Britain’s High Court Rules for Truth-Telling Dr. Sam White

Speech, media and academic freedoms are crucial to protect and preserve.

Without them, all other rights are at risk of being lost.

So is the right to practice medicine by prioritizing what’s safe, effective and does no harm.

Last July, Britain’s Pharma-connected National Health Service (NHS) suspended physician Sam White MD for forthrightly expressing concern about all things flu/covid, especially jabs that harm and don’t protect.

He refused to go along with what he knows harms health in violation of his vow to help protect and preserve it.

Appealing to Britain’s High Court for justice, he sought judicial help to overturn what he called “draconian orders imposed on me by the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS).”

These orders harm patients by pushing health-destroying flu/covid jabs and related policies instead of prioritizing what’s safe and effective.

White explained that Britain’s NHS suspended him “for speaking out about informed consent,” concern about unsafe flu/covid jabs, “and (known) safe and effective alternative treatments.”

Legal counsel representing him said “(t)he issue (is) whether the (MPTS) had any legal right to impose the condition on Dr Sam that he was not allowed to post on social media about” all things flu/covid — including his justifiable concerns about jabs.

Grounds for appealing to Britain’s High Court are that White (and all Brits have) a right to express (their views) freely,” without government interference. 

Britain’s MPTS “has no jurisdiction to referee public debates on social media, and in any event all opinions expressed by Dr. Sam White have a body of medical opinion to support those opinions.”

“Freedom of expression is so important as it enables the public to” weigh views on flu/covid and all other issues that affect the health, well-being and lives of everyone. 

With MSM sticking to the official narrative, it’s “imperative that clinicians are free to speak out and give opposing views.”

“No clinician should have their livelihood put at risk because” they exercised their right of free expression.

No Western laws stipulate that publicly stated views opposed to the official narrative are illegal.

No Western ruling authorities expressly banned the right of free expression.

Taking this step would be a flagrantly unacceptable breach of international law.

According to his legal counsel last week, “White won his appeal in the High Court, and all restrictions on his social media output are now lifted.”

The High Court ruled that restrictions imposed on him were “wrong” under human rights law.

Freedoms go unnoticed until lost. White regained his to express views freely on social media and other public platforms.

Flu/covid jabs “do not prevent transmission or infection,” he stressed.

Masks “do absolutely nothing to protect anyone.” 

There’s clear “scientific evidence to show they cause significant harm” when worn longterm. 

“(T)his is especially a concern for children, their neurodevelopment and neuroplasticity.”

Flu/covid “is an aerosolized virus not spread by mucus.”

Masks are “like using a chain-link fence to keep sand out.”

There’s no ambiguity about what works vs. the other way around.

Ivermectin and other known safe and effective protocols obliterate flu/covid when taken as directed.

Jabbing “for a coronavirus (was) never done successfully.”

“So to roll it out without completion of full clinical trials, knowing full well the results of…animal trials…where they all died, was at best negligent but will in time likely be considered a far worse crime.” 

Continuing what’s gone on for the past year “vitiates (the) principle(s) of (voluntary and) informed consent” — notably “with no long-term safety data available and insufficient short-term data.”

Experimenting on humans under false pretenses is a high crime against humanity.

Effective December 3, Britain’s High Court reversed White’s unlawful suspension and affirmed his right of free expression.

Commenting on the High Court’s ruling, White said the following:

“It was really important to do this for other doctors and nurses who want to speak out and don’t feel able, as well as for me who want open debate.” 

“Censorship on all platforms has made that difficult anyway but my example – first being suspended as an NHS doctor, and then being told to stay off social media – scared many.”

“I was overjoyed at the High Court ruling, but at the same time felt like the work really needed to start, and I had an unbearable burden of guilt.” 

“Not being able to talk and warn people for the last four months about what’s been going on has been really difficult.”

“The original video I put out on social media last June which explained why I resigned as a partner from my GPs’ practice, and caused me to be suspended from the NHS, was the culmination of no one in the NHS listening to any balanced debate on” all things flu/covid.

“From mask wearing, which can be dangerous for people who have to wear them for eight hours-plus in a non-clinical setting, to (jabbing) children, I really felt the need to be able to talk about these things openly and to warn of the harms.”

Throughout the West, truth-telling on all things flu/covid — especially about toxic jabs — by physicians and other medical professionals puts them at great risk of being suspended, sacked, and for doctors, delicensed.

US/Western ruling authorities, their anti-public health handmaidens, Pharma profiteers, and MSM press agents stick strictly to the fabricated official narrative.

In the past year in the US/West alone, countless millions were irreparably harmed.

Hundreds of thousands died.

The health and lives of millions of jabbed people, specially ones multi-jabbed, will never be the same again.

All of the above gets scant public attention — none of it reported by MSM.

Instead they relentlessly push the public to be jabbed, double-jabbed, booster-jabbed — and ahead forever-jabbed once or twice annually — with mass-elimination of public health and freedom in mind.

That’s the deplorable state of what’s gone on since last year.

Instead of hoped for return to normality ahead, things are virtually certain to worsen without mass insurrection against the highest of high crimes of all time.

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