Russian Foreign Ministry on Ukraine and Farcical US Summit for Democracy

Nazi-infested Ukraine under US-installed puppet rule remains a festering sore in Europe’s heartland bordering Russia because dominant US hardliners use it as a dagger aimed at its heartland.

Commenting on what’s going on, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (MZ below) said the following:

US-dominated NATO countries keep pouring heavy weapons into Ukraine.

Its puppet regime is menacingly “building up forces on the contact line (with) Donbass.” 

“The number of ceasefire violations registered since the signing of an agreement on additional measures to strengthen the ceasefire in July 2020 has approached 90,000.” 

“The OSCE Special Monitoring Mission has reported that Kiev is deploying heavy weaponry, including large calibre artillery systems and armored vehicles, to the eastern regions of Ukraine.” 

“It also continues using (assault) drones.”

UK and EU regimes are complicit with the US in pushing forever war on Donbass along Russia’s border over resolution they reject.

Talks when held prove exercises in futility because Washington and European vassal state prioritize forever war over peace.

Minsk I and II conflict resolutions of 2014 and 2015 respectively were dead before ink on them dried — on orders by the Obama/Biden regime kept unchanged by Trump and the fake Biden.

US/NATO foreign forces operate menacingly in Ukraine.

Their presence breaches “Paragraph 10 of the Minsk Package of Measures,” MZ stressed, adding:

It “provides for the withdrawal of foreign armed formations from Ukrainian territory.” 

“The draft law On the Principles of the State Policy of the Transition Period has not been removed from the agenda either.” 

“Instead of a special status and amnesty for the residents of Donbass, this document envisages a (pro-Western) military-civilian (regime), which has become a fact of life in Ukraine.”

On December 2, Ukrainian puppet president Zelensky submitted oppressive draft legislation to parliament. 

It calls for fines, restrictions, and denial of freedom to Ukrainian citizens with Russian passports.

Separate legislation rescinds Ukrainian citizenship for nationals who are also Russian citizens.

In cahoots with hegemon USA, Britain and Brussels, Ukraine is a cesspool of human rights violations and growing Nazification — its ruthlessness harming the vast majority of its people.

On December 9 and 10, the White House imposter hosted a farcical summit for democracy in a nation tolerating it nowhere, especially not domestically.

Ahead of what mocked democracy as it should be — what exists nowhere in the US-dominated West — Sergey Lavrov said the following:

Russia, China and other nations free from US control were not invited.

On December 9 and 10, hegemon USA will demand subservience from “vassal” states invited to attend.

“My colleagues from a respected country (said) they could infer from the invitation they received that” fantasy democracies invited like Britain, France, Germany, apartheid Israel and others abhorrent of the real thing as it should be will include nations subservient to US interests.

Biden regime hardliners want “the biggest possible crowd to” intimidate nations free from their control.

US-installed model of what a UN secretary general should not be Guterres was summoned to attend and speak on December 10.

MZ explained that summit attendees pointed fingers at invented US/Western enemies while ignoring their own rule of law breaches.

“(T)he term ‘democracy’ is (code language) to distinguish ‘friends’ from (invented) ‘foes’ within the framework of US rivalry with Russia and China and attempts to contain them.” 

“This story has been invented to more easily identify and distinguish ‘friends’ from ‘foes.’ ”  

“It is obvious that the (Biden regime) is trying to create the broadest possible coalition of” one group of subservient nations against others not willing to sell their soul to a higher power in Washington.

“As we pointed out on numerous occasions, a course has been set for creating new dividing lines in international affairs.”

Uniter, not divider Russia operates by higher standards. 

MZ stressed that UN Charter principles dictate its relations with other nations.

MZ quoted Biden regime national security advisor Sullivan’s “sensational statement.” 

It revealed Washington’s contempt for peace and the rule of law, saying:

“We have entered a phase in foreign policy and international relations where it’s no longer the formal Greek structure of the Parthenon – the United Nations, the IMF and the World Bank, and so forth.” 

Hegemon USA demands that the world community of nations operate by its rules. 

They serve its diabolical aims for unchallenged global dominance — by brute force if other methods fail.

Summit participants were “granted the honor of serving US interests,” MZ explained, adding:

The US created “new dividing lines, a new kind of segregation…(more) proof that international law is being replaced with obscure rules that are changed to suit the interests of a certain state.”

“(M)istakes of the past, which cost humankind dearly, will not be used as a warning against repeating them.”

“The world has lived through all that and has paid an enormous price for such mistakes.”

Will they be repeated ahead with far deadlier consequences than earlier?

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