Will Kill Shots Be Mandated Throughout the US/West Ahead?

Will international and constitutional law protections on all things health related no longer hold up against an onslaught of mass-jabbing mandates on the phony pretext of protection not gotten from toxins designed to cause irreversible harm and dramatically shorten life spans?

Since last August, the US Supremes ignored international law by supporting toxic mass-jabbing four times, an ominous sign for what may be ahead in the new year or sooner.

Will kill shots be mandated throughout the US for virtually everyone from infancy to the elderly, disabled or otherwise infirm — to eliminate countless numbers of unwanted people faster?

Will exemptions be largely or entirely ruled out?

Will refuseniks lose all rights guaranteed under international, national and local laws?

Will they be isolated from society, denied employment, education, and access to most or all public places, including for healthcare when ill and food without which death is certain in days or weeks at most?

While alive, will they face stiff fines and/or imprisonment for the crime of protecting their health from harm?

In Europe, Austria and Greece made kill shots mandatory for designated segments of their societies.

Last week, Germany banned the unjabbed from nonessential public places.

Will currently imposed mandates in West be expanded to cover virtually everyone in increasing numbers of countries?

Will much the same follow in many other nations worldwide?

Incoming German chancellor Olaf Scholz called for jabs to be mandated across the board no later than March next year.

They’re all about destroying health, not protecting it as falsely claimed.

In the US alone, states, cities and other communities with the highest percent of their population jabbed one or more times have a proportionately high number of outbreaks, serious cases, hospitalizations and deaths.

According to US fake news reports, areas of the country least heavily jabbed have the largest numbers of the above — a perversion of what’s indisputable otherwise.

Reality is clear and indisputable, what MSM consistently suppress, featuring state-approved fake news exclusively.

On December 1 in The Lancet, epidemiologist Gunter Kampf cited clear evidence to show that jabbing increases outbreaks and transmission to the unjabbed, adding:

“High (jabbing) rates were (claimed as the way) to reduce transmission of (flu/covid) in populations by reducing the number of possible sources for transmission and thereby reduce the burden of disease.”

“Recent data…indicate” otherwise.

Jabbed individuals are spreading viral infections to others in significant numbers.

In the US, the “CDC identifie(d) four of the top five counties with the highest percentage of fully (jabbed) population(s) (99.9–84.3%) as ‘high’ transmission counties.”

It’s “grossly negligent” to claim that jabbed individuals “can be excluded as a source of transmission.”

Jabbed individuals are mainly responsible for spreading viral infections to others.

Instead of policies to protect public health, Western and other ruling authorities are going all out to destroy it.

Besides more greatly enriching Pharma profiteers, pushing boosters is prelude to forever-jabbing once or twice annually — to accelerate destruction of public health beyond its current rate.

According to fraudster Fauci, households should exclude the unjabbed from entering their residences.

According to science, the other way around is profoundly safer.

Jabs, especially multiple ones, greatly increase the chance of contracting flu/covid and other serious diseases.

Staying jab-free protects health from contracting the viral illness.

Natural immunity protects best. 

Toxic jabs virtually assure harm soon or later.

The obvious conclusion needs no further elaboration.

2 thoughts on “Will Kill Shots Be Mandated Throughout the US/West Ahead?

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  1. Straight Pool.
    Right to it.

    Lancet Epidemiologist
    Said it all.

    Jury’s in.

    All the above is mundane.
    True but mundane.

    You know all that..LOL

    Mr Lendman
    Currently a respite

    Two Fed Judges put out injunctions

    Here’s the Point

    The Unjabbed need parallel institutions


    The Vaxed freaks
    Poor bastards.

    At my gym

    Are spritzing on me.
    I can feel it.

    Need to stay away

    Hence our own Universe

    Or we’ll go down in the backwash.

    Surfer’s Beware.

    Vastly important doc, sir!


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