler’s persecution of Jews and other major human rights abuses.

Along with Britain and France, the US appeased the Nazis.

When Mussolini invaded Ethiopia in 1935, the US embargo of munitions to Italy let much other business as usual continue, including oil sales to the regime.

When rebellion against fascist Spain occurred in 1936, American Abraham Lincoln Brigade volunteers alone aided a Popular Front Republican/Loyalist coalition, that included trade unionists, against the scourge of Francisco Franco.

Zinn stressed that Nazi atrocities didn’t get FDR involved in WW II “any more than the enslavement” of Black Africans resulted in mid-19th century Civil War.

In the Asia/Pacific, the US did little to counter imperial Japanese rampaging.

From that era to the present day, US geopolitical aims have been all about establishing control over other nations, their resources and populations.

Time and again, hot wars have been its favored strategy against demonized invented enemies to unjustifiably justify flagrant breaches of international law.

Former US assistant secretary of state/poet Archibald MacLeish critically commented on the post-WW II world he envisioned, saying:

“As things are now going, the peace we will make, the peace we seem to be making, will be a peace of oil, a peace of gold, a peace of shipping, a peace, in brief . . . without moral purpose or human interest.”

Former US envoy to Russia Averell Harriman said the following during WW II:

“Economic assistance is one of the most effective weapons at our disposal to influence European political events in the direction we desire.”

The same applies to all world community nations.

Establishment of the UN and its 

Charter changed nothing.

Former US Senator Arthur Vandenburg said “(t)he striking thing about (the UN and its Charter is that it’s) virtually a four-power alliance.”

“This is anything but a wild-eyed internationalist dream of a world State.”

Exploitation of people of color continues to the present day in the US.

During WW II, a Black student accused the US army of “Jim-Crow(ing) us.”

In 1943, a Black newspaper published the following “Draftee’s Prayer,” saying:

“Dear Lord, today 

I go to war: 

To fight, to die, 

Tell me what for? 

Dear Lord, I’ll fight, 

I do not fear,

Germans or Japs; 

My fears are here. 


What goes around, comes around.

Today, growing state-sponsored tyranny in the US/West targets virtually all ordinary people.

Abolishing their rights aims to make US-dominated Western countries ruler/serf societies.

Their hostility toward nations from from hegemonic control threatens possible global war to end all future ones by nuclear armageddon. 

A permanent US/Western war economy risks destruction of planet earth by attempting to own it.


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  1. The flip side of the coin is that America has genuine ideals. It doesn’t always reach them, but it tries. Also, the U.S. is a big country. Some are compassionate people, some are users at heart. You can’t really say “America” does this because there were plenty who opposed the action.

    — Catxman



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