Nuremberg 2.0

In the spirit of the post-WW II Nuremberg Tribunal and Principles  — especially what addressed “the supreme international crime against peace” and genocide — the Nuremberg 2.0 project was launched in mid-November “against world leaders for crimes against humanity.”

International trial lawyer Dr. Reiner Fuellmich heads a lawsuit against the CDC, WHO and Great Reset-supporting World Economic Forum Davos group for crimes against humanity. 

Over 1,000 lawyers and 10,000 medical specialists are involved.

The civic initiative reflects “the need of the heart.”

It aims to document “crimes, lawlessness, abuses and omissions of public authority,” along with examples of “individual tragedies unknown to the wider public.”

It states that “(w)e will collect and register documentation, and individual legal acts will be prepared to formulate charges and indict specific persons directly or indirectly responsible for the committed crimes.” 

“We will also register professional archival documentation and on its basis, we will publish historical journals under the collective name of ‘Journals Nuremberg 2.0.’ ”

The project aims to achieve accountability for flu/covid related “human injustices and grievances” that are too grievous to ignore.

A briefing by Fuellmich and Viviane Fischer stressed that seasonal flu-renamed covid “is no more dangerous than the common flu.”  

“The survival rate is 99.97%.”

“Children, statistically, have no risk of getting sick or dying from (flu/covid).” 

“The PCR test to detect infection is totally unreliable, and the way Christian Drosten set (it) up was guaranteed to produce 100% false positives” — because it’s run at 35 or higher cycles.

Rendering results invalid, the scheme is all about manufacturing widespread viral illnesses that don’t exist.

Fuellmich explained what US/Western dark forces, fraudsters Fauci, Walensky et al, Pharma profiteers, and complicit MSM press agents suppress, saying:

“If you look at the damage that results from these measures, then you know what this is about.”  

“Because what we have learned from all the people we have listened to, including of course the psychiatrists and psychologists, (it’s clear that) this damage is not accidental but intentional.”

“How do we end all of this?” 

“(T)he only way to end this is by the people rising up and telling the authorities that this is the end of the line.”  

“That they are the people. We are the people – not them.”

“It is not the courts of law (that will end this).”  

“The courts of law, maybe we can use them to clean things up, but I’m afraid they may not even be good for that because, they are so infiltrated by the other side that we’ll have to set up a whole new judicial system.”

No flu/covid pandemic exists anywhere — except for the jabbed, especially the multi-jabbed.

A PCR test pandemic also exists. It’s the platform for creating fake flu/covid infections in perfectly healthy people, asymptomatic ones free from illness.

Dark forces behind what’s going on include super-wealthy “psychopaths and sociopaths,” complicit US/Western regimes, and MSM press agents.

A trial similar to the 1945-46 one by the Nuremberg Tribunal will be held.

To be live streamed for public viewing, jurors will be we the people.

Proceedings will begin before yearend or straightaway in the new year.

While rulings will be symbolic, they matter.

It’s vital for as many people as possible to understand what made-in-the-USA/West high crimes against humanity on all things flu/covid are all about.

Nuremberg 2.0 aims for generating widespread public anger enough about what’s going on to arouse ordinary people worldwide to rise up against it, demand no more, and accept nothing less.

The 1945-46 judgment at Nuremberg took place post-WW II.

Nuremberg 2.0 will go on while unparalleled war on humanity rages in the US/West and elsewhere worldwide.

Proceedings will include a real judge, real experts, real witnesses, and likely dozens of real lawyers from numerous countries.

Fuellmich explained that things are ready to begin in the coming days.

A first trial will be followed by more of the same, Fuellmich stressing:

“(T)he only way to turn this around is not through (formal) courts of law” that are too corrupted to rely on. “It’s by the people.”

“Rise up and tell them to go to hell. Because that’s where they come from.”

Never before in the course of human events was anything more important than arousing mad as hell public anger enough to slay the made-in-the-USA beast that’s going all-out to slay us and eliminate free and open societies worldwide.

Nothing less than achieving this goal is acceptable — no matter the cost or how long it takes.

The alternative is mass-extermination, abolishment of freedom, tyrannical social control, and serfdom for survivors.

4 thoughts on “Nuremberg 2.0

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    Lets Get Ready To Rumble..! My Do or Die…no in between.

    Remember, this fight was foisted on us..

    It’s for all the marbles
    No Redux.

    Me..I’m not laying down
    And dying on this Beach.

    Hell No.
    I’m gonna raise Hell
    And alot less Corn, Boyz..


    Johnny Reb coming

    Ain’t stoppin neither..
    Just like ole Bull Run Boyz..

    They’ll chili up.

    Knowing we mean business
    Serious Business.

    Let’s Go..!


  2. At this point in time (Feb 7, 2022) methinks the truckers in Ottawa are having a bigger impact than all the lawyers. What this extra-legal “trial” implies is extra-legal enforcement of its findings/rulings AKA a revolution by the people. A revolution by what means is unclear unless those who hold the monopoly on the media (‘truth”) and violence join the “vox populi” it will become literally a war of doxing and attrition where no one on “the N list” will dare ever make a public appearance. Ottawa will be the first test case of an immoveable object meeting an overwhelming force. LSS is this just legal hopium? Time will tell.


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