MSM Brainwashing, Pushing Health and Freedom Destroying Policies

Getting and staying informed begins by ignoring MSM print and electronic rubbish, by following alternative/independent media exclusively, by knowing that US/Western regimes and subservient vassal states lie, mass deceive, suppress what’s most important to know, and can never be trusted.

No exceptions to the above exist, especially about the most cutting-edge domestic and geopolitical issues.

All things flu/covid tops them all.

The most diabolical scheme ever conceived against unwanted billions worldwide rolls on with MSM support.

In print, the self-styled newspaper of record in its own mind NYT is notably hostile to truth-telling and the public welfare.

Everything it pushes about flu/covid misinforms and mass deceives. Nothing it reports sets the record straight. 

It’s this way on all major issues, notably since garden variety flu was renamed covid early last year with diabolical aims in mind.

On Sunday, Times fake news defied science by falsely claiming that omicron differs from other flu/covid strains.

Based on state-approved talking points to scare and deceive, not inform, the Times lied claiming that more scariant than variant omicron is “highly transmissible and less susceptible to (jabs) than other” scariants (sic).

There’s not a dime’s worth of difference among all flu/covid variants.

With differences too minor to matter, they’re all nearly identical to each other, none more scariant, transmissible or deadly.

Fear-mongering claims about greatly increasing outbreaks of omicron by fraudster Walensky and like minded anti-public health figures are all about scaring refuseniks to self-inflict harm.

The same tactic aims to push maximum numbers of jabbed individuals to pump more toxins into their bodies than already.

“Should we be worried,” the Times asked?

Citing nonexistent “evidence,” it lied claiming that more scariant than variant omicron “poses a serious threat worldwide (sic)” — when it’s little more serious than a bad cold and fever.

It lied saying that natural immunity gained from contracting and recovering from flu/covid won’t protect against omicron infection (sic).

It lied claiming that “reinfection with omicron is about five times greater than that for other variants (sic).”

It lied saying omicron can penetrate immune defenses (sic).

It lied claiming that while antibodies protect against other variants, they don’t work the same way against omicron m (sic).

According to science over politicized fear-mongering that’s all about scaring more people to be jabbed and multi-jabbed with health-destroying toxins, reality about all of the above is polar opposite what Times fake news claimed.

Along with other MSM on all things flu/covid — especially on kill shots — the Times operates as a virtual press agent for US dark forces, as well as for Pfizer, Moderna, and J & J mass-jabbing with maximum extermination of unwanted people, destruction of public health, and elimination of remaining freedoms in mind.

Separately, Times editors falsely called kill shots designed to destroy health “safe,” claiming their availability is “progress.”

Continuing to suppress reality based on science, they failed to explain that jabs are responsible for surging outbreaks, hospitalizations and widespread deaths.

They called for greater, faster, easier PCR testing — over explaining their their use is a scam.

PCR isn’t designed to detect illness.

When run above 30 cycles, it falsely shows perfectly healthy people to be sick when reality is the other way around.

They support quarantining healthy individuals falsely called ill based on fake PCR results.

Despite providing no protection and risking respiratory and related harm from longterm use, Times editors deplorably claimed that “abandoning (masks)…would (be) foolish,” including for young children.

“Keep going on” toxic mass-jabbing they urged — knowing that the more jabs administered, the greater the destruction of public health.

They support “requir(ing) them for public and private workers,” students and staff in schools, healthcare professionals and staff, along with virtually everywhere indoors where people gather.

All things how public health should be — according to sound practices and the rule of law — are polar opposite what Times editors called for with inflicting maximum harm on maximum numbers of people in mind, along with abolishing free and open societies.

That’s what the Times and other MSM in all forms stand for.

Fight back.

Cancel MSM subscriptions if have any.

Ignore their print and online rubbish.

Tune out their propaganda TV and radio.

If enough people go this way, fake news can be mortally wounded, perhaps enough to shut them down for lack of enough profits to stay viable.

What a glorious new day that would be.

What a benefit to ordinary people in the US/West and in other countries where fake news drowns out the real thing.

With the new year approaching at a time when war on public health and freedoms has the upper hand, help turn things around by removing all MSM forms of fake news from your lives once and for all.

2 thoughts on “MSM Brainwashing, Pushing Health and Freedom Destroying Policies

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  1. And then it hits you..

    Like a coconut falling on your head..

    These are the biggest Killers who ever walked the Earth.

    The guy in the Armani suit
    Who picks up his kid after soccer practice.


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